#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. 78% of Ukrainians have a war wounded or deceased in their family


On June 28, the Ukrainian president in one of his many statements to the press said that: “Ukraine will never accept any form of frozen conflict”. The ruling Ukrainians are driven by a strong will to win the war at any cost. A very high cost in terms of human lives and money. Ukraine has experienced a 29% drop in GDP and it is still estimated that the next 4 generations will be in debt to pay for weapons.

Despite these sacrifices it seems that Volodymyr Zelnsky is unable to bring home satisfactory objectives for Ukraine and for the allies. Kiev on June 28 expanded the list of persons subject to mobilization. Until now, the law provided that people who have a wife (husband), parents or parents of a wife (husband) with a disability or otherwise up to the degree of cousin are exempt from mobilization. But the amendment to the law on military personnel, which was adopted, changed this paragraph. Now, those obliged to military service will be exempt from mobilization only if their disabled relative has no other relatives who can look after him.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Zelensky met on June 28 in his office with the chief sergeant of the 47th motorized brigade Valery Markus: “We discussed alleged changes, the introduction of which in the Ukrainian army would help improve the service. As well as reforming the sergeant corps, including ensuring a decent level of wages for sergeants based on their service experience.”

Interestingly, the rank of senior sergeant was introduced into the military rank system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2019. The rank of senior sergeant corresponds to the position of foreman of a regiment or brigade.

The fact is that the Ukrainian army is also starting to run short of officers in the army: in just one week, one colonel and six majors were killed. The goal is to give a semblance of structured military ranks even where they are now pulverized.

78% of Ukrainians have close relatives or friends who have been injured or died. Thus, the number of wounded and killed militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can be measured in hundreds of thousands.

Graziella Giangiulio

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