ISRAEL. Everyone is preparing for the clash: the War Cabinet is ready; army prepares; emptied hospitals. AQAP congratulates Hamas; Houthis close to open conflict


If it is not stopped soon, the war in Israel risks becoming a regional conflict. In the social sphere, interest in the Ukrainian conflict is starting to be abandoned and the focus has been on the war in Israel. Three salient features of the social sphere on October 11th seen from the Arab side. We report them as readers and not as those who support these statements, there are three trends: Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech on the escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict zone; the position of Iraq and al Qaeda which with the AQAP group takes up an al Qaeda media campaign: “Jerusalem will never be Judeized”.

Regarding Vladimir Putin’s speech the salient points are or following: “The Palestinian problem is in the heart of every Muslim, and is perceived by them as a manifestation of injustice carried to an incredible level.

“The United States has neglected the mechanisms in the Arab-Israeli conflict zone and has relied on the material needs of the people in the Palestinian territory. During the creation of Israel there was talk of immediately creating a sovereign Palestine, but this was never done.

“What is happening is terrible. The bitterness in Israel and Palestine is very great, but we must strive to minimize civilian casualties, children and women must be left out of the conflict. If men have decided to fight among themselves, then let them fight among themselves.

“It is not known whether the situation between Israel and Palestine will calm down in the near future, but this could lead to big problems. Russia’s position on Palestine and Israel is well known to the parties; we are in favor of the implementation of the decisions of the United Nations and the creation of a Palestinian state. There are many supporters of the creation of a Palestinian state in both the United States and Israel, but forces advocating a military solution are gaining the upper hand.

“The accusations against Iran of involvement in the escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are unfounded. I don’t understand why the US is attracting aircraft carrier groups to Israel, this is making the situation worse. Did they decide to scare anyone? There are people there who are no longer afraid of anything

“The escalation in Israel will not affect oil production, but could affect logistics, insurance and freight. “I hope common sense prevails.”

Putin’s words were well listened to by the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mohammed Shia al Sudani, in Russia for the energy forum and that he is acting as a mediator for the Palestinian cause. In Iraq, in fact, since 7 October there have only been positions in favor of Palestine. Among these: that of the Secretary General of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq; Nouri Al Maliki, Faiq Sheikh Ali express solidarity with Palestinians. The “Nabni” coalition announces its support for the Palestinian resistance. Spokesman for the Iraqi government, Bassem al Awadi, declares that Iraq stands with the Palestinian people so that they obtain their full rights without which peace is impossible; he warns that continued escalation in the Palestinian territories will affect the stability of the region and therefore urges the League of Arab States to meet urgently to discuss developments in the situation.

The PMU, Iraqi militias, declare that the Al Aqsa Flood operation is a response against the Zionist occupation. The Sadiqun bloc declares full solidarity with the resistance of the Palestinian people against Zionist aggression. The Irada Movement holds the Zionists responsible and urges the international community to end their policies in Palestine.

The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Mohsen al Mandalawi declares that “The Al Aqsa Flood operation was a natural reaction to the crimes of the Zionist occupation”. MP Mahmoud al Qaisi declares he is on the side of the Palestinians. Al Sadr says he prays for the Palestinian people. The Presidency of the Republic renews Iraq’s full support for the Palestinian people and condemns the brutal attacks against them: “The Presidency of the Republic urges the international community to assume its legal and moral responsibilities so that the Palestinian people obtain justice and guarantee of their rights”.

Al Sadr calls on a million people to show support for Palestine in Tahrir Square next Friday. Akram al Kaabi supports Friday’s demonstration.

Prime Minister Al Sudani discussed the developments of the situation in the Palestinian territories on the telephone with Egyptian President El Sisi; reiterating the importance of the unity of the Arab countries and the Islamic position regarding the Palestinian struggle for their rights against the Zionist occupation forces; and underlined the need for action to avoid further violence, which would destabilize the entire region; finally, the intervention of the international community against Israel’s policies is requested.

