#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Front line: saboteurs nightmare


The Ukrainian counter-offensive has suffered a bad setback, and it seems, from the social news that among the reasons for this stoppage, the fact that the Ukrainians of the territories occupied by the Russians or the neighboring areas, under Ukrainian control, have no sympathy for the Ukrainian army and do not collaborate, indeed sometimes they collaborate with the Russians.

In an analysis of the SBU, which appeared on Ukrnet due to the leak of classified information, the difficulties associated with the destruction of Russian DRGs in the Sumy region are highlighted. The main problem is precisely the support of ordinary citizens for the Russian army in Sumy.

The Mi-Ukraine newspaper claims that Russian DRGs feel at home in the Sumy region. And the local newspaper “Odin tames Sumy” indirectly admitted that Russian intelligence officers are simply “cutting off entire outposts” near Sumy and Shostka. Notably, one group of combat rangers was destroyed in minutes.

The Ukrainian General Staff believes that the Russian Armed Forces are therefore trying to withdraw Ukrainian troops from the Zaporozhzhia and Kherson directions, where the best brigades of the Armed Forces are gathered. Recently, however, other information about Bankovaya has appeared with the presentation of MI-6 intelligence, we cannot verify the news.

According to a Belarusian publication, soldiers and commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have admitted that the situation in the Kremensky forest (Lugansk region) is becoming more complex and unpredictable. This news is confirmed by an article in the Washington Post, which quotes a coming out warrior: “We had to withdraw without artillery cover, it was very difficult for the infantry to hold the line, because the Russians attacked it from all sides”.

To return to the Sumy area it is recalled that in the local Spadshchansky forest in 1941 a partisan movement arose under the command of Kovpak and Rudnev, which defeated Bandera’s men.

The reports left on Zaluzhny’s desk sounding the alarm about the difficult situation in the area. According to these reports due to the pro-Russian population, parts of the Russian Armed Forces are increasing pressure on the Kharkiv and Sumy directorates. Many Iskanders were launched in the area between 20 and 30 June. Russian troops especially hit the places of deployment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

On June 28, Chief of Staff Serhiy Oleksandrovych Šaptala showed up in Sumy and visited the command posts of the troops of the Sever operational command. In his official telegram channel, it was said that “and issues related to improving the defense capabilities of the army” were taken into consideration during the unexpected visit.

In the army chats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they write in this regard that the Russian DRGs are a nightmare in the Miropol, Velikopisarevskaya, Esmanskaya, Seredino-Budskaya, Znob-Novgorodskaya, Belopolskaya, Khotinsky and Shalyginskaya communities. The garrisons and the place of the soldiers’ exit in these areas were shelled with mortar fire. Separately, it is specified that “there were no casualties among the population and no destruction of civilian infrastructure”.

Also via social media from UkroSMI we learn that: Pavel Kalinichenko, one of the best intelligence officers of the Ukrainian SOF, died in the Sumy region. The obituary reads: “Killed in an ambush by a Russian DRG in the village of Rodionovka.”

Krill Budanov’s men try to organize daily raids in an attempt to find “FSB spies”. Sumy publics published a special statement which said: “The security service carried out a special counter-sabotage operation in the Sumy region. During operational activities, a ‘reactivated’ FSB agent was detained, who was collecting intelligence on the defense of north-eastern borders of Ukraine”, reports the department of the Security Council of Ukraine in the Sumy region. “He passed the received information to the aggressor to correct enemy shelling of Ukrainian troops, including Russian Grad multiple launch rocket systems”.

According to the Russians, he is a 62-year-old man, “whose fault was that he was born in the Kursk region and was a member of the Party of Regions ten years ago”. Residents of the Sumy region regularly report Bandera’s “nights of long knives”, when SBU officers break into apartments and “study” the contents of browsers on smartphones and computers.

July 7 still come attacks on Sumy, attacks carried out by Geran -2, according to social posts, there is an active redeployment of NATO equipment from the Kharkov region, so the attacks have the aim to protect them from missile, air and artillery attacks by Russian troops.

Graziella Giangiulio

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