#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Does the US-British alliance against the Houthis fail?


The Houthis have caused frustration and setback to the American-led international maritime coalition. So headlines Bloomberg in an article.

The Bloomberg agency considered that the international naval coalition led by Washington in the Red Sea against Sanaa forces was of no use in protecting merchant ships at sea and was unable to stop the attacks.

Since America and its allies, led by Britain, were unable to stop the attacks and operations of Sana’a forces from Yemen against ships within the targeting circle (Israeli, linked to Israel , American and British), despite the expensive equipment that America has assigned to the naval mission.

According to Bloomberg analysis, the world’s largest shipping companies are still largely avoiding the Red Sea shipping route to Suez, which once, before the crisis, carried 15% of global trade.

This indicates that the “Houthis” have managed to counter the most advanced armies in the world, according to Bloomberg, which described this as “the latest setback for Washington’s efforts to limit the regional expansion” of Israel’s war in the Gaza Strip which began on 7 October.

Bloomberg believes that these Yemeni attacks represent a danger and a growing threat to the global economy, and that ships sailing through the Bab al-Mandeb Strait have decreased by approximately 70% compared to the beginning of December 2023, and also the Container shipping has decreased by about 90% and gas tankers have almost stopped shipping.

Sailing around Africa adds about two weeks to the journey, and as a result, the cost to send a container from Shanghai in China to Rotterdam in the Netherlands is about double what it was last year.

Antonio Albanese e Graziella Giangiulio

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