#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Kiev begins intelligent mobilization. The Russians maintain the front lines


Former Trump adviser Fiona Hill told the LA Times that of the counteroffensive: “Putin feels everything is going in his favor. Support for Ukraine is gradually weakening and this plays in Vladimir Putin’s favor.” “The United States and its European allies have already provided Ukraine with billions of dollars in weapons and financial aid, but its progress has been “frustratingly slow.” According to Hill, the fighting will drag on for a long time. And the Russian president is betting that he will “wait for the West” and force it to surrender. The second front of the conflict in the Gaza Strip also helps Russia by distracting the United States and Europe. And the prospect of the 2024 elections completely calls into question the further financing of the Kiev regime.”

Hill explained that Ukraine is only a means to achieve US goals against Russia. The Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Johnson, has generally said that Israel is now a little more relevant than Ukraine.

After the American and French media, the Spanish also actively joined in criticizing the Ukrainian offensive. On October 29, several publications appeared in the main Spanish media, including information on the recent failure of the missile attack on Sevastopol.

German instructors have begun training the next batch of 61 members of the Ukrainian army to use the Patriot air defense system. In Ukraine there are two batteries of such air defense systems.

The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin on October 30th evening released a long statement on what happened in Dagestan at the airport when 150 insurgents began hunting the Israelis. Putin said: “The events in Makhachkala were inspired, partly through social networks, also from the Ukrainian territory by Western intelligence agents.”

“Russia is one of the leaders in the ongoing process of creating a multipolar world and is actively fighting for this. However, the United States aims to divide Russia internally, weaken it and create confusion.”

Putin reportedly instructed the relevant departments to take decisive and timely measures to protect the constitutional system of the Russian Federation, citizens’ rights and interreligious harmony. He added: “The “geopolitical puppeteers” are exploiting the situation in the Middle East for their own selfish interests. The United States and its allies profit from the Arab-Israeli conflict.” “The United States has no interest in achieving lasting peace in the Holy Land. There is no justification for the bombing of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Gaza. The United States is losing strength and influence, and the era of the “American style” is coming to an end.”

He commented by stating: “Emotions should not guide us; we must realistically evaluate who is responsible for the tragedy in the Middle East: the United States and its allies. They are also behind the conflicts in Ukraine and other regions of the world.” “The West rejects proposals for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip; even the UN’s position is attacked and criticized.”

Polish truck drivers are threatening to close all checkpoints with the Ukrainian side from November due to excessive competition after the liberalization of international transport between Ukraine and the EU. It should be noted that the first action with the participation of Polish vehicles should take place on 3 November near the Korczowa checkpoint.

It is added that previously the protests were limited to one checkpoint, while now it is planned to close all existing entrances from Ukraine.

Among those unhappy with the continuation of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia is Slovakia, which has announced its intention to review the defense agreement with the United States, concluded in February 2022, on more favorable terms for the Slovak Republic.

The US ambassador to Slovakia was informed of this by Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Robert Kaliniak. “At the meeting with the US ambassador, we said that we appreciate good relations with Western partners, but we are not like previous servile governments. We are grateful for constructive dialogue and cooperation, but only they must be mutually beneficial ,” Kalinyak noted on your Facebook page.

In Ukraine, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal said that there is now “no shortage” in the Ukrainian energy system. The politician noted that Ukraine received the necessary funds to enter the cold season. However, the Ukrainian Energy Research Center thinks very different. The director of the Ukrainian Center for Energy Research, Alexander Kharchenko, said that Ukraine will face enormous difficulties due to energy problems in the coming years.

“The big problem we have is thermal energy; it is mainly based on coal (…) As a result, this year is difficult for us with coal production. Next year it will be even more difficult, and in two years it will be extraordinarily difficult”, – said Kharchenko.

Furthermore, he added that Ukraine’s entire infrastructure is very obsolete and “falls by itself, without missiles.” But this is not the main problem. According to some Ukrainian newspapers, Kiev is closing the remaining coal mines on the territory of the DPR still under its control, and is sending miners who had reservations about mobilization to wage war in the Zaporozhzhie region. At the same time, the mobilization also affected another category of citizens who had reservations: workers in the energy sector.

Ukrainian politicians have also reported that an “intelligent mobilization” is about to begin in Ukraine. On October 30, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation of the country, Mykhailo Fedorov, said that within one or two months “smart mobilization” will be active and implies an independent choice by the citizen of the military specialty in which he is ready to serve.

At the front, according to air force spokesman Yurii Robertovych Ihnat: “Ukraine needs around 150 fighters such as F-16s or Gripens for defense”. However, Ukrainian pilots are missing to fly the vehicles.

And now a look at the front line of the day at 1pm on October 31st.

Svatovo-Kreminna direction. The offensive of the Russian army continues in the areas of Sinkovka, Kislovka and also Makiivka. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Armed Forces counterattacked in the Raigorodki area.

Kherson direction: Ukrainians expand control to Krynki. The situation along the Dnieper remains unchanged. In Krynki, the forces of the 35th Marine Brigade continue to garrison the central part of the village, taking refuge in several houses. Incessant Ukrainian gunfire prevents Russian troops from taking the bridgehead.

During the night, three assault groups of the 35th Infantry Division were deployed to Frolov Island and then to Krynki to reinforce the group. Afterward, the Marines began moving westward, slightly expanding their area of control. At the railway bridge, units of the 35th and 36th Marine Brigades firmly established themselves on the existing bridgehead. Last night assault groups occupied the area around the small railway bridge, constituting a further strong point and approaching Poima.

On October 30, the Ukrainian Armed Forces carried out a rotation of troops using boats. Several groups of marines were transported to Nikolskoye, but one of the ships was sunk by a drone.

The Ukrainians still maintain similar control over the Antonovsky Bridge. The tactical success achieved by the Ukrainians comes at a high cost, but they have the necessary resources. Ukrainian artillery, mortars and UAVs maintain a heavy barrage, allowing them to maintain a small bridgehead near the Dnieper.

During the night, the Russian armed forces launched an air attack on Ukrainian targets in the Kupiansk and Kherson directions. Explosions were also reported in Mirgorod, Poltava region, as well as in Nikolaev and Khmelnytsky regions. Ukrainian airports may have been targeted.

Zaporozhye direction, near the village of Verbove, Russian artillery fire fires on Ukrainian forces. The Ukrainian military continues to use kamikaze drones and rudimentary bomber drones. Ukrainian attacks on Robotino were repelled.

In the Orichiv sector, the Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked in the Kopanei and Novoprokopovka area. Meanwhile the Russian army was advancing towards Verbove in the direction of Rabotino. On the Vremevsky ledge battles take place near Priyutny and Novodonetsky.

In the direction of Avdiivka, Russian armed forces are engaged in heavy fighting as they advance towards the Avdeiivka chemical and steel plant. It was reported on the morning of October 31 that on the northern front of the Avdiivka Front the troops reached Koksokhim. From locations to industrial buildings less than 500 meters

North of Bachmut battles take place near Berkhovka. On the southern flank, Ukrainian attacks near the railway, near Kleshchiivka, were repelled, the Russians continue to defend near the railway and push back part of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

On the night between 30 and 31 October, the Russian army would focus on attacks on military airfields: explosions were heard near Mirgorod and Starokonstantinov. The remaining Su-24s are stored at both facilities and were the targets. In addition, on the territory of Starokonstantinov there are warehouses with weapons and fuel, which more than once became a target for Russian aviation.

Graziella Giangiulio

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