#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. 70% of the port area of Mariupol under Russian control


The offensive on Mariupol continues with a slow takeover of the territory by the Ukrainian-Russian militias fighting against the Azov militias and Ukrainian military in Mariupol. 

The map reproduced in the article shows territorial control in the Central and Kalmius districts of the city. While the Azovmash sites are a cauldron where fighting is still going on. The local clashes do not reach the intensity of the battles for Azovstal. The slag heap (“Azovmash B”) was abandoned by the Ukrainians, in the area of the second bridge behind the dump, Russian units were advancing from the north, west and east combined.

The Primorsky cauldron in the part of the right bank of the city continued to be under Russian pressure. The battles for the 7th microdistrict are over. The port is being cleared, 70% of the maritime area according to press sources embedded with the Russian army and Donbass militias has been liberated from the nationalists. Ukraine’s defence remains on administrative buildings to the west of the “boiler” and skyscrapers along Lunin Street.

Fighting also continues in the left bank part of the city. The helicopter of the Azov National Regiment first took the bridge and then blew it from the right bank to the Azovstal. Communication between the areas known as the ‘boilers’ can only be reached by swimming.

Another hot slope is Kharkiv where street fighting will begin soon: the inhabitants have again heard the sounds of Russian air force operating in the north-eastern suburbs. Combat vehicles were spotted in the Kievskiy district, according to the description of local witnesses it sounds like a SAM S-300 launcher. 

Military vehicles were sighted at the Kharkiv Aviation Institute, public garden, Kharkov Aviation Institute, stadium. Posad” shopping centre. And finally at the Kharkiv-Severny airport.

Editorial staff