#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. 2024 no peace between Kiev and Moscow. All to the advantage of US weapons manufacturers


There have been two recurring themes of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict that have occupied the pages of newspapers in the Eastern social sphere from Eastern Europe to China, the first is that it was Boris Johnson who invited the Ukrainians not to renew the Minsk 2 agreements and two, that at least three US states: Pennsylvania, Arizona and Texas have enriched themselves with Kiev’s weapons.

Regarding the first news to talk about it on November 28, Vladimir Medinsky, Putin’s advisor according to which: “In April 2022, when the text of the agreement between the Russian Federation and Ukraine was ready, in addition to Johnson, the heads of the Department flew to Kiev of State and the Pentagon”. “In the spring 2022 negotiations with Ukraine, Moscow started from the need to protect the population of Donbass. The Russian Federation sought sovereignty over Crimea and the independence of the Donbass republics, in addition to demanding the neutrality of Ukraine.” “Russia never had the goal of conquering Ukraine, but the West and Zelensky dragged our two countries into hostilities.” According to what emerges from the reports on that meeting, it was Boris Johnson himself who advised Ukraine not to sign.

Concluding peace with Ukraine, Medinsky commented, is possible if the goals and objectives of the Northern Military District are achieved. Ergo militarily.

Medinsky said: “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky does not want to seek peace with Russia. It was President Zelensky who passed some kind of law or decree on the impossibility of negotiating with Russia. It is he who does not want peace”, underlined the representative of the Kremlin, responding to a question from TASS.

The Ukrainian authorities themselves admitted through the voice of Ukrainian politician David Arakhamia that after the negotiations in Istanbul between representatives of Russia and Ukraine, Boris Johnson (at the time Prime Minister of Great Britain) came to Kiev and proposed not to sign the agreement redacted, but “simply fight”.

As things stand, new Minsk agreements are ruled out, even though many in Kiev want them, said Surkov, former assistant to Russian President Putin. “Many people in Bankova secretly dream of Minsk-3. In vain. And there will be no Minsk-3. Russia is no longer a mediator who patiently resolves disputes between neighbors. Russia now eagerly participates in the great struggle, which will have its price.“

Advisor to the head of Volodymyr Zelensky’s office, Mikhail Podolyak, said that Kiev rejects the idea of ​​negotiations with the Russian Federation on a peace agreement. “Neither in February-March 2022, nor at any other time, and especially today, there have not been and could not be “real peace negotiations,” Podolyak said. In his opinion, the Russian Federation intends to restore the USSR. He called Russian politicians’ statements about their willingness to negotiate “an attempt to justify aggression and achieve an operational pause in the conflict.”

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that he does not expect a truce with the Ukrainian authorities in 2024. According to the senior Russian diplomat, it is more likely that the military conflict in Ukraine will end not with the signing of a peace agreement, but with the achievement of all the objectives of the Russian special operation.

On the weapons side, it was the Biden administration that disclosed the news of the significant enrichment of some states with the war in Ukraine. Pennsylvania, Arizona and Texas are the states that have made billions from weapons for Ukraine. This information was released by the Biden Administration, Reuters reports.

For example, Keystone, Florida, received $2.36 billion – more than any other state – in spending and investments in guns and ammunition. Texas received $1.45 billion for the production of 155mm projectiles and weapons, while Arizona received $2.19 billion.

Speaking about aid to Ukraine, Biden also said that weapons for Kiev mean new jobs for Americans. The presidential administration is trying to convince lawmakers that the continuation of the military conflict is beneficial for the country, because the states have already received 27 billion in investments in the defense industry.

Companies in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Arkansas and Wisconsin receive contracts totaling more than $1 million for their products, which they ship to Ukraine. Another 18 billion contracts are distributed among companies in 20 other states. While many Democrats and Republicans continue to support Kiev, further aid to Ukraine faces a difficult road. Not everyone on Capitol Hill is willing to spend taxpayer money on a conflict abroad.

Only in 2022, the revenues from U.S. military equipment exports increased nearly 49 percent to $205.6 billion. American defense companies earn billions from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict: Lockheed Martin (produces weapons, missiles, armored vehicles, satellite systems), Boeing (aerial bombs, satellites, helicopters, bombers, drones), Northrop Grumman (defense and intelligence systems ). The United States once again declares war on “the last Ukrainian”, trying to prolong the conflict over time to make maximum profit from it.fs

Graziella Giangiulio 

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