#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Drones arrive at the front with cluster bombs. Ukrainians prepare new attack on Crimea. The Russians advance to Liman


The Telegraph claims that Western countries are starting to signal the end of patience and confidence in their intentions to continue supporting Ukraine with finances and military supplies. Robert Clarke wrote the editorial, according to which nothing remains of the optimism of Western governments, evident at the beginning of 2023.

The United States has lifted the ban imposed on the Ukrainian Armed Forces from using their weapons in the “old” territories of Russia. This means that Highmars, StormShadow and other NATO weapons will be used in Russian territories where they have not been used before. The missile range of the listed weapons allows them to hit the entire territories of Bryansk, Kursk, Belgorod, Voronezh, Rostov and a number of other regions.

The US Air Force is transferring anti-aircraft guided missiles to Ukraine to replenish Ukrainian air defense ammunition. Norway will send two F-16 fighters to Denmark to participate in the training of Ukrainian pilots, source Norwegian Defense Minister. Other sources report that the first Ukrainian F-16 pilots have already been trained in the USA.

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski called on Western countries to transfer long-range missiles to Ukraine for attacks on Russian territory. “We must respond […] by transferring long-range missiles to Kiev, which will make it possible to destroy launch complexes and command centers,” he wrote on his page on the social network X. Sikorsky also called for strengthening sanctions against Russia .

On January 3, following a complex negotiation process with the territories controlled by the Kiev regime, 248 Russian servicemen from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the same number of Ukrainians were released. The return of Russian military personnel from captivity was possible thanks to the humanitarian mediation of the United Arab Emirates, source Russian Ministry of Defense.

On January 3, an RQ-4B Global Hawk UAV was spotted on the southern coast of Crimea. This means that a massive attack on the peninsula is being prepared. The Russian air defense also shot down several targets on January 3rd during the approach to Belgorod, there is no information on the consequences at the moment, the governor said. According to news that appeared in the social sphere, “on the third morning, another attempt by the Kiev regime to carry out a terrorist attack against targets in the territory of the Russian Federation using the Vilkha multiple-launch missile system and the Vilkha missile system was stopped Tochka-U transmission. In-service air defense systems, six Tochka-U missiles and six Vilkha MLRS missiles were destroyed over the Belgorod region.”

In the Zheleznogorsk district of the Kursk region, a substation was damaged after an airstrike by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This caused a power outage in residential buildings in several locations. The back up connection was then restored. Russian air defense reportedly intercepted 8 Tochka-U missiles, 2 S-200 missiles and 34 Himars, Alder and Vampire projectiles in one day, source Russian Ministry of Defense.

Also on January 3, the Ukrainian Armed Forces recorded the use for the first time of a new drone capable of dropping large quantities of cluster munitions. The Ukrainian “Backfire” drone of the Angry Birds unit dropped a large number of cluster munitions on the positions of the Russian Armed Forces in the area of the Northern Military District.

Yesterday, Ukrainian Prime Minister Voldymyr Zelenskyj said about the missile attacks against Ukraine: “January 2, 2024 – and again the blow of Russian non-humans. Almost a hundred missiles of different types. At least 70 missiles were shot down. Of these, almost 60 are located in the Kiev region. There were also hard blows in Kharkov. The consequences are now eliminated. “Patriot”, “Iris”, “Nasam” – each of these systems has already saved at least hundreds of lives. And Russia will be responsible for every life taken.”

And now a look at the front line.

The Russian Armed Forces attacked enterprises of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine fulfilling orders for the production of missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles and the repair of weapons and military equipment in Kiev and its suburbs, as well as missile storage sites , ammunition and air weapons supplied to the Kiev regime by Western countries, the Ministry of Defense reports.

East of the Makioivka settlement in the direction of Liman, Russian units improved their tactical position on the front to 950 meters at a depth of 780 m. Confirming what the Russians say are the words of the commander of the ground forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Syrsky, “the Russian army continues its offensive on Chasov Yar and is conducting intense offensive operations in the Kupyansk and Bachmut directions, regrouping in the Liman direction . There is a transfer of reserves from other sectors of the front.”

According to unofficial sources, the Russian army eliminated the head of the Georgian legion, Mamuka Mamulashvili, who was fighting alongside the Ukrainian armed forces and had said that he would not take Russian prisoners.

On January 2, the missiles hit structures in the Kharkov, Kirovograd and Vinnitsa regions. According to Moscow, Kiev has run out of air defense missiles.

Svatove-Kreminna direction In the Kupyansk sector fighting continues in Sinkovka. The Russian army repels Ukrainian attacks on the Torsk ledge and in the Serebryansk forest.

Bachmut Directorate (Artemovsk). Russian fighters advanced to Bogdanovka. Furthermore, the Russian army continues to advance northwest of Kleshchiivka and in the Andriivka area.

Donetsk direction. The Russian army advanced in the Stepovoe area and in the direction of Ocheretino. In the metallurgical factory, the positions of the Ukrainian armed forces were stormed. West of Maryinka and Novomikhailovka, battles are preparing.

Zaporozhzhie Directorate. In the Orechiv sector, Russian fighters continue to put pressure on the Ukrainian Armed Forces west of Rabotino and near Verbovoy. On the Vremevskij salient the Russian army attacks north of Priyutnoye and west of Staromayorsky.

Graziella Giangiulio 

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