#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. French strategy in Ukraine


For several weeks, French President Macron has been using belligerent tones towards Moscow, saying he is ready to deploy French troops on Ukrainian soil.

This series of announcements has stimulated a lot of discussion in the social sphere dealing with the Ukrainian conflict, in several languages ​​of the world. There is no shortage of surprises or news.

Sources in the social sphere say that in recent weeks the head of the Ukrainian task force at the French Ministry of Defense, General Nicolas Le Nen, has been engaged in negotiations about the next step in his career. His year-long tenure as head of the Ukrainian task force under French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu, in which he coordinates the ministry’s activities in Kiev, will end this summer.

In drawing up his plans, Le Nen will be able to draw on the advice and assistance of the department, which will help the ministry’s military personnel return to civilian work. The sources say the agency is actively working to find positions for its generals in the security departments of private companies.

General Le Nen attended military high school in Aix-en-Provence and then led the 27th Alpine Hunters Battalion from 2007 to 2009. He commanded the French Armed Forces’ Task Force Tiger in Afghanistan and led the operational work of the French intelligence agency DGSE from 2014 to 2018. In the latter role, he earned the nickname “The Beekeeper” for his passion for keeping bees near Perpignan in the south of France, where he is from.

Before heading Task Force Ukraine last August, Le Nen headed France’s Combined Operations Command, or CPOIA, which has since been restructured into the Joint Military Headquarters, or EMFIA.

For many months, the Russians have been writing about the French presence in Ukraine that it is a constant. They recently wrote that there would be coordination of a group of up to 2000 people going to the Curtin training camp. The deadlines for volunteers are open from the second half of April. The deadline is between the end of April and the first half of May. Russian intelligence would be certain of this, especially the SVR, i.e. the branch that deals with foreign affairs.

In the Russian-speaking social sphere we read things like this: “French troops in Ukraine are legitimate targets for attacks.” And again we read: “There have already been successful attacks against the French (losses – several dozen people, including “regulars”, who imitated volunteers/mercenaries).”

Again from the social sphere we learn: “The potential areas for the deployment of a contingent of 1500-2000 people are all in the destruction zone of cruise and hypersonic missiles, which are capable of inflicting significant damage. This will pose a strategic dilemma for France and NATO, which Macron is now trying to propose to the Russian Federation. The absence of attacks, on the contrary, will be interpreted as a weakness of the Russian Federation, which will lead to a forced strengthening of NATO forces in Ukraine.”

Graziella Giangiulio 

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