SYRIA. Hezbollah defections


There are apparently problems within the Hezbollah ranks. It seems that relations between the different souls, meaning not political currents but the geographical origin of the fighters, are beginning to creak.

The bone of contention is the fight in the Syrian desert: the Badya (east of Hama, Raqqa) against Daesh, known as ISIS. The question to be resolved is who goes to fight the ‘militants’ in the Syrian desert. Hezbollah in Syria groups together men from Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

On Sunday, the Lebanese militia Hezbollah expelled a number of its volunteer members in the Damascus countryside after they refused to travel to the Badya region to participate in military operations against militants.

A local source said that the leadership of the Hezbollah Sabaean militia dismissed an entire group of 21 members and referred them to internal investigations after they refused to leave as part of the reinforcements heading to the desert, fearing for their lives due to the continuous attacks by militants against regime forces and Iranian Sabaean militias.

Al-Masada added that the decision to separate the members was issued by the militia leadership in the Jabal Al-Mana area of Al-Kiswah in the western Damascus countryside, and the members were informed and given 24 hours to leave the camp.

According to the source, the militia, under the direction of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, began preparing reinforcements, including 80 personnel, to send them to the Syrian desert to participate in military operations there.

According to the source, the number of militants dismissed since the beginning of last October has exceeded 60, most of whom are local fighters from the Syrian governorates.

The Syrian region of Badya is witnessing continuous clashes and repeated attacks by armed men against regime forces and Iranian militias, which have resulted in losses in the ranks of the latter in vehicles and lives.

Graziella Giangiulio

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