#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Storm Shadow Ukrainians attack Sevastopol. At Orikhiv the Russians stop the Ukrainian advance


The President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen believes that the European Union should resolve the issue of the admission of Ukraine and Moldova as soon as possible, in light of the new geopolitical realities, to exclude the possibility of these countries falling into the spheres of influence of the community’s ideological opponents, Bloomberg reported. The European Union wants peace in Ukraine, but just and sustainable one, the head of the European Commission said.

In the United States with the election campaign already underway, a committee of the US House of Representatives is launching an impeachment inquiry against Biden, President Kevin McCarthy said. He added that an investigation by US lawmakers found that Biden lied to Americans by claiming he had no knowledge of family members’ activities.

The New York Times wrote that Russia, despite the restrictions of Western sanctions, has managed to significantly increase production of missiles, tanks and other weapons. According to experts interviewed by journalists, the Russian authorities have successfully rebuilt the country’s economy, focusing on defense production.

The United States could complete training the first Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter jets by the end of the year, although it will take longer before they start carrying out combat missions, the head of the US National Guard Air Force said, Lieutenant General Michael Law.

According to former French president Nicolas Sarkozy: “The entry of Ukraine into NATO will not bring peace to Europe; Russia will consider it a provocation.” “The question is simple: will Ukraine’s membership of NATO contribute to peace or not? Can we at least discuss it? In my opinion, this will not lead to peace. Ukraine’s membership of NATO is a provocation in the eyes of Russia,” Sarkozy said on air on BFMTV. He reiterated that Ukraine should have neutral status and receive security guarantees from the UN or the international community, calling it an alternative that deserves to be discussed.”

“Can we think about how to get out of this conflict? There are two ways to end the war: destroy each other – but I warn you: we will not be able to destroy the second nuclear power in the world and we will plunge into a world war – or negotiations diplomats”, – thinks Sarkozy. He noted that the goal of this war is “to change power in Russia” and “those who say that it is impossible to negotiate with President Putin are, as a rule, those who have never encountered”.

Hungary will not extradite to Ukraine citizens of this country who escape military conscription and find themselves on Hungarian territory as refugees, according to Hungarian Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Schemien and his words were echoed by those of the Idnes newspaper in reference to the Czech Republic that it will not extradite to Kiev Ukrainian citizens who evade service in the Ukrainian Armed Forces on its territory.

China’s Foreign Ministry asked Kiev to clarify Podolyak’s statement about the “weak intellectual potential” of China and India. Previously, the advisor to the head of the President’s Office of Ukraine said that India and China have weak intellectual potential and do not analyze the consequences of their actions.

On September 13, Podolyak reported that his words about the “weak intellectual potential” of India and China had been taken out of context and therefore misunderstood. He traditionally blamed this on the Russian Federation, saying that it was the Russian side that “took words out of context and distorted their meaning.”

On September 13, after 4 years, Kim Jong-un made a trip abroad and met Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Vostochny Cosmodrome, in the Amur region. They inspected a number of facilities at the cosmodrome, including the launch complex of the Soyuz-2 launch vehicle. After the inspection of the cosmodrome, Russian-Korean negotiations were held inside the facility. They lasted 4 hours, some say five. Russia is interested in artillery with projectiles that can hit 70 km away and in the old production of Soviet weapons and according to rumors also in the North Korean military for the Kherson front.

Russia proposed to hold monthly meetings of the UN Security Council on the impact of arms supplies to Kiev on the prospects of a solution, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation Nebenzya said. German Foreign Minister Annalena Bärbock said that security guarantees for Ukraine should include military and economic support, as well as assistance on the country’s path towards the EU and NATO. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation said that Romanian authorities have no evidence that the discovered drone wreckage belongs to Russia.

And now a look at the fronts.

Orikhiv section: situation at 19.00 on 12 September 2023. The assault on the positions of the Russian armed forces continues south of Orikhiv. After many weeks of “infantry” attacks, the Ukrainians have managed to advance between Rabotino and Verbove, and are now trying to make a hole in the Russian defense to reach Novoprokopovka. The Ukrainians also suffer heavy losses. For the first time in a long time, the command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces brought 1 detachment of the 71st Jaeger Brigade into battle: five assault groups with lightly armored equipment and weapons were deployed in the Chubenkov Gorge. And units of the 71st EBR, together with the 82nd Airborne Brigade, have already taken part in the assault on the strongholds of the Russian Armed Forces near Verbove, where the attack was repelled. And the 71st brigade itself suffered its first losses.

