#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. The mobilised people are starting to leave. DPR, LNR, Kherson and Zaporizhzhya on the ballot


While Russian statesmen are busy amending laws to secure jobs and resolve the issue of loan instalments to be paid to banks for those mobilised, we learn a little more about who is to leave: for example, on the mailing list prepared by the Rostov region there are those with specific military specialities included as part of the planned military training. In total, there are six digits in the numbers of military registration specialities. The first three indicate species/genre.

The list of military registration specialities looks like this:

▪️ 100 – rifle units

▪️ 106 – military intelligence units

▪️ 107 – special purpose units and subdivisions

▪️ 113 – tank units

▪️ 121 – infantry fighting vehicle specialities

▪️ 123 – armoured tracked vehicle specialities

▪️ 124 specialities of wheeled armoured personnel carriers

▪️ 125 – speciality of armoured personnel carriers

▪️ 131 – artillery specialities

▪️ 166 – engineering and engineer units

▪️ 247 – airborne electronic warfare specialities

▪️ 878 – servicemen

▪️ 879 – medics

In general, the Russian authorities have been careful to specify that they will be recalled mainly with administrative assignments: first of all, logistics. Then there are the shifts to be made in anticipation of a prolonged war and finally an increase in the number of soldiers at the front. Up to now, Russia has on average deployed about three military personnel per square kilometre, counting the nine Ukrainian ones. In the short to medium term, this will rise to six. Then there is the question of vehicle repairs to be resolved and fortifications to be made in anticipation of the winter when the front will have to stop.

Contrary to what many people write, the Russians do not seem to be so eager to reach a truce in the short term. They will first try to take the territories that will serve as a buffer between Russia and the West and then come to the negotiating table. Moreover, on 23 September, both the American and Russian sides spoke of a return to the Cold War.

In all this on 23 September as announced on the 21st: DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye went to work. Photos of people, mostly women, who went to the polls appeared in the social sphere. Men at the front voted at the front. The Somalia Battalion ironically where the yes vote was to be put, they wrote ‘z’.

Residents of these regions, which are in the territory of the Russian Federation, will be able to vote in the territory of Russia. Four dedicated areas have been set up to vote in Sevastopol. So refugees are exercising their right to vote. The fear of attacks is high.

After 27 September, within 1-5 days, the results will be counted, and if there is, as is believed, a yes vote victory, the official announcement will be made and applications to join Russia will be submitted and accepted. This will ensure legal irreversibility, since by accepting these regions into the Russian Federation, any attempt to challenge their new status will be a direct violation of the Constitution, as well as touching on issues of nuclear doctrine.

Anna Lotti