#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Situation is getting worse


In the northern Gaza Strip, Israeli troops launched air and artillery attacks on the Palestinian enclave’s capital and satellite towns. There were violent clashes in the Az-Zeitun area, but there is no information on a change in the front line.

In the southern Gaza Strip, the Israelis launched a ground operation limited to the Al-Mawasi area, in the western part of Rafah. Initially, Israel Defense Forces units operated in the coastal area with artillery and aviation, then began moving armored vehicles along the Ar-Rashid Highway to the north.

On the Lebanese-Israeli border, Hezbollah the situation is incandescent and every day dozens of rockets and drones from Lebanon head towards Israel and Israeli air strikes hit southern Lebanon.

Fighters from the Yemeni Ansarallah movement continue to be active in the Red Sea region. Over the course of a week, the Houthis launched drones and missiles at several ships, but managed to strike only three times, including NORDERNEY.

Ansarallah also attempted to strike coalition ships in the Red Sea. However, none of the attacks were successful according to OSINT sources specializing in data analysis in the Middle East: all munitions were intercepted by the European and British-American coalition.

In turn, US-British coalition aircraft again fired missiles into Yemen. Several attacks occurred in Al-Hodeidah province, the port of Salif and a petrol station in Sana’a.

Pro-Iranian delegates were active, once again reporting drone launches in Eilat and the Golan Heights. However, traditionally, no sounds of explosions or air defense operations were heard in the declared areas: apparently, the drones were intercepted while heading towards the targets.

In northwestern Syria, government forces attacked armed rebel formations in Greater Idlib. In response, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham militants fired on Ar-Ruwaiha, controlled by Syrian troops.

In the border areas of Syria, the Turkish Armed Forces have once again attacked targets of Kurdish formations. A car was hit by a Turkish UAV west of Qamishli and there were deaths among the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

In the Sukhna desert, terrorist cells of the Islamic State have once again attacked the positions of the Syrian Arab Army. During another militant attack, two fighters from Iran’s pro-government Revolutionary Guards brigade were killed.

In response to rebel and Daesh attacks, Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian Air Force launched joint strikes on IS positions in Homs province. In addition to aviation, Forpost-R reconnaissance and attack drones were also used.

Antonio Albanese e Graziella Giangiulio

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