#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Al Houthis threatens aircraft carriers in the Red Sea with marine drones and hypersonic missiles. Israel prepares ground action against Hezbollah


The American nuclear aircraft carrier CVN 69 Dwight D. Eisenhower arrived in Souda Bay in Crete en route to the United States. While the American UDC LHD 1 Wasp entered the Mediterranean Sea. White House Security Council spokesman John Kirby called on all American citizens in Lebanon to prepare for a possible evacuation. This follows a similar call from Germany and Canada, which said they were ready to evacuate 45,000 of their citizens from Lebanon. Even some Arab countries such as Kuwait have asked their citizens not to go to Lebanon and for those in Beirut to return. The Russian embassy in Beirut calls on Russian citizens to refrain from traveling to Lebanon.

A spokesperson for Iran’s Supreme National Security Council told Al Jazeera: “Iran has warned the United States: if Israel starts a full-scale war in Lebanon, the Axis of Resistance will intervene decisively in the conflict. “

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced through his lawyers that “due to the war he will only be able to testify at the trial in March 2025”. From local press sources we learn that Israel plans to use Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites as a backup network during the war.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Bärbock said Israel was “seriously considering expanding the war and no one in the West will be able to stop it.”

The officers of the F452 Hydra frigate of the Greek Navy launched an appeal to the government: “We have seen hell in the Gulf of Aden. We didn’t have a system against Houthi drone attacks.” “Either renew the fleet immediately, or else we will no longer serve you.”

On June 26, the representative of the Houthi military wing states: “we have an advanced hypersonic missile of national production”. The first video of the launch of a Houthi supersonic ballistic missile called Khatem-2 on the Israeli container ship Sarah V, attacked on June 25, can also be found online. The spokesman for the Yemeni armed forces also announced a joint military operation with the Islamic resistance of Iraq which will target an Israeli ship in the port of Haifa, Israel.

British naval security company Embry reports another Houthi attack in the Red Sea on June 27, incident 84 miles west of Hodeida. The Houthis have announced the first use of a hypersonic missile of their production against an Israeli ship in the Arabian Sea.

According to Iranian social sources: “In the Middle East, with the exception of Iran, no one can boast of such weapons. Interestingly, this comes against the backdrop of an escalating situation between Israel and Hezbollah. Recall last week Israel approved combat plans for an attack on Lebanon.”

On the afternoon of June 27, the usual appointment with the speech of Commander Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, below we report some statements: “The Israeli enemy is an enemy in every sense of the word and it is impossible to coexist with him”. “Jihad against the Israeli enemy is the correct and wise choice and there is no other reliable option.”

And again he said: “The Israeli media has spoken of the arrival of more than 400 shipments of American weapons to support the Israeli enemy since the start of the aggression in Gaza.” “Israel has collaborated with the Americans and with the interaction of some Gulf countries in a campaign of psychological warfare against Lebanon, talking about the possibility of an all-out war and is faced with a real dilemma, aware of its very dangerous consequences and very destructive.”

Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi: “What could happen to the Israeli enemy if he gets involved against Hezbollah is beyond what you can imagine.” Al-Houthi revealed on the 27th the implementation of a new joint operation with the Islamic Resistance in Iraq against Israel.

The Houthi Commander said: “Our armed forces have carried out 4 joint operations with the Islamic Resistance in Iraq. I extend my greetings to the Mujahideen brothers in Iraq and to the dear Iraqi people.” “Our armed forces carried out 4 powerful operations this week, carried out with 7 ballistic and winged missiles and one Tufan suicide boat.” Al-Houthi explained: “A catamaran can carry around 1.5 tons of explosives and cause a large explosion that causes serious damage to enemy ships.” Among al Houthi’s threats: “One of the effects of the drone boat against the ships it targets is the direct entry of water into them.”

Al-Houthi said that one of the important operations this week is “the bombing with the Hatem missile, which is an important missile in name, in fact and in every sense of the word”. “The entry of a Hatem missile into the line of operations will have great effects.” According to Commander al Houthis: “An important development is the departure of the defeated aircraft carrier Eisenhower after receiving several operations and missile attacks., The Eisenhower was fleeing while being targeted towards the northern Red Sea and the maximum distance from it” And he further added: “Let’s say that from now on the arrival of a new aircraft carrier will become an objective for our armed forces once it enters the Red Sea”.

And now a look at the front line updated at 16:00.

