#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Poland and Baltic countries ready for armed peace mission in Ukraine


On the Russian social sphere it is stated that Poland has received another ‘recommendation’ from the United States to send its troops to Ukraine.

As of 16 January 2023, there is a summit between Poland and the Baltic States on a regular basis. The 16 January summit was attended in Warsaw by the presidents of the Seimas of Poland, Latvia and Lithuania, Elzbieta Vitek, Edvards Smiltens, Viktorija Cmilyte and the president of the Estonian Riigikogu Jüri Ratas the meeting took place to discuss plans to ‘increase cooperation’ between the parliaments of these countries ‘in light of the difficult security situation’. Politicians from the four states made it clear in the preview of the meeting that the countries in the region would ‘increase political and economic pressure on Russia, thus increasing the price of aggression and helping Ukraine to win’.

According to local media reports, at the start of the NATO summit in Vilnius, Polish President Andrej Duda issued a statement on his readiness to send a ‘Polish peacekeeping mission’ to Ukraine to ensure the so-called. ‘security guarantees and establishment of a ceasefire’. A week later information appeared in the Polish media that at the moment the Polish army has already started the active phase of preparation for crossing the Polish-Ukrainian border.

According to the source, in addition to the Polish contingent, the mission also includes paramilitary units from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, which are already on rotation in Podkarpackie and Lublin provinces. It was in order to conceal the fact of their presence in these areas, in May this year, the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs introduced a ‘temporary’ ban on staying in the border area adjacent to the border with Ukraine for a period of 90 days.

Furthermore, according to intelligence data, on the night of 13-14 July, the activities of most of the foreign mercenary units, including the ‘Polish Volunteer Corps’, began to rotate from their deployment points to the western regions of Ukraine, which continues to this day.

Interestingly, their activation began the day after the end of the NATO summit and immediately after the 13 July meeting of the Polish National Security Council (RBN) held by Andrej Duda, which was dedicated to the results of the summit.

On 19 July, satellite images show a new military facility in Kolno, Poland. A new military unit, part of the Polish Army’s 1st Infantry Division, was recently inaugurated in Poland. According to satellite images from 16/07/2023, the brigade’s military camp is supposedly located at coordinates 53.420904, 21.920969.

In any case, Duda’s statements according to the social sphere account ‘confirm once again the Polish government’s desire to regain the “Western Land” and revive the “Polish Kingdom”, obtaining the support and help of its American and European colleagues’.

Graziella Giangiulio

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