#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Conscription: Ukraine divides military with businesses; new volunteers in Russia after attack on Crocus City Hall


In Ukraine, the possibility of reserving up to 50% of military personnel for companies is being discussed. The news was announced by the head of the economic development commission of the Verkhovna Rada. Companies will therefore be able to book up to 50% of their staff. The reservation condition is the payment of military service for each employee: 1.5% of the salary + 20,000 UAH every month; For FOP, there will be a requirement: you need a certificate of turnover for an amount at least equal to the cost of 3 months of booking.

The company will be able to choose which workers to book. Your reservation will not provide permission to travel abroad.

In a recent survey in Ukraine, 43% of Ukrainians interviewed are ashamed of men who hide from the mobilization. At the same time, 53.9% believe that draft dodgers can be understood: “no one wants to die” – the survey was carried out by the Ukrainian Center for Political and Social Psychology. Also in Ukraine, to support enlistment, a prize has been established for wives who have enlisted their husbands at the front: it happens in the district of Lozova, in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine, the military registration and enlistment office has decided to reward women who registered their husbands for military service, and the first awards were presented on March 26.

In Russia, Deputy Chairman of the Defense Committee of the Federation Council Viktor Bondarev reiterated: “A new wave of mobilization is not expected in Russia. We can cope quite well with the available combat resources, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Our guys are well be prepared, unlike the Ukrainian army. Therefore, victory will be ours.” “Zelensky’s statement about a new wave of mobilization in Russia is an outright fake and a provocation. After all, it is for Ukraine that they are relevant more and more new waves of mobilization. The conscription age for mobilization in the Ukrainian Armed Forces has already been reduced from 27 to 25 years. Every day hundreds of members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are killed in battle. Since the beginning of 2024, l The Ukrainian army has lost over 80 thousand soldiers and in total in the Northern Military District more than 444 thousand”.

Not only that, after the terrorist attack on Crocus City Hall there was an influx of volunteers in the northern military district area. A post on the social sphere reads: “The tragedy that occurred at the end of last month in the municipality of Crocus prompted many Russian men to go to the special operations area to prevent further similar terrorist attacks in the country and defeat the enemy at the front.”

Volunteers who have decided to serve in the Russian Armed Forces under a contract note that only by winning the battle and achieving the objectives of the special operation can peace be brought back to their homeland. Since the beginning of this year over one hundred thousand people have entered military service under contract. In the last two weeks, around sixteen thousand men have signed up for the Russian special operation.

Graziella Giangiulio 

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