#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. The conflict will be very long says Zelensky. Kiev’s bankruptcy is near. At Opytne the Ukrainian advance stopped after 24 hours


Regarding the controversy that arose after the discovery of parts of Russian drones in Romania, NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoana said: “There are no signs of the Russian Federation’s intention to attack Romania.”

Another clarification on depleted uranium projectiles comes from the head of the IAEA, Rafael Grossi, according to whom the use of depleted uranium ammunition does not entail significant radiological consequences. He said this at a press conference on the occasion of the opening of the September session of the organization’s Board of Governors are reported by TASS, with all due respect to what happened in Iraq and the Balkans previously.

European officials must allocate 50 billion euros to Ukraine over the next 3-5 years to cover Kiev’s budget deficit. At the same time, the Eurozone started to have its own economic problems due to the recession in Germany, as well as the decline in GDP in the EU. The money has not yet been allocated, however, because many EU states, including Hungary, are against financing Ukraine when they themselves are suffering losses and living standards in the eurozone are declining. If the money is not assigned to Ukraine, Kiev will face default, i.e. bankruptcy in the two-year period 2024-2025.

Making matters worse for Kiev’s accounts is the fact that the Pentagon will audit the accounting records of the US military regarding military assistance to Ukraine. The audit comes at a time of conflict between Democrats and Republicans over the budget and whether the United States should continue supplying weapons to the military. Republicans insist that the supplies have become a feeding trough for Democrats and are costing the country’s budget deficit too much.

Spanish media write that the local security company GOA Tactical has begun to recruit people willing to take part in hostilities in the Ukrainian ranks for a salary of 3,400 euros per month. And speaking of volunteer fighters for the Ukraine, another British mercenary was killed in the Ukraine. It is former Scots guard Jordan Chadwick, who was in the Ukrainian Foreign Legion, the death is being investigated. The man was fished out of a river with his hands tied. Still on the subject of foreign military presence on the contact line, Austria cannot answer what an “Austrian soldier” is doing in Ukraine. Images appearing in the social sphere show a soldier wearing the insignia of an Austrian unit while working with ammunition crates in Ukraine. This prompted the Austrian Freedom Party to question Parliament about the potential participation of Austrian military personnel in the conflict. However, the response he received was very unconvincing. It is specified that “it is not certain that the clothing in question could potentially be a uniform of the Austrian armed forces and the person wearing it remains ‘unknown'”.

Volodymir Zelensky gave a speech to the nation in which he called for preparation for a multi-year conflict and received a large number of negative comments.

General Surovikin was to be appointed head of the CIS coordination committee for air defense issues. This is reported by EADaily with reference to the Council of Defense Ministers of the CIS. According to the publication, the choice of Surovikin for this position was unanimously approved. Information about his appointment has not been officially confirmed. It was previously reported that the general’s name had disappeared from the list of commanders-in-chief of the armed forces on the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Deputy Viktor Zavarzin also noted that Surovikin was transferred to a position related to the CIS.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense: From September 2 to 9, the Russian Armed Forces carried out 6 group attacks with high-precision weapons on military infrastructure in Ukraine and saboteur training bases. The attacks were carried out against Ukrainian electronic intelligence facilities, port infrastructure, Western unmanned vessel production, munitions and weapons and fuel storage depots, as well as training bases for the “Russian Volunteer Corps”.

And now a look at the line of contact between September 9th and 11th.

For several weeks, Ukrainians have been trying to drive a wedge between Rabotino and Verbove. On September 10, Russian troops struck from the right flank, took several positions and reached part of the communications supplying this group. The Ukrainian group that was heading towards Tokmak it will remain suspended and could be surrounded unless they decide to return to their original positions.

Kupyansk direction: A major attack by Russian forces was expected over the weekend but it did not happen. However, the Russians took several points east and west of Petropavlovka. Russian forces are also active in the Svatove area; over the weekend, several oporniks (resistance areas) were captured on the right bank of the Zherebets River. Late in the evening of September 10, NASA satellites recorded several fires a couple of kilometers north of the Kupyansk-Uzlovoy railway station. Apparently, the fire was put out after lunchtime on September 11th. Natural fires have not been recorded over a large area of this area for a long time, which suggests two versions of what happened. According to one of them, military material was destroyed or damaged in one of the sections of the railway route. According to another, incendiary ammunition was used on positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces over a large area, causing a strong fire, which probably spread to ammunition warehouses and led to their explosion.

