#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Leningrad and Moscow open military districts. Drone attack in Crimea fails


The EU cannot guarantee Ukraine’s security because it is not a military organisation, said EU foreign service spokesman Peter Stano in response to a journalist’s question following meetings with the Ukrainian political leadership.

The Biden administration is also in trouble, but wanted to reassure journalists by saying that the US has at least $6 billion to continue helping Ukraine, it is too early to turn to Congress for further funding, the Pentagon said.

State Department spokesman Matthew Miller also clarified that the US is not forcing Ukraine to abandon peace talks. “No, absolutely not. […] When did we force Ukraine to reject negotiations? I don’t know, but we didn’t,’ he said.

In the face of continued arms shipments to Ukraine and especially in the face of sending new-generation weapons with long-range capabilities. Russia gave its answers through the voice of Sergei Shoigu, Minister of Defence on live TV during a meeting with officers of the Russian Armed Forces’ The collective West is waging a hybrid war against Russia, providing unprecedented support to the puppet regime in Kiev. Since last February, Ukraine has received hundreds of tanks, more than 4,000 armoured fighting vehicles, more than 1,000 artillery pieces and dozens of modern MLRS and Western-made air defence systems worth more than $160 billion.”

He continued: ‘The West is prepared to continue to invest significant resources in Ukraine to try to turn the course of the conflict in its favour. The US and its allies continue to strengthen their military presence, supplying Ukraine with lethal weapons, transferring British Storm Shadow guided missiles to the AFU in May. The US committed a war crime and delivered globally banned cluster munitions. NATO countries plan to transfer F-16 tactical fighters to Ukraine. The accession of Finland and possibly Sweden to NATO creates further risks of destabilisation of the situation in the region. Helsinki’s participation in the alliance has widened Russia’s border with the bloc. NATO’s military contingent and weapons capable of striking objects of fundamental importance for our defence in the north-west of the country can be deployed on Finnish territory’.

This is why, according to the minister: ‘Due to the security threats from NATO, the decision was made to create military districts in Leningrad and Moscow to protect Russia’s western borders. Poland is becoming the main ally of the United States in promoting anti-Russian policy in the region, seeking to create the most powerful army in the world through large-scale purchases of Western military equipment. The Polish plans include the creation of a Polish-Ukrainian combat formation with the aim of supposedly protecting Ukraine’s western borders, while the real goal is the occupation of these territories. The threats to Russia require an urgent response to the current situation. Measures are being developed to neutralise threats from Western countries’.

The Wall Street Journal, quoting military experts, reports that ‘Ukrainian troops were unable to even reach the main defensive lines of the Russian forces during the counter-offensive, forcing Kiev to change tactics and not be able to do without Leopard 2 tanks and other Western military equipment’, the article says.

On the night of 9-10 August, Ukrainian formations again attempted to attack Moscow. Two drones were shot down by air defence systems. One was over the Maloyaroslavetsky district of the Kaluga region, the other over the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region. There were no casualties, but some reports indicate that there was damage to private property. Several dozen flights were delayed at Domodedovo and Vnukovo airports.

In the early hours of the morning, after extensive reconnaissance by the US and NATO air forces, Ukrainian formations again attacked the Crimean peninsula with Mugin-5 PRO drones launched from the Odessa region.

As a result of the joint work of the units of the 31st Air Defence Division and the EW calculations of the RF Armed Forces, 12 targets were shot down: ten were suppressed by EW near Cape

Tarkhankut and Evpatoria, one was shot down by the Tor air defence system on Khersones and the other on the road to Novofedorovsky Airport on Sakami by the Pantsir air defence missile system.

Unlike the previous attacks, the UAF changed tactics slightly: this time the UAVs were launched in small groups from several points, starting from the Shkolny airfield and ending with the Vilkovo launch base. The attack was again preceded by active reconnaissance in the Black Sea area. In the south-west and south of the Crimea, the patrol aircraft of the French Atlantique 2 base operated, as well as three MQ-9A Reaper drones of the US Air Force. New attacks are expected. According to some reports, a large batch of drones has been delivered to the Odessa region, which they intend to use in combination with unmanned boats.

And now a look at the line of contact: The head of the regional administration Vitaly Ganchev said that five more settlements had come under the control of the Russian Federation in the Kharkiv region.

At the front line, Polish PGZ weapons specialists are increasingly seen supporting the armed forces of Ukraine to repair damaged equipment near the battlefield. The photo shows the repair of Polish Krab self-propelled guns.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled Donetsk with cluster munitions. According to the JCCC, the fire was carried out by artillery shells of 155 mm calibre.

The Kupyansky Section of the front at 15:00 on 10 August 2023 recorded the following situation: Below Kupyansk, the soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces Group ‘West’ are conducting a positional attack on the positions of the Ukrainian formations north-west of the city.

The position of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has seriously deteriorated. The number of casualties as a result of systematic attacks by Russian troops is increasing. And evacuation is virtually impossible due to the continuous shelling and the reluctance of evacuation groups to reach the front line.

On 10 August, an artillery shell hit a Ukrainian armoured vehicle, which was supposed to collect the wounded from Sinkovka. The Ukrainian Armed Forces sent another BMP, but it too was targeted.

The 14 ombr and teroborony forces refused to fight. The only formations still offering resistance are the units of the 95th Oshbr, deployed in support. However, this has not helped either. At the moment, battles are ongoing near Sinkovka. The paratroopers of the 95th brigade withdrew from one of the strongholds. But for now, it is premature to speak of approaching Kupyansk, the offensive continues.

Graziella Giangiulio

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