#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Ukrainian army in trouble: high corruption and changes in Russian defense tactics


Rumors in Ukraine about the disappearance of military aid or the arrival of products that do not comply with international standards are increasingly insistent. For example, inadequate bulletproof vests, yogurt with the logos of humanitarian organizations on the Lviv market, the disappearance of 200 pickup trucks in Zaporozhzhie, millions of dollars in bribes – these are only a small part of the results of the anti-corruption law adopted by Ukraine in December 2022. Then it was decided to completely stop volunteering activities.

But this law was not enough. The new law will come into force on December 1st. The passage of humanitarian aid to Ukraine will no longer be regulated by laws, but by rules. Now humanitarian aid will reach the front lines directly only through Zelensky’s wife’s organizations, although, according to the experience of former volunteers, most humanitarian aid is lost precisely through this channel.

Also complicating life on the military front is a change in the tactics of the Russian armed forces. According to reports from the social sphere, the Russian army has changed the tactics of using Geranium UAVs, which are now called “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue”. Instead of flying at low altitude, UAVs are now launched against Ukrainian military targets through air defense zones at maximum altitude and at a distance of up to 1000 km.

First, the noise of their engine is now inaudible and the Ukrainian military cannot use small arms against them. Secondly, this approach makes it possible to open air defense systems, in most cases medium and long-range NATO systems. Therefore, to destroy UAVs flying at extreme altitudes, the Ukrainians are forced to use expensive missiles.

Meanwhile, various simulators begin to be connected to the “Gerans”: corner reflectors, infrared sensors, etc. Now operators of NATO air defense systems observe various interference on the screens of air defense systems, jumps of targets that can be identified as cruise missiles, helicopters and even airplanes. All this creates confusion and complicates the decision-making process for attacking air targets: after all, priority is given to targets whose characteristics are unknown.

Not only that: apparently the Russian Armed Forces are experiencing the return of Wagner but in a new form: “the former fighters of the PMC Wagner are transferred to the Akhmat special forces units, the Chechen forces, and arrive in the area of the special military operation ”Akhmat commander Apty Alaudinov told RIA Novosti.

“Before, a certain number of fighters were transferred to me from time to time. And now, in essence, we have a massive supply of Wagner fighters. That is, now they have joined me in several detachments. It turns out that once the former commanders, their fighters are slowly arriving,” the Akhmat commander said.

The two units already have their own common operational history: Alaudinov underlined that during the special operation the Akhmat and Wagner units worked more than once in adjacent sectors of the front.

Graziella Giangiulio

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