#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. “Britain must start a war directed against Russia.” Kleshcheevka remains in Russian hands


The deputies of the Lviv Regional Council received subpoenas right during the session, according to the deputy of Svoboda Sytnyk, the deputies are now mobilized news of the Fourth of July.

Lithuania’s ambassador to Ukraine has confirmed the death of a Lithuanian mercenary in a military hospital in Kiev, Lithuanian media sources. However, the Lithuanian ambassador to Ukraine Valdemaras Sarapinas denies the participation of Lithuanians in the front. “As far as the embassy knows, this Lithuanian citizen did not fight at the front and his cause of death was not related to military wounds,” Sarapinas said.

According to CNN: Ukraine’s Western allies are concerned about the slow pace of the offensive by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Some Western leaders, struggling with rising inflation amid the Ukrainian crisis, will have to justify the huge amount of resources that have been directed to Ukraine. And the slower pace of the counter-offensive means that Western support could become increasingly erratic.

Also according to CNN, Russian planes continue to destroy American MQ-9 Reapers. Citing the US Department of Defense, this time Su-35s hit three drones in northeastern Syria. “Contrary to established norms and protocols, Russian planes dropped several parachute bombs in front of the drones, forcing them to perform evasive maneuvers. In addition, a Russian pilot turned on the afterburner in front of the MQ-9, thereby reducing the operator’s ability to safely fly the UAV,” the Pentagon servicemen complain.

Hanna Vasylivna Maliar, Deputy Defense Minister, said in a television interview: “Ukraine is an example of a democracy where the word is not an empty phrase (…) We have advanced in the south, but so far we will not say exactly where. Everything it’s for safety, and that’s a priority.”

Defense Minister Oleksij Jurijovyč Reznikov admitted in an interview with the Financial Times that Russian electronic warfare systems can suppress GPS-guided munitions and HIMARS MLRS. According to Reznikov, GPS-guided munitions for artillery, as well as MLRS such as HIMARS, were “very accurate.” At the same time, he added that Russia’s powerful electronic systems have found ways to suppress them. “The Russians come up with a countermeasure, we inform our partners, and they create a new countermeasure against this countermeasure,” Reznikov said. He also said that maintenance contracts have recently been signed with the British defense company Babcock International, the French artillery manufacturer Nexter Systems and the German Rheinmetall, best known for the production of Leopard tanks.

Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukrainian premier, said he urged the West to launch a counteroffensive first, said that in contacts with representatives of the United States and European countries, he advocated for Ukraine to launch a counteroffensive first and tried to get the weapons needed for this. Zelensky explained the slowdown from the expected pace of the counter-offensive by “difficulties” on the battlefield. On July 6, Zelensky said he had arrived in Bulgaria, where he plans to hold talks with the country’s leadership. In Sofia, he will hold talks with Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov, as well as meet President Rumen Radev, officials, parliamentarians, politicians and journalists. Zelensky also said that the visit will discuss support for defense, Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine, the NATO summit, security guarantees and the implementation of the Ukrainian peace formula. On Friday it is learned from the Ukrainian media Zelensky and Erdogan will meet.

President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov called Zelensky’s visit to Sofia an attempt to involve more countries in the conflict.

The head of Ukrainian military intelligence, Kirill Budanov, believes that the expectations of Ukrainian society from the next NATO summit in Vilnius will remain unfulfilled. According to him, this is evidenced by the drafts of the speeches of the leaders of the NATO countries, with which he got acquainted. And again he reported that the GUR of Ukraine was behind the terrorist attacks in Russia. “We use direct actions. We use them and we love them. We know how to do them and we are proud to have used them and we are not afraid to use them,” Budanov said.

Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Melnyk complains about Western partners and demands to give 1000 planes “In Kuwait, the ground forces operation started only on the 47th or 48th day after 1,300 planes daily bombed positions, air defenses , warehouses and other items in Iraq,” says Melnik. “Our Western friends have given us 60 Leopard tanks, a few others, 0 modern aviation and they expect a miracle from us,” he summed up.