There is a battle going on in the Bachmut (Artyomovsk) area. Ukrainians are trying to take Kliščiїvka, the city is divided in half. The Russians are fighting back, but neither side is making much progress. The Ukrainians have pressed Andriivka, they have pushed the Russian soldiers into the railway area, but the Ukrainians themselves cannot access because there is nowhere where they can secure troops and vehicles. Paratroopers from the Ivanovo guards fired on a column of Ukrainian equipment in the Bachmut area, destroying vehicles and killing men on September 10th.

For a week the Ukrainian armed forces have become more active in the direction of Donetsk. Local tactical actions are taking place in the Avdiïvka area. Ukrainians in this area have begun to take the lead. In small groups with limited forces, he launched the first attack in northern Opytne, turning the territory into a gray zone, without gaining a foothold in the area. On September 8, the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported the tactical success and consolidation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in northern Opytne. The Russians declared on the afternoon of September 11 that the counterattack of the Ukrainian armed forces in the Opytne region had been stopped. P. K, Russian military correspondent writes in a post: “The day before, Russian paratroopers took a large group of Ukrainian soldiers prisoner. Now they surrender more often: when they come to the front lines, soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces see that they are thrown into assaults with a one-way ticket. They understand that the only way to survive is to give up. The Ukrainian army claims that the Ukrainian Armed Forces occupied part of Opytne in the Avdiivka area. There has indeed been some progress by the Ukrainian armed forces towards Opytne. They took some positions, but now their advance was stopped; our artillery and aviation work on them very seriously. The counterattack of the Ukrainian armed forces was stopped.”

Russian UAV units are working, identifying Ukrainian clusters. The Aviivka group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, unfortunately, was not completely blocked. They have the ability to transport ammunition and people. But they do it at night, because during the day the Russians block the supply routes with artillery and planes.

Kherson direction. Russian Aerospace Forces launched a FAB attack against Ukrainians on the right bank of the Dnieper. Ukrainian losses on September 9 as a result of the attack amounted to: 5 units of military equipment and about 30 personnel. According to other sources, the Ukrainians lost an entire company in this attack. We are unable to verify the sources. On the night of September 10, Ukrainian armed forces fired at least 35 cannon shots at settlements on the left bank of the Kherson region. Kakhovka, Cossack camps and Alyoshki were also under fire. And in Nova Kakhovka the building of the city water service and the ambulance station were damaged. In addition, during the Ukrainian shelling in the urban district of Novokakhovka, there were problems with the power supply – emergency services are currently investigating the reasons for the shutdown.

Naval aviation of the Black Sea Fleet destroyed three American-made Willard Sea Force fast boats with a landing force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Zmeiny Island, while heading in the direction of Crimea. Ukraine regained control of Boyko Towers near Crimea, came under Russian control in 2015. The drilling platforms “Petr Godovalets” and “Ukraine”, as well as the jack-up rig “Tavrida” and the jack-up rig “Sivash” were brought back under Ukrainian control .

According to other sources, it is more of a fake news than a check. We read in the social sphere: “Judging from the video, GUR members landed on the platforms, filmed a video with the flag and immediately left the gas production facilities. There is no mention of any control, given the constant patrolling of the area by Russian pilots and the fact that yesterday’s group of boats was destroyed 100 km south-east of Odessa.”

On the night of September 10, Ukrainian formations attempted to strike in the Belgorod region. The governor of the region announced the activation of air defense systems in the Yakovlevsky urban district and the destruction of two air targets. There were no casualties, the wreckage of the UAV fell on the roadway near the house. Judging by the chassis, at least one of the vehicles belonged to the Mugin family.

Following the September 11 night missile attacks on Dolgintsevo airport in Krivoy Rog, Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed two MiG-29 fighters and three Su-25 attack aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force. Among the reports of an attack on the Dolgintsevo airport in Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk region.

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