#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Israel allegedly has evidence of Iranian drone use. Front slowed by rain


The Israeli president will release evidence of the use of Iranian drones in the war in Ukraine during his visit to the US. “Through visual analysis, the Israeli Ministry of Defence has established that fragments of UAVs identical to those developed in Iran are present in Ukraine. President Herzog will present US government representatives with images of Shahed-136 drones exploded and prepared for launch during a military exercise in Iran in December 2021. Another image shows the same drone shot down during combat operations in Ukraine,’ said President Itzhak Herzog’s press office.

As a reminder, Russia and Iran have developed drone technology together as written in another article. On 24 October, another IL-76 freighter from Moscow also returned Iran. According to some reports, the aircraft may have brought a new type of drone to Moscow. The Russian-Iranian collaboration on the subject was strengthened in 2011 and led to the development of identical drones with different names between the two countries. In any case, the news of the use of Iranian drones by Russia in Ukraine has meant that the demand for Iranian drones has increased and 22 countries are in line for purchases.

The Security Council meeting where the issue of Ukraine’s production of a ‘dirty bomb’ according to Russian statements was discussed was behind closed doors. Britain said there were no new elements in the matter, today the issue of US bio-laboratories in Ukraine will be examined.

In the meantime, according to the Ukrainians themselves, the front line is slowed down by rain. And now a look at the front line recorded at 4 p.m. on 26 October.

The situation in the direction of Starobil’s’k

In the Kupjans’k area, the Ukrainian forces went on the defensive, with no significant changes in the front line.

In the Svatove sector, the Ukrainian Armed Forces, with a reinforced combined battalion and a tactical group, tried to assault the positions of the Russian Armed Forces five times in the Kuzemivka area on the Peschanoye side. The Russian forces repelled the attacks.

On the Liman section, units of the Russian 3rd Motorized Rifle Division of the 20th Army launched a counter-offensive after successfully repelling Ukrainian attacks in the previous days: the Russian Army units drove Ukrainian formations out of Makiivka and Novomar’ivka. They destroyed the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ bridgehead on the eastern bank of the Zherebets River, from which attacks were launched in the direction of the Svatove-Kreminna highway. All along the river south of Makiïvka, the Russian Armed Forces pushed the Ukrainians back to the coastal villages. Fighting took place in Terny, Yampolivka, Tors’ke.

On the Lysyčans’k section, the Ukrainian command has fallen back on defence after several failed attempts to assault the positions of the Russian Armed Forces near Bilohorivka

An offensive is underway on Kurdyumivka, the settlement is an important element of the Ukrainian defensive positions south of Bachmut.

Russian social media sources confirm a slowdown in the fighting on the front in the Kreminna area: ‘At the moment there is an operational pause caused by the weather conditions. Since night a very heavy rain has been falling, which has not stopped. The ground is 40 cm soaked, this has stopped active hostilities on both our side and the Ukrainians’ side. The Ukrainians tried to expand the captured beachhead, but without success. At night they tried to sneak up on us, a light-arms battle began, without using artillery, the opposing sides were too close.

Graziella Giangiulio