#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Messes in the Ukrainian Bureau lead to the dismissal of generals, see Sodol case


In the spotlight of the Ukrainian and Russian social sphere during the week there was a great dispute regarding the choices of Maryana Bezuglaya who, according to some, began to create her own IPSO, that is, her own intelligence and disinformation unit.

After the Azov chief of staff, Bohdan Krotevich, wrote a statement to the State Investigative Bureau against General Yuriy Sodol, he was immediately removed from office, and according to the Ukrainian social sphere “there is no doubt that the campaign against the general was initiated by the Office of the President of Ukraine.”

In fact, the campaign began with the resources of bloggers controlled by the bureau: Sternenko, Lachen and others. “And, to top it off, Maryana Bezuglaya, has been criticizing Sodol for a couple of months.” It is still read in the social sphere, but the pro-Russian one. Let’s remember that the general was accused of being at the bar while his men were trying to avoid a Russian breakthrough in Toretsk.

General Sodol was subordinate to Oleksandr Syrs’kyj. Syrsky is subordinate to the headquarters of the Supreme Commander in Chief (who is the president), and in fact he himself is the protégé of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. That is, Sodol could have been fired in two seconds, simply with the stroke of Andriy Yermak’s pen. According to the pro-Russian social sphere: “However, the Bureau chose a different path: a public campaign involving an entire network of bloggers subordinated to the Bureau.”

“But they won’t limit themselves to this” report Ukrainian sources in the social sphere: “Maryana Bezuglaya seems to be creating her own network of channels, not only on Telegram, but also on other social networks: on TikTok, for example, a video has been uploaded who criticizes not only Sodol, but also Gnatov.” According to analysts this leads to two consequences: “The President’s Office is deliberately waging a campaign to discredit the generals of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in order to expose the commanders as drunkards and traitors in order to shift the blame for military failures onto general and absolve themselves of liability”.

Or: “Bezuglaya plays her game. The congresswoman began to create her own network of channels, controlled only by her and not by the entire Office of the President. As a result, her political ambitions go far beyond working for Yermak.” According to those in the know, the Foreign Legion was taken to Sjevjerodonetsk , where the Georgian (and not only) mercenaries suffered heavy losses at the behest of the deputy. And she was the first to start persecuting Zaluzhny when he was an “iron general” and the most popular person in Ukraine. Thanks to the efforts of Bezuglaya, Zaluzhny was removed. Sodol has been removed. And Gnatov will be removed in the same way.

Graziella Giangiulio 

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