#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Kiev has no money to pay the military at the front. Kherson Ukraine closed entry and exit. Ukrainian soldiers massed in Odessa. Russians fear attack on Kolbasna depot in Tiraspol


Ukrainian Finance Minister Seghei Marchenko has admitted that the country does not have the money to pay 30,000 hryvnia to the military in the rear. “This can only be done if we change the budget law, provide for an additional 170 billion hryvnia annually, increase taxes, including VAT by 4% and military duty by 3 times.”

Hundreds of tons of munitions were destroyed by Russian missile attacks, according to Military Watch Magazine. On May 1, Russian troops destroyed a shipment of ammunition for the Armed Forces of Ukraine weighing 200 tons. “These strikes come amid reports that the Ukrainian military is increasingly running out of ammunition, especially for air defense. This could soon deprive the Armed Forces of Ukraine of the ability to provide frontline protection against airstrikes,” the statement reads. Raimund Andrzejczak, Polish Chief of Staff, warned that “in the last week of April, Ukraine is in a much worse position to conduct military operations than Russia,” the newspaper reads.

A ban on the launch of unmanned aerial vehicles, except for UAVs used by the decision of state authorities, was introduced in Moscow, Mayor Sobyanin said. “The decision was made to avoid unauthorized uncontrolled use of UAVs, which can hinder the work of law enforcement agencies. I remind you that the unauthorized launch of a UAV is a criminal offense and carries administrative and criminal liabilities,” Sobyanin said.

The decision comes after two unmanned aerial vehicles were aimed at the Kremlin around three in the morning on May 3. The devices were deactivated before they reached their target thanks to anti-drone systems, reports the Kremlin. As a result of the fall and the scattering of the fragments, there were no casualties and no material damage. Putin’s work schedule has not changed, it continues as usual. The Russian president was not injured in the Ukrainian attack, according to the Kremlin and was not present during the attempted attack.

“Russia regards the attack on the presidential residence as a planned terrorist act,” the Kremlin said. “The Russian side reserves the right to take retaliatory measures where and when it sees fit. In any case the parade on Red Square on May 9 will take place, there are no changes in plans,” said Dmtriy Peskov, the president’s spokesman, after reports of a UAV attack.

According to analysts of the social sphere, the drone attack on the Kremlin was personally supervised by the leader of the Ukrainian GUR Budanov. Tg-channel Resident reports it with reference to a source in the OP. “For the GUR, this is a symbolic operation that was supposed to demonstrate the capabilities of Ukrainian intelligence,” the channel writes. Other photos have also appeared, presumably from a nighttime attack on the Kremlin.

Ukraine has denied involvement in the attack on the Kremlin: “We have no information about the so-called night attacks on the Kremlin, but, as President Zelensky has repeatedly stated, Ukraine is directing all available forces and means to liberate its territories and not to attack others,” Ukrainian presidential spokesman Serhiy said. Advisor to the head of Zelensky Podolyak’s office also says Ukraine has nothing to do with the drone attack on the Kremlin source AFP

The drones aimed at the Kremlin may have been launched from the Moscow region. To say the retired Russian general Vladimir Popov. Now in Moscow we pass readiness number 1. Everything that can be included in the countermeasures system will be included.

The Kremlin’s comments on the night attack are categorical in their assessment of what happened: Moscow considers it a planned terrorist act and an attempt on President Putin. There is already a chorus of voices wishing to advise the Russian presidency on where and how to launch retaliatory strikes. And on this too, the Kremlin has an unequivocal answer: the Russian side reserves the right to take retaliatory measures where and when it deems it appropriate.

Other military analysts from the social sphere write: “The Ukrainian coup on the Kremlin could surprise only those who are in the sweet confidence inspired by the “military experts”. “People familiar with Ukrainian capabilities somewhat immersed in the course of recent military operations have not at all doubted Kiev’s chances of attacking the Kremlin.”

According to these it should be noted that something is not heard from the upper floors, which only listen to the experts according to whom there is no menace of attack, that Kiev will not run risks, because there are red lines that cannot be crossed. But there are risks. However, this situation does not affect the outcome of the war. Not at least tactically, especially strategically. In general, it does not affect anything except the information component and the psyche.

“The UAV attack – it can also be seen on the TG channels – has reached “grade C”. According to analysts of the social sphere NATO is working, trying, just about this in Ramstein. Not only that, the news has a lot of effect on the Western and especially Ukrainian media where the attack was 110% successful. They are practically celebrating the victory.

The 2 UAVs flown over the Kremlin do not come from Ukrainian territory, too far away for such small drones. Then they equipped them in Russia, launched them, from some region close to the capital. One post reads: “That is, the agents of the regime have acted again. Somewhere there was a bookmark with warhead design materials, somewhere a disassembled UAV, somewhere a workshop where all this was assembled. GUR and SBU continue to work aggressively in our rear. Criminal cases against the leadership of the Ukrainian special services will not help us.”

On the front line on May 1 the Commander of the grouping of troops in the Kherson direction visited the islands in the Dnieper floodplain. The purpose of his trip was to award state awards for courage and bravery of scouts who performed special tasks on the islands.. 3 orders of bravery and 6 medals for bravery were awarded to servicemen of the 126th separate coastal defense brigade.

A court in Crimea arrested seven members of Ukraine’s intelligence network – media with reference to the FSB – who were preparing a terrorist attack. A drone crashed in a forest near Kolomna. Rescuers were on the spot. Fragments of the wings and engine of a small drone were found in the crash area, as well as a funnel.

