#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Zelensky: We will build defense lines in Avdiivska, Marinka and Kupyansk-Liman directions. A war of position in Vuhledar


The United States is postponing to 2024 the delivery to Ukraine of a batch of GLSDB rocket bombs, capable of hitting at a distance of about 160 km, according to Reuters, according to which: “The delivery to the United States by Boeing, the main contractor of GLSDB, will take place at the end of December, followed by several months of testing before delivery to Ukraine,” the publication states.

However, the Pentagon clarified that: “The United States continues to supply weapons to Ukraine within the initially approved budget, but the funds are already running out.”

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has admitted NATO’s intelligence failure. He underestimated the power of the Russian defense industry, troop morale, personnel supply reserves and even the amount of ammunition. “Moscow has accumulated a large stockpile of missiles in anticipation of the winter,” he said in a conference, effectively denying the previous conclusions of the Pentagon, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and many Western analysts according to which Russian missile arsenals are close to to exhaustion.

Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed that there will be no summit on the “peace formula” in 2023. The Ukrainian president in a conversation with Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov, in fact, confirmed that the summit on the Ukrainian “peace formula” will take place no earlier than 2024. Furthermore, Zelensky promised to build fortifications from Donbass to Western Ukraine. We are talking about the construction of fortifications on the main defensive lines, including the Avdiivska, Marinka and Kupyansk-Liman directions, as well as along the borders with Russia and Belarus. According to him, from now on the arrangement of defense will become a priority issue for Kiev.

Ombudsmen of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, on the basis of reciprocity, simultaneously visited 119 captured servicemen of the two countries, Human Rights Commissioner of the Russian Federation Tatyana Moskalkova reported.

On December 1, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoighu explained the progress of the Russian special operation in a teleconference: “During the six months of the so-called counteroffensive, the enemy lost over 125 thousand people and 16 thousand units of different weapons. Our military personnel act competently and decisively, occupy a more advantageous position, expand the zones of control in all directions. Over the last month, during the fighting, the departments of the 810th Marine Brigade, the 150th Motor Rifle Division, the 4th, 15th, 114th and 123rd Motor Rifle Brigades have particularly distinguished themselves; In 2024, the main efforts are expected to focus on training troops to solve special operations tasks. Seven modern test ranges are being equipped in the North-East Military District area, on two of which the work has been completely completed. The Scientific and Productive Association named after S.A. Lavochkina is working on creating a space system for remote sensing of the Earth in all weather conditions, which will allow obtaining images of the area regardless of weather conditions and lighting. Such high-resolution images are expected to be used in the interests of the Russian Armed Forces.

Echoing his words was Dmitry Medvedev, Russian Security Council, who said that from January 1st to December 1st more than 452 thousand people were recruited for military service

On December 1, at approximately 08:00 Moscow time, an unmanned vessel of the Ukrainian Navy was discovered in the western part of the Black Sea, headed in the direction of the Crimean peninsula. The discovered target was destroyed by standard naval aviation weapons of the Black Sea Fleet.

And now a look at the front line updated at 17:00 on December 1st.

In the Bakhmut sector, Russian units are developing an offensive in the area of ​​the Berkhovsky reservoir, trying to capture tactically important high points near Bogdanovka.

In the direction of Avdiivska, the Russian army advances towards Novokalinovo, occupying new positions in the forest to the south. At the same time, to the north, the Ukrainians are advancing towards Gorlovka, attracting the attention of Russian troops. Ukrainian sources confirm that Russian shock troops now occupy the eastern part of the village of Stepovoe (Petrovskoye) on the northern flank of the Avdiivska Front.

In the direction of Kherson to Krynki, the Ukrainians made several attempts to advance deeper in the territory. Despite the fact that all attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces were repelled, the Ukrainians managed to slightly expand the control zone in the village, constantly compensating for losses through rotation.

The Russian Armed Forces launched a kamikaze drone attack on the Dolgintsevo airfield in Krivoy Rog, hitting an Air Force Su-25 attack aircraft with a direct hit. The attack was carried out at a distance of more than 70 kilometers from the front, and the adjustment was carried out by another drone, which indicates the possibility of Russian drones flying deep into the rear in conditions of enemy electronic warfare.

Battle for Marinka. Despite the enthusiasm on social media for Marinka’s release, Russian military analysts say this is too much optimism. The Ukrainian Armed Forces still holds positions in the northwestern part. “And to completely destroy the Ukrainian forces in this area, there is still a lot of work to do.” We read the inhuman comment of a Russian military analyst.

The difficulties in carrying out the assault operations are always the same: the city is now in complete ruins, perfectly visible from above on all sides. In reality the fighting goes from one basement to another: there are simply no other shelters in this area. This creates difficulties for consolidation at the taken borders.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine, however, have similar problems, with the addition that as the Russian Armed Forces slowly advance, it will become increasingly difficult for them to supply their defense centers in the ruins of Marinka.

Vuhledar section. From September to today there have been no significant changes. There is a war of position in the area with FPV drone raids, sporadic attacks by small groups and battles over forest plantations.

One such clash occurred in the morning, when a unit of the Ukrainian Armed Forces tried to dislodge fighters of the 39th Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Russian Armed Forces from their positions. The assault ended with the loss of an armored vehicle on the Ukrainian side, and the military subsequently retreated to its original lines.

A routine exchange of artillery fire occurs along the line of contact in combat. In general, Vuhledar and its surroundings have long been a secondary destination for both the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Russian Armed Forces. Neither side undertakes active offensive actions with large forces.

Graziella Giangiulio 

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