#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Ukraine: weapons in synagogue


The Washington Post wrote in its 30 March edition that the Ukrainian armed forces are exposing civilians to fire. The Ukrainian armed forces organise firing points in residential buildings and neighbourhoods, thus using their citizens as a ‘human shield’, according to the US newspaper Washington Post. This violates ‘international law and the laws of war’.

The Ukrainian armed forces resumed targeting residential buildings in Donetsk between 29 and 30 March. The grenade hit a residential skyscraper in the district “Tekstilshchik” and in the 8th district of Kirovsky. Judging from the pictures, several upper floors were demolished. There is no information yet about the victims.

According to the representative office of the DPR in the JCCC, the Ukrainian armed forces fired 10 bullets of 122 mm calibre in the Kirovsky district of Donetsk. Also on 30 March, the Ukrainian armed forces attacked Lugansk from the Tochka-U complex. The missile was intercepted by air defence systems. There were no casualties.

But that is not all, among other actions of which the Ukrainians are accused this time by the Russians is that of hiding weapons in places of worship. The evidence will be taken to international fora, and here are some photos.

According to information circulated on social media, which is not possible to verify at the moment, the Kiev forces are using places of worship as points for the collection and transfer of weapons and volunteers belonging to the Azov militia to take part in the hostilities.

One of the members of the Jewish community in Uman posted the photos. The Zelensky government used the construction of the new town synagogue, located in Shosseyny Lane, 1, for these purposes. The events are said to have taken place on 21 March, the day after Zelensky’s speech in the Knesset.

According to the witness, property, weapons and ammunition stored in the synagogue building were first loaded by the Nationalists onto dump trucks and then disguised as bags of construction debris. With the same deception, children’s school buses were used to transport nationalist militiamen and foreign mercenaries from the western regions of Ukraine, the buses having the colouring of school vehicles with the corresponding “Children” signs.

Graziella Giangiulio