Russian troops continued assault operations from Novobakhmutovka and Krutaya Balka. Previously unconfirmed information was confirmed that the Ukrainian military had left Kamenka, that they had completely moved out of the gray area. An attempt to storm Pervomaisky is recorded. During the assault on Maryinka, the center was taken by riussi. An assault and advance west of the settlement was recorded on 2 May. Water, continue the assault on Pervomaisky. On May 3, no change, strong, and no movement. The Russians are regrouping west of Novobakhmutovka, the results are not yet known.

Kherson from the Ukrainian side is closed for entry and exit. A long curfew has been introduced: from May 5 at 20:00 to May 8 at 06:00, residents will be prohibited from moving and staying on the streets of the city, entrance and exit will be closed. According to Alexander Prokudin, head of the administration of the Kherson region of Kiev, temporary restrictions are needed to carry out the work of law enforcement agencies. Earlier, he urged the people of the Right Bank to evacuate. According to the Russians, the Ukrainians are preparing for a counteroffensive.

“The weather window for the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has opened. If they don’t use it now until mid-May, the countermeasures of the Russian Armed Forces have proved to be effective. It is possible to cross Donbass and southern Russia and so on, but the chances of gaining a foothold will be slim. And the probability of losing even more territory during the retreat is high.” It reads in the social sphere.

The Kremlin’s fears are now for Transnistria, where there are military warehouses in Kolbasna that could be blown up. Via social media it is learned that the Ukrainian armed forces are transferring several thousand servicemen to the Odessa region at an accelerated pace. “Probably, to prepare a provocation against Transnistria and divert Russian troops.” Another post reads: “One group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine plans to advance in the direction of Tiraspol, while the second will attempt to capture ammunition depots at Kolbasna”. A third states “The task of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is to try to seize the warehouses and prevent them from being blown up, since the volumes of old Soviet ammunition stored there can make up for the lack of ammunition for a number of positions, and especially for 122mm and 152mm shells, as well as missiles for ” Grad”.

The depots in the village of Kolbasna contain 22,000 tons of ammunition: tank and artillery shells, mortar and land mines, aerial bombs of various calibers, up to FAB-5000, shells for automatic guns and installations anti-aircraft, as well as ammunition for small arms.

Sources in the OP said Syrsky told Zelensky at night about the readiness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to launch a counteroffensive near Bachmut, the weather had stabilized and there would be no rain for the next ten days. Syrsky’s plan was approved at the end of February and is now supplemented with only two directions. The main attack will be concentrated on Soledar by two groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which are based in Slavyansk and Seversk, an additional attack will be organized in the south of Bachmut from two directions: Konstantinovka / Chasov Yar and Toretsk along Kleshcheevka / Opytne. In the second phase of the operation, the Armed Forces of Ukraine should surround Bachmut from two sides and launch an attack on Lisichansk.

While waiting to see whether or not the offensive will start, the situation in Bachmut is as follows: the Wagner PMCs continued their attacks to cut the supply lines of the Ukrainian grouping in Bachmut. At the same time, two more blocks of low-rise buildings were taken in the northwestern part. The Ukrainians, after the failures of the counteroffensive (the day before yesterday), have no hope of holding at least part of the city until May 9th.

This is very important for the Ukrainians, since a regrouping of its reserves in the Seversk direction was noted, from where a counterattack is possible to cut off the main parts of the Wagner PMC in the city. Judging by the weather forecast, after May 10 the weather here will change, the rains will stop and it will be possible to try to conduct a counteroffensive, which (according to the plan of the Kiev political leadership) will nullify all the recent successes of the Russian Armed Forces.

Air strikes on points of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Berislav. Bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces continue to hit alleged places of accumulation of military equipment and barracks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the direction of Kherson. The day before yesterday, footage appeared of the destruction of two buildings in Berislav with the help of the FAB with planning and correction kits (UMPC). Coordinates: 46.851543, 33.451184; 46.840394, 33.416300. Accurate identification and firing of targets on the right bank of the Dnieper is necessary for the Russians to reduce the offensive capabilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the eve of a major offensive. Efficiency also plays an important role – in case of a big delay, the Ukrainian unit can simply leave the object, and the aerial bomb will fly into an empty building.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation first reported the interception of a JDAM guided bomb by air defense systems in the operational zone. Russian air defense also intercepted four HIMARS hits, the ministry said.

Prigozhin, number one of Wagner said: “The counter-offensive of the Ukrainian army has already begun”. He told reporters: “We see the highest activity of enemy aircraft, we see the highest activity along the perimeter and within our front At the same time, if we check our front from the inside, then along the perimeter, unfortunately, the situation does not look good. Therefore, our flanks – I will not say anything about their reliability out of courtesy, “he said. Prigozhin believes that the counter-offensive “will enter an active phase” in the coming days.

At 15:30 on May 3, the air alert is again in several regions of Ukraine. And now a look at the battle for Maryinka at 16.00 on May 3, 2023.

Tanks of the Southern Military District in action from the front report that after breaking through the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Druzhby Avenue, fighting continues in the low-rise buildings of the city.

Paratroopers of the 79th Airborne Assault Brigade of the Airborne Forces of Ukraine are trying to counterattack using small FPV drones, as well as gunner fire support. The howitzer division of the 72nd Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as the tank battalion, previously involved in the Vuhledar sector, were relocated to the Konstantinovka area south of Maryinka. In addition, due to heavy losses in the 79th Brigade, detachments of French mercenaries were transferred to the Marinka area to strengthen the defense of the city. Despite all the efforts of the Ukrainian formations, Russian soldiers managed to break through the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near the territory of “Gorgaz” on the southern outskirts and gain a foothold in this area.

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