#ISRAELHAMASWAR. No US sanctions on Israeli military. Operation Rafah is ready


According to Israeli media, Benjamin Netanyahu has asked Joe Biden for help to prevent the International Criminal Court from issuing arrest warrants against senior Israeli officials in relation to the events in the Gaza Strip. The White House declined to comment on Netanyahu’s call to Biden, but said “the International Criminal Court has no jurisdiction in this situation and we do not support investigating him.”

On April 30, the President of the International Court of Justice stated that: “The Court is concerned about the catastrophic living conditions in Gaza.” The International Court of Justice issues its decision in Nicaragua’s case against Germany on charges of facilitating the genocide in Gaza by arming Israel.

The head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, said that Israel took the opportunity of the October 7 attack and attacked the people of Gaza on the grounds that it wanted to take revenge on Hamas, but in reality it took revenge on the Palestinian people and killed civilians. Abbas spoke at the international economic forum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and also called on countries around the world – and in particular European countries – to recognize the Palestinian state.

“The two states were created by a single decision, namely Resolution 181, in 1947 the world recognized Israel, but did not recognize the Palestinian state. What is needed now is that, just as they recognize the State of Israel, they recognize the Palestinian State. state, then we will negotiate with Israel on borders, etc. We say that Israel has the right to achieve complete security and this is our duty, and the Palestinians have the right to achieve the right to self-determination, an independent state, like the rest of the world,” Abbas stressed.

According to the ABC television channel, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken wrote in a letter to US House Speaker Mike Johnson that the three battalions that the Biden administration believes have violated the human rights of Palestinian citizens will be able to continue to receive aid military by the United States because Israel “has taken steps to resolve the problem”

Also from the United States we learn that US State Department spokeswoman for Arab affairs Hala Rharrit has resigned due to the Biden administration’s Gaza policy, becoming the third person to resign in protest against the US position on actions Israelis in the Gaza Strip.

In recent weeks, IDF bombers destroyed two Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad tunnels in Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip, the military said. The IDF says the two tunnels were under “continuous intelligent and technological surveillance” from the time they were discovered until they were demolished. According to the IDF, the underground passages did not enter Israeli territory.

On April 30, Israeli media, citing Israeli security sources, reported that if there is no progress in the hostage negotiations within 48-72 hours, the army will be ordered to launch an attack on Rafah, adding that they will not allow Hamas to take another time.

Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid told the media: “Israel has become hostage in the hands of crazy and irresponsible leaders.”

From Houthi sources, the appeal is renewed for Saudi Arabia to open the borders, in order to reach the Hamas men and attack Israel by land. A Houthi military spokesperson says they attacked two US warships in the Red Sea, as well as a cargo ship that they said was headed for the port of Eilat (although British officials said it was headed for the port of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia) . He also said that the Houthis attacked an Israeli ship in the Indian Ocean using a UAV. 

On April 30, Britain’s Naval Operations Authority said: “We have received a report of an incident 170 nautical miles south-east of Socotra,” in Yemen. Britain’s Maritime Trade Operations Authority has received a report of a drone attack on a commercial vessel in the Indian Ocean a few days ago.

On April 30, sources close to Hamas underlined that the Italian frigate F591 Virginio Fasan intercepted a Houthi UAV in the Red Sea.

And now a look at the worsening of Israel Hamas updated at 5.00pm on April 30th.

Clashes continue between Hezbollah-the Islamic Resistance and the Israeli military on the borders between Israel and Lebanon. Damage was reported to a house in Metulla in the Galilee after being targeted by an anti-tank missile coming from southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah reports that after “monitoring and following the movement of an “Israeli” Merkava tank that was attacking our people and villages and had barricaded itself inside the Metulla site, the Islamic Resistance mujahideen surprised it with missiles driven, which resulted in it being hit and destroyed and its crew members killed or wounded.”

The resistance in Lebanon claims attack on the Israeli “radar” site in the Lebanese farms of Shebaa. According to Israeli media, four missiles were fired.

Attack in Jerusalem: a Turkish citizen attacked a person with a knife in the Old City of Jerusalem. The Palestinian Mujahideen claimed responsibility for the attack: “We congratulate the stabbing operation carried out by the Turkish mujahideen martyr Hasan Saklanan. The operation confirms that Jerusalem is the compass and direction of the jihad of all the free and honorable people of our nation.”

The Israeli military then attacked the Bab al-Sahira site in Jerusalem, resulting in two arrests. Another attack occurred against a female Israeli police soldier who was hit by a car near Barta’a, Jenin district, and the attacker fled.

Bombings continue in Gaza. Israeli artillery hits eastern areas of Gaza City. Helicopter shots recorded east of Bureij and in the Wadi Gaza area. An Israeli airstrike has hit the western areas of Gaza City.

Three people and several injuries were recorded. Follow-up of an Israeli raid in the city of Al-Zahra, north-west of the Central Governorate. The residential squares of Al-Mughraqa, in the center of the Gaza Strip, were bombed.

Israeli artillery has intensified shelling on Nuseirat camp, in the center of the Gaza Strip. Boats of the occupation forces targeted the beaches of the Nuseirat camp. The helicopters targeted the northwest of the Nuseirat camp.

Israeli military vehicles opened fire east of Deir al-Balah, in the middle of the Gaza Strip. The occupation boats directly targeted fishermen and fired on the coastal strip near the displaced people’s tents, west of Deir al-Balah.

In the south of Gaza, artillery targeted the vicinity of Gaza’s destroyed airport, east of Rafah. Israeli planes bombed near the tents of displaced civilians in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

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