#ISRAELHAMASWAR. USA wants to stop the offensive in Rafah. Israel buys weapons from Türkiye. Clashes in southern Gaza and the West Bank


According to the American television channel PBS, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd James Austin presented to Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant an alternative to a large-scale military operation in Rafah, which includes, among other things, precision strikes against Hamas leaders, control the Egyptian border, increase humanitarian assistance and allow citizens to leave Rafah.

The United States believes, in fact, that the military operation in Rafah will lead to Israel’s isolation and distancing in relations with its long-standing partners, a State Department spokesperson said.

The Israeli army has agreed to provide security for a temporary port to be built by the United States in the Gaza Strip to transport humanitarian aid by sea. The newspaper Politico reports this, citing two American officials.

Francesca Albanese, UN, said there are strong reasons to believe that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians, as evidenced by three facts: “There are compelling reasons to believe that Israel is committing the crime of genocide against the Palestinians. Three facts raise this question: the massacre of Palestinians, the statements of Israeli officials and the inhumane living conditions imposed on Palestinians,” he said.

As proof of this, the words of Knesset member Almog Cohen declared on Channel 14: “Ramadan is the best time to kill Palestinians because they are all tired and fasting. We must break the Palestinians during Ramadan. They cannot be spared” .

Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesperson Majid Al-Ansari confirmed that talks on the ceasefire in Gaza and the exchange of prisoners between Hamas and Israel continue between the parties at the level of technical teams and said: “We are in a state of constant hope, but it is not possible to talk about a calendar now.”

In terms of weapons sold to Israel according to the Turkish Bureau of Statistics (TÜIK), in January the following were exported from Turkey to Israel: gunpowder, explosives, flammable substances, ammunition for weapons and spare parts. The office did not say how much Israel’s purchase was.

More than 130 British MPs, in a letter addressed to Foreign Secretary David Cameron, called for a ban on arms sales to Israel. A lawsuit against the suspension of funding to UNRWA is also addressed to the United Kingdom at the British Foreign Office. The International Center for Justice for the Palestinians (ICGB) has announced plans to bring a lawsuit against the British Foreign Office over London’s decision to suspend funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency of Palestinian refugees (UNRWA).

UN Middle East Peace Coordinator Tor Wensland said UNRWA’s Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees was indispensable for regional stability and stressed there was no justification for collective punishment of the Palestinians.

Rumors of the meeting between Raisi and Haniyeh: according to some social sources Raisi said to Haniyeh: “Iran is proud of its support for Palestine. And the Israelis and their supporters have no choice but to be defeated.”

The Iranian president assures the head of the political office of Hamas that the Palestinian resistance and the steadfastness of the people of Gaza have made the Palestinian question a global humanitarian issue that does not stop at the borders of the Islamic world, underlining that the inevitable final victory will to the Palestinian people.

British naval security company Embry reports multiple explosions in the area of Zubair Island in the Red Sea, off the coast of Yemen.

The United States has introduced new sanctions against the Ansar Allah (Houthi) movement, Lebanese Hezbollah and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The Houthis responded by saying that this is “a rather slow attempt to make excuses for the failure of the Guardian of Prosperity operation in the Red Sea, in which the Houthis demonstrated the inability of the United States and Britain to ensure control and the security of shipments in one of the key logistics regions of the world”.

A pro-Palestinian account writes: “It is quite clear that Iran is behind the Houthis, which, as usual, acts by proxy, remaining the main eminence grise of Shia anti-American activities. As practice has shown, Iran and the associated Shiite Resistance Axis are not very sensitive to the sanctions to which they have long adapted. Furthermore, Iran has acquired a great skills in asymmetric strategies aimed at undermining American influence in the Middle East and is winning the long-term game against the hegemon.”

Yemeni Deputy Prime Minister Jalal al-Rowaishan in a statement said: “There is a strategic change in military battle tactics demonstrated by Yemen: heavy, nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers are no longer useful (…) America and Britain have recently realized that the agents’ sea belts (United Arab Emirates ed.) are no longer useful in light of the strategic change that Sanaa has mastered in support of Gaza (…) America and Great Britain have adopted a strategy according to which their instruments would have prevented in Sana’a to reach the seas, but Sana’a surprised them and reached the Indian Ocean (…) The lack of military value of the agents from Al-Mokha to Aden to Hadhramaut (government recognized in Yemen by the Emirates United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia) will soon show us their abandonment and they have never been reliable.”

And now a look at the front between Israel and Hamas.

Judging by the nature of the IDF’s activities in recent days, it can be concluded that they have equipped the areas of Gaza where they are present with spy cameras and sensors. In particular, the IDF uses Smart Shooter AI surveillance systems and AI surveillance apps such as Blue Wolf and Red Wolf to read facial features.

An Israeli soldier was killed in the bombing of Kiryat Shmona by the Lebanese resistance. Haaretz has revealed the death of the soldier who was killed in the Lebanese resistance rocket attack that targeted Kiryat Shmona on Wednesday morning. The Israeli army has admitted the loss and wounding of another 22 men in recent clashes in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian sources report the death of seven civilians killed in an Israeli raid that targeted the medical center in the city of Al-Habbariyeh, southern Lebanon.

Also on March 27, the Lebanese Islamic resistance returned to hitting Israeli soldiers near the settlement of Shtoula with artillery shells and again artillery shells against the Ruwaisat al-Alam site in the Lebanese hills where the settlers of Kfar Shuba live.

The clashes in southern Gaza do not stop. Dozens of people were killed in a series of Israeli raids in the assault on the Nasser Medical Complex and the arrest of its cadres at dawn on March 27. A number of Palestinian citizens and other people were injured, as IDF stormed the Nasser medical complex, west of Khan Yunis, and arrested medical staff and displaced people from in and around the hospital.

Israel continues to besiege the Al-Shifa compound and its surroundings for the tenth consecutive day.

The Islamic resistance in Iraq claims responsibility for the attack on Ovda Air Base, Speer Military site in southern Israel. They would have used drones.

Raids and arrests continue in the West Bank. Israel strengthens military measures near Nablus. On the night between 26 and 27 March, Israeli enemy forces launched a campaign of raids and arrests in various areas of the West Bank, with armed clashes resulting in one death and injuries. 20 Palestinians arrested.

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