#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Spying on Ukrainian logistics favors Russian attacks. And Vice Versa


The Russians have tried to kill top Ukrainian military leaders on more than one occasion, or rather, whenever Ukraine boasted major victories and attacks against Russia. The same goes for the Ukrainians who have long had other Ukrainians in their sights at the top of the Donbass regions. There are always many who wonder how the Russians or Ukrainians know how and when to attack.

A lot of talk is about wiretapping but in reality over the phone there is not much talk anymore everything relies on signals that are difficult to intercept. While cyber attacks on the services that deal with logistics are on the rise. And so here are unveiled plans to send weapons and ammunition to Ukraine that can then be studied and attacked. In chronological order, the latest attack was carried out by the Russians on the Ukrainians.

Russian hackers breached Ukraine’s “Novaya Poshta,” which provided transportation of Western aid to Ukraine’s armed forces

Ukraine’s “Novaya Poshta,” with the help of which Kiev formations provides “voluntary” assistance in the form of thermal imaging cameras and drones, announced a “technical failure.” At the same time, the “civil service” kept silent that the problems occurred due to the attack of Russian hackers. As a result of a cyber attack, hundreds of servers that ensured the functionality of mail, including databases, were destroyed.

By the way, it was through New Mail that the delivery of British Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and German Leopard tanks was made. Now the logistics of the Ukrainian military have been even more disrupted, and the bases obtained will make it possible to identify specific individuals supplying military equipment to the Ukrainian armed forces.

But on May 12, the Russians lamented an attack that had occurred the week before: Russian media reported that unknown hackers were sending letters to Russian banks and companies containing malware disguised as mobilization summonses. According to experts, this was an attempt to gain access to confidential information and hack the companies’ systems.

The letters reported that they were sent from the Department of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. However, the sender’s address was false and the letters contained a malicious virus. F.A.C.C.T., specialists in computer security, were the first to detect this attack and prevent it.

According to rumors, the founder of F.A.C.C.T. Ilya Sachkov is a well-known expert in the field of computer security, the founder of Group-IB, has been in jail for more than a year on treason charges. Sachkov’s own company has been under Ukrainian sanctions since the start of military operations in Ukraine.

It is known from public sources that Sachkov is in custody at the request of a former high-ranking FSB officer, Mikhailov, sentenced to 22 years for espionage in the interest of U.S. special services. Hacker coincidences?

Graziella Giangiulio

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