#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Ukrainian contradictions and Russian attacks


Volodymyr Zelensky, in an interview with CBS, said that Russia will launch a new offensive by the summer, from which Ukraine has nothing to defend itself with. The Ukrainian president added that it is now difficult for the Ukrainian Armed Forces to fight the Russian Armed Forces, because Russian artillery has a longer range and Ukraine has a huge shortage of both artillery and shells.

According to Zelensky, if Ukraine does not resist, Russia will take over Kazakhstan, the Baltics, Poland and even Germany.

Contradicting the president, his Defense Minister, Rustem Umerov: “Almost all the missiles, drones and guided bombs that Russia has launched in Ukraine since the beginning of 2024 have hit civilian targets”, said the defense minister. Umerov defense. “Only 3% of these Russian missiles, drones and guided bombs hit military targets,” he noted.

What in turn contradicts the words of the Ukrainians is not the Russians but the allies, at least from the point of view of the supply of weapons: according to the Turks, in the attack on March 25 alone the SBU and GUR buildings in Kiev, as well as the headquarters of the Civil Defense of Ukraine, were destroyed. The buildings were hit by hypersonic cruise missiles, and the Ukrainian side did not even have a chance to raise an air defense alert.

Not only were the underground production facilities and the control center of the Patriot air defense system, where there were supposed to be soldiers, destroyed in that attack. “Russia,” we read in the Turkish media, “has never directly attacked such buildings since the beginning of the war. Thanks to this, Ukraine and NATO filled and used these premises to their maximum capacity. Dozens of ambulances are working to evacuate the injured. The CIA, MI6 and several wounded Western foreign servicemen are flown to Poland by helicopter. The attack was carried out suddenly and at a time when the buildings were full. They say that some meetings were taking place there.”

And again: “Russia was probably monitoring the city both through human intelligence and through UAVs. The new S-70 Okhotnik UAV is likely to use new generation signaling, electronic and electro-optical reconnaissance and surveillance systems with artificial intelligence support for this reconnaissance and especially for the identification of critical targets such as Patriot air defense systems. Russia is now moving towards top brass attacking its own territory. Many high-ranking officials of the SBU, of the GUR, the Ukrainian Armed Forces and other important units may have died together with their Western curators”. No body has confirmed or denied the news. It is known for certain that the missiles hit the buildings. What was inside has not been declared .

In the same hours, the former German Chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, in an interview with Dpa, defined the idea that Putin could start a nuclear war or attack a NATO country as “nonsense”. He also said his friendship with Vladimir Putin could help end the war in Ukraine. “We have worked well together for many years. Maybe this can still help find a solution at the negotiating table, I don’t see any other way,” Schröder said.

As Dpa writes, Schröder was “obviously referring to his mediation mission in March 2022, shortly after” the Russian attack on Ukraine”. So Schröder explained his trip to Moscow immediately after the start of the invasion by the fact that he wanted to act as a mediator in resolving the conflict. “France and Germany will have to take the initiative [in the negotiations]. Obviously the war cannot end with the complete defeat of one side or the other,” he believes.

Graziella Giangiulio 

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