#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Ultra-Orthodox up in arms since August. Bad weather between Houthis and Saudi Arabia. Nasrallah threatens the Israeli border. IDF asks to evacuate civilians from Gaza: prepares for new incursions


Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant told the press: “We have killed or wounded 60% of the Hamas terrorists” and says he will begin enlisting the ultra-Orthodox starting next month.

Benny Gantz lamented: “In March we had to move to the northern front to fight Hezbollah, as we requested, and we are paying a high price for Netanyahu’s hesitation.” Yet according to Brigadier General Khalil Al-Helu: “Hezbollah’s capabilities today are much lower than on October 7!!!. A sign that results have been obtained.” According to Gantz: “The time has come to identify military objectives and infrastructure in Lebanon, of which Hezbollah is part, and it is necessary to demand that the Lebanese State take responsibility.”

According to Israeli media: “A security source reported that 3 divisions are preparing to invade southern Lebanon.” According to the Israeli far right, “the surrender of Hamas in Gaza, the raising of the white flag and the handing over of prisoners are the solution to the ceasefire. Military relations with Hezbollah are a matter of time and the Lebanese government bears full responsibility for them.”

The IDF on July 9 killed former Hezbollah secretary general Hajj Abu Al-Fadl Qarnabash after an airstrike targeted his car on the Damascus-Beirut road near the Yafour-Al-Saboura checkpoint . According to the Lebanese media, this is a clear message of escalation and attack, addressed personally to Hassan Nasrallah. Hajj Abu Al-Fadl Qarnabash born in 1970 in eastern Zawtar, was a former bodyguard of Hassan Nasrallah. He was also the commander of the Maryaiyoun area before 2000 and took part in the defense against Israel in Al-Ghandourieh in 2006.

Not only did the IDF distribute leaflets in the northern Gaza Strip calling on all residents of Gaza City to evacuate to the south, to a humanitarian area. This is an unusual announcement because this time the IDF is not evacuating a specific area in a targeted manner, but the entire city of Gaza, where an estimated two hundred thousand Palestinians remain. They also claim that they “will not be searched” when they leave the designated route, which is just a line on a map.

Israeli warplanes broke the sound barrier over Beirut in conjunction with the eagerly awaited speech by Hezbollah’s secretary general.

Hassan Nasrallah, general secretary of Hezbollah in the speech in honor of Hezbollah’s fallen at Israeli hands said: “Where are the Arabs and Muslims compared to what is happening in Gaza?”. “The support fronts in Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq , and political and logistical support from Syria and Iran have painted a positive picture, however, other nations have painted a shameful one.” “Where are the over 2 billion Muslims and hundreds of millions of Arabs today, when 2 million of Palestinians in Gaza are threatened with hunger, disease, bombing? All of us will be asked on judgment day, Muslim or not, what we did in the face of these atrocities.” Hezbollah’s general secretary said.

In his speech in honor of Commander Hajj Abu Ni’meh killed in Syria he said: The Israeli “army” is not able to evacuate the north for fear of infiltration by resistance groups, especially for the loss of its he spy equipment; suffers from manpower shortages and is forced to try to force “Haredim” to enlist; There he is forced to extend compulsory conscription, and this has a strong economic and social impact on Israeli society.”

According to Nasrallah: “The objectives of exhausting the enemy in economy, personnel and social reality have been achieved, and this will force him to stop the war. Our operations occupy the Israeli army in the north and practically 1,000 Israeli officers and soldiers they are forced to remain there. The attrition in Gaza and northern Palestine leads to a social crisis for Israel, which requires more soldiers. The enemy is experiencing the worst days in its history and some investigations regarding October 7 have revealed the its weak points On October 7, the Israeli “army” killed most, if not all, Israeli civilians.”

Tensions in Yemen with the concern of the opening of a third front. Clashes broke out in Shabwah resulting in the deaths of at least 20 people. It seems that everything was born within the tribes among those for and against the Emirates present in the area. A new Saudi escalation against Sanaa.

Saudi Arabia has launched a new escalation against the commercial sector in areas controlled by the government of Sana’a. Saudi Arabia has instructed the governor of the Central Bank in Aden to cancel the licenses of six banks that had previously stopped dealing with them because they refused to move their centers from Sanaa to Aden.

