#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. For the Turks, the Russian-Ukrainian front is a war of attrition


Turkish analysts on the current military situation argue that “NATO is also doing everything to prolong the war, aiming to avoid the first defeat in its history of an entire coalition of 50 countries and to convince everyone to stop the country that he dreamed of exploiting and declares that Russia is exhausted.”

“Ukraine” according to the same sources “tries to use MLRS to fire on Belgorod to distract Russia, but NATO ignores that Russia has amassed too many troops and it is too late for that.” Instead, Russia has begun to use its troops to intensify the war of attrition in the Kharkiv-Sumy region, and the situation at the front is deteriorating.

Random missile attacks do not bring military benefits, on the contrary, they also benefit the “Iron Dome” of Russian air defense. While the Israeli Iron Dome focuses only on a few missiles and slow-flying UAVs, the Pantsir, Thor and Buk systems have a structure capable of intercepting Storm Shadow missiles, simple UAVs and MLRS projectiles.

The center of Kharkiv is quite large, it consists of a serious fortress with nuclear shelters, a metro network and defensive structures completed within the last 10 years. The shift of Russia’s efforts northward is also a matter of concern for NATO, as the Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to retreat north from the existing lines of advance in Donbass and the possible direction of attack on Zaporozhzhie, despite the fuel crisis and personal. That is, they are removed from the main trouble spot and destroyed in another area.

Zaporozhzhie and Kharkiv are said to be the places where the most serious attacks took place in the final period of the war. Zaporozhzhie is needed to provide a transit route to Odessa and to surround the front line in Donbass. Kharkiv is necessary for the collapse of the entire Donbass and the Eastern Front.

When the main offensive occurs, where will it come from? Will it be brought from the east, through critical eastern areas such as the port of Kup”jans’k-Kreminna? Will the attack from the north be directed at the city or will it be directed laterally? Or will it be a mix of all of these?

Major operations from Kharkiv and Zaporozhzhie require simultaneous actions of at least several military bodies, and if this is achieved, the Ukrainian army will become an unprecedented thin line. What follows will be the starting point of the final offensive, awaited for two years.

Graziella Giangiulio 

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