#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. It’s still a mystery about the Frenchmen who died in Kharkov. According to the Russians they were from the Legion


On January 18, France announced the creation of an “artillery coalition” to supply weapons and shells to Ukraine. The Ministry of the Armed Forces of the Republic noted that Paris intends to expand the production of Caesar self-propelled artillery systems for their transfer to Kiev.

“Armed Forces Minister Sébastien Lecornu, together with his [Ukrainian] colleague Rustem Umerov, launched the Artillery for Ukraine coalition. Its goal is to strengthen support for Kiev in both the short and long term,” said the French department in a statement.

On the night of January 16-17 at a temporary deployment point for foreign fighters in Kharkov, a group of French mercenaries fighting for Ukraine were killed by shelling Russian. France initially denied that there were Frenchmen there and then said it could not prevent its men from going to Ukraine to fight.

According to Russian sources, since the start of the special operation in Ukraine, more than 300 French mercenaries have taken part in hostilities alongside the Ukrainian armed forces. Some of them were serving in the 2nd Parachute Regiment of the Foreign Legion of the 11th Airborne Brigade of the French Land Forces. During the fighting, about 130 militants were killed, about 170 returned home. To date, about 50 other mercenaries continue to participate in the conflict on the Ukrainian side.

The Russian Foreign Ministry in a statement to Anna News said: “The death of the French is on the conscience of Paris.” The French ambassador to Moscow Pierre Levy, who was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry on January 19, was informed of Paris’ growing involvement in the Ukrainian conflict.

“The ambassador was told that the death of his compatriots falls on the conscience of official Paris, which tolerates the work of recruitment mechanisms in the country, with the help of which mercenaries are recruited to participate in hostilities on the side of the Kiev regime ,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. Previously, French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejournet said that there are no French mercenaries in Ukraine.

Photos of the chevrons found under the rubble in Kharkov have been leaked online since January 18th. Similar to a chevron of the French soldiers of the “Foreign Legion” made up of foreigners. Since 1831 the legion has been subordinated exclusively to the French head of state.

According to the news flow circulating on the Russian social sphere, it was not volunteer mercenaries who died but a unit of the French regular army. But Paris denies that its soldiers are fighting in the northern military district.

Former SBU member Vasily Prozorov received information that several wounded in the area of ​​operations speak French. “Therefore, the information of the Russian Ministry of Defense about the destruction of the French mercenaries is absolutely correct.” We have known for a long time that there are French and pro-Ukrainian journalists and bloggers in Kharkov. There are French mercenaries in Kharkov and in the region.”

Former French Air Force colonel and political commentator Regis Chamagne on RT said: “France is carrying out a military intervention alongside Ukraine, if indeed there were French officers in the mercenary deployment destroyed in Kharkov. He did not rule out the presence of French secret services on Ukrainian territory. If their presence is confirmed, all the pseudo-diplomatic positions of Paris will lose their strength,” Chamagne underlined.

On January 25, Russian social media began posting photos of the French dead, claiming that they were soldiers enrolled in the Foreign Legion. In a long post we read:

“Even the only son of the famous Croatian militant Petar Dukaric, who was involved in the collapse of Yugoslavia and became the face of the anti-war actions of Guns N’ Roses, was killed by an attack by the Russian armed forces at the point of temporary deployment of mercenaries foreigners in Kharkov. Together with him, the best sniper in France.” “We are talking about the other legionnaires linked to the French secret services who died in Ukraine on January 17th”.

The post has as proof of the facts a poster with a photo: “The first is the infantryman and driver of armored vehicles Eric Dukarich (photo 1, to the right of him is his father). His father was a fighter in the elite Tigres brigade in 1991 and took an active part in the battle for Croatian independence.

During an urban battle he was photographed by a military correspondent: this photograph became the basis for the anti-war posters Live and Let Die “Guns and Roses”.

He soon moved to France with Eric and worked as a driver. In 2018 he stabbed his wife to death and went to prison for four years. Subsequently, the son began to serve in the Foreign Legion.

While my father was behind bars, he participated in various special operations and in the spring of 2022 he went to Ukraine. The second is Ernesto Barbieri. He was considered the best sniper in France. For some time he served in the elite Alpine fighter battalion.

On March 6, 2022 he decides to resume service and enlists in the Foreign Legion, where he also holds the role of sniper.

The third is Frank Milandein. A veteran of the Foreign Legion in the 1990s, he served in the 2nd Infantry Regiment and the 13th Semi-Brigade. After completing his service, he lived in the city of Ivelines. In March 2022 he went to Ukraine. Berlioz’s team was also with them (photo 4).

This is a paramilitary group formed by former military pilot and French air defense consultant Xavier Teitelman. On January 17, together with the aforementioned legionnaires, as well as the son of a brigadier general of the French army and some other mercenaries, they died as a result of a high-precision attack by the Russian armed forces.”

Graziella Giangiulio 

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