The step represents a new escalation that will be responded to, especially since the leader of the Ansar Allah movement, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, warned Saudi Arabia that any attack on the economy and citizens’ livelihoods will be met with similar violence. step, establishing a new equation: “banks for banks, Riyadh airport for Sana’a airport and ports for port”.

Ansar Allah leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi has stated in more than one speech that the American attacks have not affected Yemeni capabilities. A new warning from Sanaa for the “Roosevelt” aircraft carrier. The authorities in Sanaa warned the crew of the American aircraft carrier “Roosevelt” and called on them to review their leadership that their safety is more important than the protection of ships bound for Israel.

Supreme Political Council member Muhammad Ali Al-Houthi said in a post on X: “To the officers and soldiers of the US aircraft carrier Roosevelt, remind your leadership that you have signed employment contracts with them, not death sentences.”.

Two dead and 7 injured were recorded following the launch of a missile by a mercenary drone in the attack against citizens’ homes in the Habour district, in the Al Shaqab area, in the Sabr_Al-Mawadem district in Taiz Governorate .

And now a look at the war of attrition between Israel – Hamas and Hezbollah.

Around 20 missiles were tracked from Lebanon towards the Upper Galilee on 10 July. In response, Israeli air strike in the Hujair valley. Israeli air attack also in Bar’acheet and Kfarkila with 3 air attacks and in Hadatha with an air attack. There would be victims.

Several Israeli drone strikes targeted the Nabi Cheet hills towards Janta in Beqaa. Overnight, the Jewish army attacked what they said were two facilities belonging to Hezbollah’s air defense unit. Also on July 10, heavy Israeli bombings were recorded in Rashaya Al-Fakhar, in southern Lebanon. Finally, an Israeli air attack was recorded in the center of the city of Tayr Harfa. A huge fire broke out in the southern Lebanese city of Taybeh after a bombing by Israeli planes.

In response to the killing of Hajj Abu Al-Fadl Qarnabash in Syria, Hezbollah monitored Israelis in the Golan Heights, also using the Hudhud drone, then targeted the Nafah base and a rocket hit a car. An unguided rocket. A man and a woman were seriously injured. Hezbollah reports that it hit the car of two senior officers of the Israeli 210th Golan Heights division. One of the Israeli officials said that the situation is so dire that it seems that Lebanese Hezbollah dominates our skies. Hezbullah also released a statement announcing that it had attacked an Israeli base in the Golan Heights with rockets, in response to the assassination on the Beirut-Damascus road.

The President of the Golan Regional Council: “We must turn to the government and the army and ask them: how to allow the Golan to come within Hezbollah’s range of action as soon as an assassination operation takes place or when the Israeli army launches attacks in the Lebanese Bekaa Valley?” The Islamic Resistance has claimed responsibility for bombing Israeli artillery positions in Zaoura in the Golan Heights with dozens of Katyusha rockets.

In a statement from the Islamic Resistance in Iraq it claims responsibility for the attack on the port of Ashdod with a drone on July 9th.

The Qassam claimed responsibility for clashes in the Tal Al-Hawa neighborhood in Gaza City. The militiamen killed an Israeli sniper in the industrial area of ​​the Tal al-Hawa neighborhood. Israel reportedly asked citizens to evacuate the entire city of Gaza. While local sources speak of a new invasion with tanks and military planes in the area. The Palestinian press talks about field executions carried out by the Israeli army in the Al-Rimal neighborhood of Gaza.

Israeli artillery shelling hits the north of Nuseirat camp, in the center of the Gaza Strip. Numerous Palestinian citizens were reportedly injured in the IDF bombing of the city of Al-Zawaida, in the center of the Gaza Strip.

The Qassam brigades claim responsibility: “We were able to detonate an anti-personnel device against foot patrols, killing and wounding its members near the Abu Bakr al-Siddiq mosque in the Brazil neighborhood, east of the city of Rafah, south of Gaza Strip.

The Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades report shelling concentrations of Israeli forces in Yabna camp, south of the city of Rafah, with mortars.

Antonio Albanese e Graziella Giangiulio

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