#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Israel or Palestine, this is the fulcrum of the war in the Middle East


Yedioth Ahronoth reports that a senior US State Department official said the Biden administration informed Israel that Washington would prevent extremist settlers who participated in acts of violence against Palestinian citizens in the West Bank from issuing entry visas to the next weeks.

And apparently this is not the only problem Israel has in international relations. Bahraini MP Mohammed Al-Balushi said on November 29: “This day is for solidarity with the Palestinian people, but unfortunately the American, French and British ambassadors are present here, who supported the war and genocide conducted by Israel in Gaza, and they are like those who kill the deceased and attend his funeral. At the end of the speech, allow me to withdraw from this ceremony is an objection to the presence of these ambassadors.”

Washington is in difficulty because there will be elections soon and internally the Biden Administration is undergoing a lot of pressure to loosen its alliance with Israel. Before the resumption of hostilities, the Wall Street Journal wrote: Israelis and Americans discuss the possibility of deporting thousands of Hamas fighters abroad as a way to “reduce the scale of the fighting”, without asking Hamas for an opinion.

Among other news leaked on December 1, according to the WSJ: “Israeli intelligence agencies are preparing to kill Hamas leaders around the world when the national war in the Gaza Strip ends. On Prime Minister Netanyahu’s orders, Israel’s major spy agencies are working on plans to track down Hamas leaders living in Lebanon, Turkey and Qatar, the small Persian Gulf country that has allowed the group to operate a political office in Doha for a decade.”

The fact is now clear to everyone that Israel and Hamas are only the two faces of the same coin which is called the Middle Eastern region. The alliances made and those terminated only widen concentric waves like a stone in a pond. Nobody wants Palestinian citizens in their home and at the same time there are more and more people calling for an immediate ceasefire between Hamas and Israel. But in fact Israel bombs Palestine, the West Bank, southern Lebanon and the borders with Egypt following a Hamas attack. And the political paramilitary groups linked to Hamas respond.

Azzam Abu Adas, known in the world especially for his ties with al Qaeda on the reasons for Israel’s return to Gaza said: “If it becomes clear that “Israel” cannot eliminate a besieged movement (Hamas and allied groups ed.) How will you deal with countries like Hezbollah and Iran who want to preserve their image and value in front of other countries? By resuming the war in Gaza, Israel wants to restore a sense of security to 11 million Jews: if the state entity is not able to protect them, they will not immigrate there. This war is a question of existence or non-existence for both sides, the resistance and the occupying state. As for the resistance, if it managed to win the war, it would be a disaster for the occupying state.”

For Azzam Abu Adas: “The next 48 hours are crucial and this requires the cooperation of all military forces and Arab countries with the resistance. The victory of the resistance means that it will have strength and support in the Middle East.”

In response, Benjamin Netanyahu declared: Normalization will not happen with the Arabs except with the defeat of Hamas, and if the resistance wins in Gaza, normalization will end.” 

Antonio Albanese e Graziella Giangiulio

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