This is your place in Rome


ITALY – Rome 01/12/2104. For international students studying in Rome, accomodation options are surprisingly limited.

The primary resource available for out of country students is Rome’s saturated Bed & Breakfast market. This is severely limited for students intending to pursue their education in Rome for an extended period of time. Financially, it can be quite a burden on undergraduates, but unfortunately other options are limited.
Aside from being costly, there is a sense of separation – of being a tourist – for those relegated to living in a hotel or a bed or breakfast. The sense of immersion in a foreign culture, one of the primary reasons to motivate a young person to study abroad, is annexed when they are segregated to tourist accommodation in tourist areas.
Your Place In Rome seems to have solution to these issues.

“We understood that one of the key elements in providing a good study experience was not only in the classroom setting. Breaking the mold, we have departed from the traditional Italian business model of Bed & Breakfasts and simple room renting, and raised the bar of customer service to the next level. Our aim is simple, to bridge the gap between the US and Italian concept of housing abroad, and to redefine what it means to experience a culture abroad.” – Alessandro De Filippo, YPR Director, states (right).
Providing a good educational environment requires not just intellectual but cultural stimulation, for the student to be absorbed into the social and city environment. Your Place In Rome aims to deliver the opportunity for students to live down town as a “local” citizen with their own flat, creating an opportunity to experience the real Roman daily life.
With so many American universities having headquarters in Rome (University of Arkansas Rome Center, American Univeristy of Rome, Arcadia University, John Cabot, etc.), it’s not uncommon to hear American accents frequently in the streets of the city. For those studying cultural or historical subjects, it means you can receive the standard of education of your American University, whilst living in one of the most culturally developed and historically important cities on Earth. With its open archaeological sites and ancient landmarks dotted around the characteristic city, it is the perfect place to develop ones understanding of history, culture, and humanity.
Knowing the American demographic are used to higher standards, Your Place In Rome offers much more than just accommodation. With the Ticket System, you are able to connect with a member of YPR through your provided desktop PC in case you have an issue. The problems YPR is able to solve are above and beyond the usual household and domestic issues, and are able for example to provide links with your University or ease the difficulties of communicating with foreign officials if you need assistance. The ticket system is accessed through your PC and is completely optional, a way of giving you the assistance you need without imposing on your privacy.
With all Rome has to offer; the abundance of museums, the ancient architecture, the cultural society, and the storied sense of history ingrained in every brick of the city, it is about time at least one aspect – the student housing – became fully modernized. Paying day by day for a Bed & Breakfast, or extortionate rates for short-term residency contracts are now a thing of the past.
With Your Place In Rome you are free to live in an authentic Roman apartment, in exceptional locations within the most central areas of Rome.
You are free to live the Roman lifestyle in your place in Rome.