#PIPELINETERRORISM. Nord Stream, the Russian version of the facts


After days of accusations, the Russian media and social sphere gave their version of the facts about the Nord Stream explosions: “There is so much evidence against the United States that it is more difficult to prove their non-involvement in the terrorist attack than involvement”.

The Readovka newspaper, which also has its own social channel, decided to put all the facts together and gave its version of events: ‘This is the beginning of a global infrastructure war, and not the normal provocations at the bottom of the sea’.

According to the pro-Russia social sphere, ‘the preparation of the attack starts long before 24 February 2022 and the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 projects themselves have long been a bone in the throat of London and Washington, both for their most loyal satellites in Poland and the Baltic states. Repeated statements about violating Europe’s energy independence, pressure on sanctions and other methods of economic warfare have become constant companions of these projects’.

Joe Biden a few weeks before the start of Russian operations told the press that: “If Russia invades, I mean, if its tanks and troops cross the border into Ukraine again, then there will be no more Nord Stream 2.” In response to a reporter’s question about how this is possible if Nord Stream 2 is controlled by Germany and not the US, Biden replied, “I promise you, we can do it.” Video evidence of this statement is dated 7 February and can be seen on the newspaper’s website.

Another point of journalistic investigation comes from geography, from observing the Nord Stream pipe map, the article states: ‘The map shows that all branches of the Nord Stream pass in the immediate vicinity of the island of Bornholm, which belongs to Denmark, while the pipe also passes through Danish territorial waters. Interestingly, the name of this island emerged in the media long before the Nord Stream explosions.”

Furthermore, according to the Russian social sphere, every year NATO countries conduct BALTOPS exercises in the Baltic Sea, this year the manoeuvres took place from 5 to 17 June. It was attended by the forces of the United States, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Turkey, as well as Sweden and Finland, which at that time began active steps to join NATO. Interestingly, the scale of the exercises was unprecedented and the US used the landing ships USS Gunston Hall and USS Kearsarge in the area. The island of Bornholm became the area for these large-scale exercises. And, as Sea Power would later write, ‘one of the main tasks of the Allies was to test unmanned underwater vehicles, for which the terrain of this island is most suitable’.

After the completion of the exercises, the USS Kearsarge does not leave the Baltic Sea and stays between the Baltic capitals throughout the summer, ostensibly to ‘show’ the flag and support the allies. At the same time, observers notice a strange trend. The ship’s helicopter group of MH-60 anti-submarine helicopters begins to systematically patrol the Bornholm Island area and the trajectory of their flight surprisingly coincides with the path of the oil pipelines. Many also monitored and recorded by the Fightradar account (pictured)

In late August and early September, strange activity began to be observed, with helicopters flying outside Denmark’s territorial waters, but practically at their borders, and the waypoints strangely coinciding with the locations of future pipeline accidents, which were also ‘completely accidental’ occurred outside Danish waters, but literally close to their borders.

Interestingly, it was precisely at this time that the arguments about the need to dismantle Nord Stream were also expressed by Duda, who stated directly at the ‘Crimean Platform’ forum: ‘When Russia is at war with Ukraine, when it attacks, it occupies, a change of policy in the West implies not only the suspension of Nord Stream 2, but also the liquidation, the complete dismantling of the pipeline’.

“Apparently,” the article reads, “by then all the underwater drone experiments operated by the USS Kearsarge and its helicopter group had been completed and there was already confidence in the necessary results of their use. But the most interesting thing is that even at the time of the pipeline ‘incidents’, the US naval group continued to be in the area, did not turn off its transponders and its position was visible to anyone’.

In fact, the USS Kearsarge on 21 September 2022 was in the immediate vicinity of Bornholm. Moreover, no other saboteurs could have escaped this unnoticed grouping. The Russian social sphere further states: ‘And the icing on the cake was the Twitter post by former Polish Defence Minister and now MEP Radek Sikorsky, who wrote “Thank you, USA!” and posted a photo of the pipeline accident site. For information, this character was a British citizen until 2006, and practically did not hide his links to Mi-6.

Therefore, neither Britain nor the US is trying to hide who is behind this terrorist attack, on the contrary, everything is being done in the most open and provocative way possible. Meanwhile, this story actually marks the beginning of a new round in the global conflict between the West and Russia, in which one side no longer avoids open attacks on the infrastructure of the other.

The Russians now complain that the US reconnaissance aviation actively monitored the space along the borders of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus for the second day. On 29 September, four US Air Force planes were in the air at the same time photographing Russian movements. Again around the Kaliningrad region the RC-135W Rivet Joint electronic reconnaissance aircraft is flying, in the same area there is an E-8C J-STARS aircraft for combat control and target designation. Kaliningrad appears on 1 October in the posts of Polish politicians as a city to be divided between Poland and the Czech Republic.

In Romanian airspace, surveillance is carried out by the E-3 Sentry early warning aircraft and the Black Sea near Crimea is patrolled by the RQ-4B Global Hawk unmanned strategic reconnaissance aircraft. This is the maximum simultaneous activity by US intelligence officers since 24 February. Thus concludes the pro-Russian social sphere, the only ones who could undermine the tubes in the Baltic Sea were the Allies.

Anna Lotti