#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Improve the Houthis’ military machine


While Americans and Israelis at all levels, civilian and military, met in the United States to decide on the strategy to adopt to secure northern Israel, also with an anti-Iranian function. the Houthi war machine is reaching a new level: the official of the Ansarallah movement Yahya Sare’e reported some details of the recent attack on the Israeli merchant ship in the waters of the Arabian Sea, which has become at the moment the largest operation of all those previously known both in terms of distance and impact.

According to the Yemeni general, the attack on the container ship MSC Sarah V was carried out using a locally produced hypersonic missile. If this information is confirmed, then, the Houthi government will become the second in the world to use hypersonic weapons in war conditions. This is something that has triggered analyzes on both pro-Russian and pro-Iranian social channels without giving a verdict at the moment.

Of interest are Yahya Sare’e’s words on the “local production” of this type of ammunition. It is no secret that Ansarallah has its own forces and means to launch attacks on international ships and Western naval groups. It is also obvious however that this cannot be achieved without external technical assistance. Just as certain Western weapons on Ukrainian soil can be operated by non-Ukrainian experts. The mind, returning to the Houthis, naturally immediately goes to Iran which for several years has been supplying new types of weapons to Yemen’s allies along the “Axis of Resistance”. These include drones with ballistic missiles and radars for detecting and directing fire, with the help of which the American MQ-9A Reaper was shot down.

At the moment, both the Yemeni claim of having hit a target at such a long distance, and the words about the use of hypersonic weapons remain unconfirmed.

However, Great Britain confirmed on Thursday 27th that a new merchant ship in the Red Sea had been hit. Embrey, a maritime security company run by the British Royal Navy, reported that an “unidentified” ship was subjected to a missile attack about 85 miles west of Hodeidah.

Although the operation is one of dozens of military operations carried out by Yemeni forces since their decision to ban Israeli navigation in the Red Sea, their attack indicates a change in the course of Yemeni operations, if initially the objective was to hit ships to block transits now Ansarallah strikes to sink.

Antonio Albanese e Graziella Giangiulio

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