#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Azovstal taken, the front on the Donbas is active


While the images continue to flow in from Mariupol, where for now the dead are being counted and the battle is confined to the Azostal military settlement, in Ukraine the war is being fought in Donbass. The military campaign is very tough on both sides. 

In the picture we show a map of the development of the operational situation during the battle for the Donbass as of 15 April.

Russian units continue to target units of the 81st and 95th Airborne Brigades (near Izyum) and against units of the Donbass Nazi Battalion and the 111th Terodefense Brigade (near Severodonetsk).

American experts note the creation of a large Russian group along the Izyum-Severdonetsk line (three armies in the first group, two in the second). Another army closes the direction of Kharkov.

At the same time, a significant regrouping of Ukrainian units from the Kiev and Chernihiv regions, which, according to American sources, should go to form a counteroffensive grouping in the Kharkov region, is not fixed.

A very hot front is Izyum from Akhtyrka, Sumy region (the 93rd brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is based there), reports that many bodies of soldiers are brought from Izyum. The last burial is in a mass grave (soldiers were called to other regions and apparently not identified).

During the fighting, two Georgian mercenaries were killed: David Menabdishvili and Nikoloz Shanava volunteers in the Carpathian Sich battalion. One of the militants, Menabdishvili, took part in the war against South Ossetia in August 2008.

To date, six Georgian mercenaries have been killed fighting for Ukraine: Nikoloz Shanava, David Menabdishvili, Gia Beriashvili, David Ratiani, David Gobejishvili and Bakhva Chikobava.

It is also reported that the armed forces of the FR have taken away the first group of refugees from Izyum, in the Kharkov region. They are already expected in the Belgorod region and are ready to provide any assistance. 

Graziella Giangiulio