Furthermore, formations of the 65th mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine returned to the front line and were re-equipped. And 209 people of the special forces detachment of the Special Forces of Ukraine were transferred to their subordination to storm the heights south of Rabotino. In addition, formations of the 13th brigade of the National Guard “Carta” arrived in the rear of Vozdvyzhivka, Verkhnya Tersa and Dolynka due to the large number of dead and wounded in the 15th brigade of the NSU, which confirms the strengthening of the forces of the southern group.

Russian units are conducting active counter-battery combat, also using Lancet projectiles with precision. One such drone of the Russian 45th Airborne Brigade near Zapasny destroyed the Bukovel electronic warfare station.

The fiercest fighting also takes place on September 13 in Orikhiv. The Ukrainian teams still managed to wedge themselves between Rabotino and Verbove, trying to break through to Novopokrovka. At the moment they are unable to do so, but the Ukrainian command has already deployed reserves in this direction. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian armed forces do not give up their attempts to occupy the Dnieper islands. The Ukrainians managed to land on Perejaslav (Kazatsky) Island with two reconnaissance groups. They need a bridgehead for a further attempt to break through to Nova Kachovka. Furthermore, Ukrainian formations are consolidating at the Antonovsky Bridge.

The almost continuous bombing continues on the Donetsk agglomeration: today in the capital of the DPR one person was killed again and several were injured. Several Ukrainian shells hit the territory of the St. Ignatius Church.

On the night of September 13 there was a missile attack by the Ukrainian air force on Sevastopol. At approximately 3 a.m. on September 13, Ukrainian Air Force Su-24M bombers fired ten Storm Shadow/SCALP cruise missiles at Sevastopol.

Five Su-24Ms took off from Starokonstantinov air base in the Khmelnitsky region. Four reached the missile launch line over the Nikolaev and Kherson regions, and one carried out an attack from the direction of Zmeiny Island.

Units of the 31st Air Force and Air Defense Division shot down seven targets: five from the Pantsir-S1 air defense system, one from the S-400 division and the seventh missile from the MiG-31 fighter. Three Storm Shadow missiles reached their target: the landing ship Minsk and the submarine Rostov on Don, which were in dry dock, reported varying degrees of damage.

After a long pause, cruise missile attacks on Crimea resumed. With a high degree of probability, the raids will continue in the coming days (and not only in Sevastopol). Recently, Russian military analysts reported that massive attacks on the Crimean bridge should be expected in the coming week. Today’s attack, according to Russian military analysts, seems like a dress rehearsal and was carried out symbolically in conjunction with the beginning of the battle for Sevastopol in 1854.

As for the attempt to hit a detachment of warships of the Black Sea Fleet, three attacks occurred between 4 and 6 am. All three unmanned craft (BEC) were destroyed by the patrol ship Vasily Bykov in the southwestern part of the Black Sea. And it should be noted that once again, during an attack on Russian warships, an American drone was operating in the same area MQ-9A Reaper, which aimed BeKi at Bykov.

According to Russian military accounts the Ukrainian Armed Forces with a high degree of probability planned to again land troops on Tarkhankut or gas production facilities along with the attack on Sevastopol. Throughout the night until noon, the Ukrainian Armed Forces transported ammunition and fuel on boats from Vilkovo to Zmeiny, preparing for a sortie to the peninsula. However, on September 12 at 15.24 and 16.05 two Su-24M naval aviation bombers of the Black Sea Fleet hit the island, resulting in the destruction of a fuel and lubricants depot, a boat and about 20 people. Correction and guidance was provided by the Forpost reconnaissance and attack drone, which monitored Ukrainian movements.

Two people were killed and 26 injured following a missile attack by the Ukrainian armed forces on the marine plant of the same name in Sevastopol. According to the online newspaper S, all the dead and injured were employees of the plant. The diesel-electric submarine Rostov-on-Don and the large landing ship Minsk were damaged, caught fire and both were in dry dock for repairs.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said: “Russian troops in the area of the Northern Military District maintain active defense, the main task is to eliminate enemy equipment. Russia has no options other than to win in Ukraine.” The two Navy ships under repair at the Sevastopol plant and damaged following a missile attack will be fully restored and will continue to serve, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

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