IDF footage shows Northern Command exercises conducted to increase troop readiness. A statement read: “As part of the Northern Command’s ongoing efforts to increase troop readiness, the Golani Brigade has conducted exercises over the past week in complex areas and practiced responding to various threats in collaboration with infantry forces, armored vehicles and artillery”.

“In a 55th Brigade exercise led by the Land Forces Training Center, troops trained for combat scenarios in various areas, with a focus on movement in dense, mountainous terrain in the northern arena and the gradual activation of the fire”.

Hezbollah began claiming responsibility for its attacks on June 26, while until that date only the Islamic Resistance had claimed responsibility: it targeted Israeli sites and Israeli settlements near the borders of Lebanon.

Israeli attacks in the city of Aitarun. According to accounts close to Hezbollah: “In most of the southern regions the sound barrier has been overcome.” Attacks are recorded in Tyre.

Israeli artillery shelled the city of Naqoura and its suburbs in southern Lebanon with phosphorus shells. Palestinian sources. Hezbollah instead announced: “our mujahideen launched an air strike with assault drones on the Naqoura naval site, targeting the positions and settlements of Israeli officers and soldiers, wounding them. This resulted in fires starting at the site and people inside were killed and injured.”

Israeli Air Force planes carried out a series of large-scale attacks on the town of Absan al-Kabira, east of the town of Khan Yunis in the center of the Gaza Strip. Palestinian medical sources report that the bodies of 4 men and 16 wounded have been transferred to Al-Awda hospital following the Zionist enemy’s attack on the Nuseirat camp in the center of the Gaza Strip.

The Al-Qassam Brigades targeted the enemy’s command room on the “Netzarim” axis with short-range 114 mm “Rajoum” missiles. The operation resulted in injuries and deaths among enemy army soldiers in the Netzarim axis.

According to Palestinian sources, a large displacement is underway in the Shujaiya neighborhood, east of Gaza City, amid Israeli ground and air bombardment. The clashes occurred near the Tunisian cemetery, east of the Shujaiya neighborhood. The civil protection in Gaza reports: “this morning Israeli planes targeted the homes of 5 families in the neighborhoods of Al-Sabra and Al-Shuja’iya”.

The Al-Quds brigades claim a bomb attack on an Israeli military vehicle during an incursion east of the Shujaiya neighborhood in Gaza city. The attack took place in front of the Al-Shuhada mosque, east of the Shujaiya neighborhood in Gaza city.

And again the militia claims bombing against the “Sofa” military site east of the city of Rafah with a series of mortar shots. Several attacks have been claimed in Rafah by militias linked to Hamas. The Al-Qassam Brigades targeted an Israeli troop transport ship with an “Al-Yassin 105” projectile, setting it on fire in the Saudi neighborhood west of the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, and helicopters landed on the site of the attack. objective of evacuating the dead and wounded.

The most dramatic events happened in the West Bank. Unofficial Jewish sources state that: “one soldier was killed and 10 others were injured following the detonation of an explosive device with a military vehicle “Tiger”” in Jenin.

In the early hours of the afternoon, according to Palestinian sources, Israeli forces withdrew a few hours after storming the city of Jenin and its camp. According to Israeli media, 17 soldiers were injured by the explosion of two explosive devices in Jenin in the West Bank.

The Israeli army announces the killing of officer “Alon Scagio” and the wounding of 16 other officers and soldiers in explosions in Jenin.

According to Israeli Army Radio: “Two bombs exploded in an ambush in Jenin and were planted five feet underground. In the West Bank the army faces a growing threat from mines and bombs, which have become more sophisticated.” Three helicopters landed in Jenin. A helicopter has arrived at Rambam hospital and the evacuation process is still ongoing. There are people injured in very critical conditions and three others in a serious state of emergency.

Closing the series of statements on the events in Jenin was the military spokesperson of the Al-Quds Brigades, “Abu Hamza”: “Our mujahideen of the Jenin Battalion managed, at midnight last night, to blow up two military vehicles as a prelude to a complex ambush in the area of ​​the Marj Bin Amer plain, north of Jenin being killed or wounded, and then the direct clash and confrontation with the rescue forces, in which we also caused some victims”.

Abu Hamza also said: “We confirm that we detonated more than six explosive devices and fought directly with enemy forces penetrating into several areas of Jenin and its camp for more than eight consecutive hours during “Operation Bass Jenin 2”. “In light of the simultaneous and growing action in all arenas and axes of the conflict, we affirm our steadfastness and move forward with the jihad”.

Antonio Albanese e Graziella Giangiulio

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