#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Street clashes in Bachmut


On the morning of August 11 on the Ukrainian front, Russian armed forces continue to advance on Ukrainian positions and are approaching Bachmut. The Russian army on the day of the 11th intensified the offensive near Seversk, heavy fighting is going on in Soledar and Bachmut (Artemivsk).

The news is also confirmed by Go and See: the Russian Armed Forces and the DNR National Front are storming the Ukrainian defense line of Seversk-Soldar-Bachmut (Artemivsk).

While the Russian army is entrenched on the outskirts of Seversk and developing its offensive, in Bachmut (Artemivsk), Wagner Group volunteers are engaged in street battles with Ukrainian units. On the other hand, LNR fighters are advancing in Soledar in the direction of the Bilokamensk refractory plant. Street clashes are also ongoing in the city.

Near Donetsk, the Russian army is making Ukrainians retreat to Peski. A clearance operation is under way in the settlement. Heavy fighting is also underway near Marinka.

As of August 11, the Russians with the Ukrainian military in the Donbass are trying to storm Ukrainian fortifications again. According to analysts the fate of the entire region depends on their destruction the less depending on the Donbass or Kiev point of view.

On Aug. 10, in the evening briefing, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that the Ukrainian 56th Brigade had lost its combat capability in the Pesok area, up to 70 percent of its personnel had been destroyed. The VKS killed up to 100 mercenaries and more than 20 pieces of equipment as a result of a bombardment of the Ukrainian 93rd brigade in the Andriivka area.

Russian air defense systems shot down seven HIMARS missiles in the Kherson region and nine drones in one day. The Kiev regime is planning a punitive operation in Kharkov against citizens loyal to Russia, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Meanwhile, it is learned from the U.S. media that the U.S. Secretary of Defense said, “Washington will provide Ukraine with military defense equipment for as long as necessary.”

The situation in the Soledar direction on the night of August 10 units of the 6th Cossack Regiment of the NM LPR were attempting to develop an offensive in the directions of the Belokamensky gypsum quarry and refractory plant. Reports on the establishment of Russian-Donbass partisan control over the industrial enterprise were premature.

Russian and Ukrainian forces in the Donbass are fighting over Yakovlevka. NM units of the DPR have made significant progress in the part of Zaitsevo, occupied by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, northwest of Golmovsky. Several Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers were taken prisoner.

The attack on Kodema continues from the east, from where the Ukrainian Armed Forces regularly attack Horlivka. The capture of the settlement and neighboring Zaitsevo, although they will not stop Ukrainian shelling, will force artillery to leave advantageous positions for it.

In a report by war journalist, Aleksandr Kots we read that the AFU is leaving Peski, but continues shelling with petal mine munitions (anti-personnel mines). Ukraine, according to the journalist, “is abandoning the line from which it terrorized the inhabitants of Donetsk for eight years. For eight years they have been standing here, watching the front line of the Ukrainian army. Provocations, night shootings, positional fighting…. And for all eight years, even from Peski, Ukrainian artillerymen “terrorized” residents of Donetsk and nearby towns. Many in the Donbass felt like fighting and stormed Peski with particular passion.”

The journalist concludes by stating, “The Ukrainian Armed Forces razed with bullets every populated area they abandoned. And Peski is no exception. Fighting is still going on in the village. The enemy is clinging to a small area northwest of Peski, offering focal resistance. It is already cut off from the main force, but it continues to resist. At best, the remnants of the garrison are destined for capture. Where, of course, it will suddenly emerge that they did not want to fight, they were forced…”

Graziella Giangiulio