Prime Minister Al Sudani and the King of Jordan discussed the situation in the Palestinian territories by telephone, underlining the importance of the unity of the Arab countries and reiterating the Islamic position in support of the Palestinian cause; They also affirm the need to adhere to international resolutions, ignored by Israel, and to continue regional and international efforts to restore the rights of the Palestinian people and so that they can establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Among the press releases received in favor of Palestine is that of al Qaeda: AQPA – al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula – which opens the press release with congratulations for what has been undertaken in Palestine. In the statement there is a call to all jihadists of: Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan to come to support Hamas.

The official channel of the Shiite group Hezbollah has published another video with a threat directed at Israel. The footage shows various destructions in the Navy, including cruise missiles, anti-ship systems and missile ships. So far there is no talk of actually entering the conflict, but there are a lot of videos and militant statements. And the most curious thing is that Hezbollah has the ability to hit the Israeli fleet.

After the words on Tuesday of the leader of the Yemeni Ansar Allah movement, Abdul Malik Al-Houthi, on his willingness to join the war against Israel, new threats from the Houthis have appeared on the Internet. Channels affiliated with the group are distributing photographs of the Yemeni equivalent of the Shahed-136 drone, Wayid-2, as well as cruise missile launchers. All accompanied by signatures in Arabic and Hebrew: “We are coming, wait.”

At first glance, it seems that the participation of the Houthis on the Palestinian side is impossible due to the distance of Yemen from Israel, 2000 km. However, the Houthis, with the help of the Iranians, have developed their own military-industrial complex to such an extent that this distance has ceased to be an insoluble problem.

The same “Vayid-2”, according to unconfirmed data, has a combat radius of 2500 km. And in terms of missile weapons, Ansar Allah units can boast Quds-3 cruise missiles, which, according to manufacturers, are capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 2,100 km.

So the only question is whether they will actually come into conflict. So far this all looks like coordinated propaganda, but there are no signs of preparation for real action yet.

And now a look at the front line at 1pm on 11 October 2023.

North direction: During the night clashes occurred again in Ashdod, two residents were injured. Mutual missile attacks also did not decrease: explosions occurred in the vicinity of Sderot.

Eastbound: The IDF is conducting an operation to search for militants in the Netivot area. The story of the “children beheaded by Hamas” in Kfar Aza has not found official confirmation: the primary source was the journalist Nicole Zedek, but the IDF was unable to confirm this news.

West Bank: Clashes occurred overnight in Tubas, Qalqilya, Tulkarem and surrounding settlements. There have been reports of transfers of Jordanian armed forces to the western borders.

Border with Lebanon: Two missiles were launched from Lebanon on the city of Metula. The IDF retaliated by using incendiary munitions. Israeli media have reported some security incidents in the north of the country, which could presumably change the face of the conflict.

Missile launches continue on southern and central Israel. Hamas men continue to emerge in several places. It is not clear whether these are new infiltrations or terrorists who raided on Saturday and hid in the area. Northern hospitals are transferring patients to the center of the country in preparation for an escalation in the north.

Gaza Strip: The Israeli Air Force bombs the enclave. For the first time since 2006, M270 MLRS were used for attacks in Gaza. Most of the Gaza Strip has no electricity or Internet access. According to the latest data, at least 1055 people were killed in the region, more than five thousand were injured.

Political context:

All Israeli parliamentary forces agreed to create an emergency government. Netanyahu has set up a limited war cabinet with Benny Gantz, former chief of staff and leader of one of the opposition parties, who is first in all polls. The parties agreed that as the war continues, no legislation will be advanced regarding the legal reforms that have caused great division in Israeli society. There is no change in the role of the ministers, but it is clear that the practical management will be done by Netanyahu Gantz Eisenkot and Dermer.

Information has emerged that cryptocurrency platform Binance has blocked accounts financing Palestine and the Gaza Strip. Ireland, Spain, Denmark and Luxembourg have blocked the EU’s ban on financial assistance to Palestine. The first shipment of American weapons has arrived in Israel, allegedly including ammunition for the Air Force and the Iron Dome missile defense system.

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