Foreign Minister’s spokesman Maria Zakharova stated that: “Kiev’s authorities are preparing Ukraine for occupation.” then they spoil it periodically.” “Today they are preparing to face the occupation…” And again she reported that Western weapons supplied to Kiev are being used by protesters in France, Zakharova said.

Belarusian Prime Minister Aljaksandr Lukashenko said about Wagner PMC: “This is a Russian company. As far as I know, the fighters are in their camps. As for Prigozhin, he is in St. Petersburg. It does not exist on the territory of Belarus.”

Tobias Ellwood, chairman of the Select Committee on Defense of the British Parliament, openly declared the need to introduce martial law in the country and start a direct war with the Russian Federation, informs Sky News. “We are fighting in Europe, we must introduce martial law, we Britain must start a war directed against Russia,” the MP said.

On the day of July 6, we learn from social sources that another exchange of prisoners of war took place. The confirmation comes from the Russian Ministry of Defense which declared: “Today the representatives of Russia and Ukraine carried out another exchange of prisoners of war in the border area, this time according to the formula “from 45 to 45″. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that all those released were provided with the necessary medical and psychological assistance, and subsequently they would be handed over to the medical institutions of the department”. Ukraine received 41 soldiers and sergeants, two officers, one employee of the ” Territorial Defense” and a certain employee of “Azovstal”. Most of them surrendered last spring in Mariupol, as well as Kharkov, Bakhmut and Zaporizhia directions.

American expert Chuck Farrer confirms that the Russian armed forces are advancing in the direction of Kreminna. Russian troops carried out offensive operations in the Novoselovskoye, Novovodyanoe, Dibrova and Serebryansky forestry directions. The destruction of the objects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Nevsky and Belogorovka was also noted.

Turkish sources write on July 6 that military units and warehouses were badly hit at night in Lviv and do not rule out the suppression of air defense. “The Russian Armed Forces deployed 6 launch vehicles at night with a total salvo of 36 missiles. One Kalibr flew to Lviv,” said Natalia Gumenyuk, spokeswoman for the South Ukrainian Defense Forces.

The news arriving from Bachmut’s southwest front on Kleshcheevka remains conflicting. There are clashes in the area. At the moment, the Ukrainians are advancing towards the village the Ukrainians are trying to wedge themselves into the defense line. Another source claims that military commander Alexander Sladkov announced the abandonment of Kleschiivka by Russian troops.

Information immediately refuted by the Russians. Clashes continued on the outskirts of Kleshcheevka on 5 July. The Armed Forces of Ukraine use the forest belts around the village as a shelter for advancing infantry groups. In recent days, the attacks have not stopped: the Ukrainian armed forces are pressing both from the northwest and from the southwest.

On the morning of July 6, the social sphere read: “In the direction of Bakhmut, the Ukrainian army continues to maintain the initiative and active hostilities are underway in the Kleshcheevka area, says Serhiy Cherevaty, spokesman for the Eastern Group of Armed Forces of Ukraine. “Powerful battles are going on there, we cannot reveal the details yet. But judging by how the panic is intensifying in the enemy public on Telegram, I think the name Klescheevka will be very symbolic for them,” said Cherevaty during Thursday’s telethon (quoted by Interfax Ukraine).

Kleshcheevka is located south of Bakhmut. In the event of the release and occupation of the dominant heights, the Armed Forces of Ukraine could regain control of the fire on the southern part of the city. In addition, the capture of Kleshcheevka opens the way for the further advance of the Ukrainian units in an easterly direction – to the village of Opytnoye and the important Bakhmut-Gorlovka highway, along which the Russian grouping is replenished in the city itself.

A third source, Acting Head of the DPR Pushilin, claims that the whole of Kleshcheevka is under the control of Russian forces.

Two days ago, Ukrainian formations once again massively shelled the Donetsk agglomeration. In just one day, the enemy fired”.

Graziella Giangiulio

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