#ISRAELHAMASWAR. The Houthis’ allies promise a naval blockade in the Mediterranean. Clashes in southern Gaza. The dialogue on prisoners is still open


According to Haaretz: “Netanyahu said Israel is ready to make concessions to conclude a new agreement on prisoners.” Reuters reported that “Israel and the Hamas movement have broadly agreed, in principle, on the possibility of exchanging Israeli detainees for Palestinian prisoners during a month-long truce.” Internal Israeli sources said on the afternoon of January 24 that there had been no real progress.

The Maariv newspaper reports that during the session of the mini-security council with the heads of the northern settlements, a report was presented to Prime Minister Netanyahu clearly stating that the settlers in the Eastern Galilee do not intend to return to their homes until Complete security achieved in the region will be guaranteed.

The former mayor of Kiryat Shmona, Bruce Ezran, confirmed that it is “Israel”, not Hezbollah, who is discouraged in the north. Speaking to Channel 12, he said that “those who negotiate tell us that there is a political solution that will help improve the situation, but the situation is actually different”, according to Ezran, “since the solution found has not been implemented and is not being implemented nothing. They want to conclude a political contract with Hezbollah and they want us to believe this.”

According to the New York Times: “Tel Aviv wants to demolish buildings near the border with the Gaza Strip to create a kilometer-deep security buffer zone along the border with the Strip.” While the Wall Street Journal writes that Israel has told Washington that it will expand its operations in Lebanon and has asked for more ammunition and support.

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron went to Israel and the Palestinian Authority and then continued his trip to Qatar and Turkey.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an interview with CBS said that “The United States must join the Middle East solution as an honest participant that guarantees the interests of the Palestinian people. Lavrov advised Joe Biden to stop hostilities and not to block the UN Security Council resolution to resolve the conflict in the Middle East. Russian Federation calls on Israel to stop political killings after failure of several IRGC targets in Damascus.” Regarding the issues of relations with North Korea and the question of whether North Korea shares weapons with Russia in exchange for technology, he replied: “The Russian Federation does not violate any norms of international law in its relations with the DPRK.”

The Pentagon reported that it destroyed 25 missile launchers and 20 missiles in Yemen. The American admiral, James Starvidis, former NATO Saceur, wondered why the Houthis do not touch the Russian ships. Furthermore, the Financial Times reports that in recent months the United States has asked China several times to help stop the Houthi threat in the Red Sea, but has not received a real response.

The British Maritime Trade Center has reported an attack on a vessel in the Gulf of Aden, approximately 45 nautical miles from the city of Aden. The same news comes from the British Navy which reported an attack by unknown attackers on a ship 45 nautical miles from Aden, Yemen.

The affected vessel is said to be a Greek bulk carrier Zografia. Hit by an anti-ship missile that passed through the merchant ship. The ship’s crew was not injured.

Meanwhile, Ansar Allah has given United Nations personnel with US and British citizenship one month to leave areas under its control in Yemen, Al Mayadeen reports. The Houthis have made it clear that the international organization should not involve people with American or British citizenship in the territories under the control of Ansar Allah.

Now the statements of the General Secretary of the “Masters of the Martyrs, Sadat al Shuhada” Brigades are worrying: “While the Americans resume targeting our forces, our mujahideen have begun the second phase of their operations which includes the application of the blockade of maritime navigation of Israeli ships in the Mediterranean Sea and the removal of Israeli ports from service”. The Brigade’s post reads: “Our operations will continue until the unjust siege of Gaza is lifted and the horrible Israel’s massacres against its people will not be stopped.” The focus is on the possible support that militias even close to Al Qaeda could have in Morocco and Algeria.

At 16:32 Italian hours another maritime accident was reported by the British Maritime Trade Operations Authority: “A ship reported an explosion about 100 meters away near up to Mokha, Yemen”. Two American-flagged ships move away from the Bab al-Mandab Strait after explosions occurred nearby.

Hamas complains that the deliberate and continuous attack on hospitals is a war crime that takes place in audio and video in front of the whole world and with the support of the American administration: “We ask the United Nations and its institutions to act and take responsibility own responsibilities towards the brutal Zionist war against hospitals in Gaza”. “We ask the world to think about the post-Israeli era”.

And now a look at the worsening on the front line updated at 5pm.

For the Jerusalem Post: “Israel cannot achieve more results at a strategic level than it has already achieved.” Meanwhile, the Hamas-related social media network posted videos of brigades attacking the IDF in the Gaza Strip, including rocket boats called Sair, which used Soviet-made 57mm S-5 unguided rockets.

In northern Gaza, the Al-Quds Brigades are trying to limit Israel’s advance by attacking in the Jabal Al-Rayes area, east of Jabalia. They claim to have bombarded the supply line and movement of Zionist enemy vehicles with a barrage of mortar fire east of Jabalia.

More clashes have been recorded in central Gaza, east of the Bureij refugee camp, in the center of the Gaza Strip. And again to the east of the Maghazi camp attacks against Israeli tanks. In general there are clashes east of the Maghazi camp.

In southern Gaza, accounts from the Forces of martyr Omar Al-Qasima state: “We are engaged in violent clashes west of Khan Yunis and have launched an R.P.G projectile against the occupation forces.” Israeli bombings hit several areas of Khan Yunis. The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades speak of clashes with machine guns in the Al-Taqaddum axis, “in the Austrian neighborhood”, west of the city of Khan Yunis. According to UNRWA: “Fighting is intensifying in Khan Yunis and an Agency training center hosting 10,000 displaced people has just been shelled, buildings have caught fire and there are numerous casualties.”

Israel began bombing the so-called Philadelphia line, in Rafah videos of the aftermath of the bombings emerged on the social sphere

There have been arrests in the West Bank and exchanges of rockets between northern Israel and southern Lebanon.

Antonio Albanese e Graziella Giangiulio

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