#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. The irony of the social sphere on Ukraine and the Russia to come: political clusters instead of states


In the “Risk” of the Russian-Ukrainian social sphere, an attempt is being made to outline how 2024 will end on Ukrainian territory: an alarming picture has emerged. On a colorful note, in addition to the Ukrainians and Russians, there are Koreans participating in the creation of the new geographic map of Ukraine and Europe. It reads: “A series of referendums will be held in the autumn on almost the entire territory of the former Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR). This will most likely happen as a result of a coup in Kiev. In turn, the coup will occur because the neighboring countries of the West will send their troops “to protect the brotherly population.” In turn, neighboring countries will send troops due to the Russian offensive, which is already underway.”

Among the issues under discussion to describe the Ukraine that will be, there is the location of NATO bases. One account writes: “I’m not sure Russia will be happy with the Poles. What is needed here is a very specific agreement according to which NATO troops and bases will not appear on the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR. Can the Poles be trusted? – at the moment it is very doubtful. You can trust the Hungarians and Slovaks. Well, Romania will try to squeeze “its”. But at most he will get along with Chernivtsi if he behaves well.”

According to the Russian social sphere: “Nikolaev, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnipropetrovs’k, Kropyvnyc’kyj, Poltava, Sumy, Chernihiv and most likely Kiev or part of it, following the results of the referendum, will go to Russia or form a temporary confederation under the direct control of the Russian governors general.”

In the best case scenario of pro-Russian social media with also some irony: “The interesting thing is that most likely in Transnistria, as well as in Gagauzia, a similar referendum will take place, which will put an end to Romania’s dreams. If Romania does not calm down and understand all the advantages, then I will remind you of the words of General Lebed: […] and I will have dinner in Bucharest!”.

The Risk seen by Ukrainian pessimists who competed with the Russians and with much concern states: “The central part will temporarily remain Ukraine. Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky, Zhytomyr, Korosten, Rivne, Uman, Bila Tserkva, maybe Cherkasy. This part will tidy up your brain. Without an army, with a serious Russian protectorate. Establish police order, level the economy, change propaganda. There will be resettlement of rather large masses of people. In western Ukraine there are those who support us, and in the east and south there are guardians, but they have not become war criminals. Most likely it will be an agreement between the countries that have influence on these territories.”

As an example, the Ukrainian social sphere talks about “the Poles who were resettled from Volhynia to Poland after the war, and in return the Ukrainians were brought there from Poland. If this is not done, the showdown will continue for a long time.”

According to the social stream however: “The central part will remain Ukraine or the Little Russian Federation to become Russia in ten years. I also think that all of Moldova will become a federation or a republic, part of Russia. The West will not feed them; they have nothing to eat. Romanians will also not be able to feed themselves, they will also have to sell cards, champagne and gold teeth, inherited in the family. As a result, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria and almost all of the Balkans will come under the Russian protectorate. Not in a structure, but in a political-economic cluster, of which Moscow will be the center.”

Another political cluster will be formed by: “Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic and, perhaps, Catalonia forming their own Russia-friendly cluster. It will probably include the former GDR and Bavaria. Greece and Italy will most likely complete the Russian cluster.” The Russians agree and say that from Greece and Italy: “We do not detect any particular complaints and we also have a historical friendship.”

According to the social stream: “Poland will take control of the Baltic states if both behave well and understand who brought the light to their stand. Western and Northern Europe will be ruined by the United States or Great Britain. Better than the US. At least these will make old Europe an open-air museum. If it were Britain, then it would be darkness, complete poverty and a lawless wasteland.”

A purely virtual exercise presented by the social sphere which has been drawn up in a very serious manner after almost a month of work.

Graziella Giangiulio 

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