#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Protests against Netanyahu. Itzhak Brik, general: “Total war on Hezbollah is collective suicide”


On June 26, anti-Netanyahu protests were recorded in 50 different locations in Israel. Also on June 26, the Israeli Supreme Court unanimously rules that the military must begin recruiting ultra-Orthodox men for military service. The decision comes following the statement of the Israeli government’s legal advisor: “The security apparatus must move immediately to implement the decision to recruit students from religious schools who want to serve in the Israeli army.”

These statements were echoed by the words of the director of the Hesder religious school in Haifa, Eliyahu Zinni published by the Jewish newspaper Maariv: “We see how the Israeli government and the general staff tremble upon entering Lebanon.”

Still on the subject of military service, we learn that dozens of Israeli army reservists are reluctant to return to Gaza in the midst of the ongoing war, they are mostly Israeli citizens born abroad. All this while the IDF continues to concentrate troops on the border with Lebanon.

Although retired Israeli general Itzhak Brik calls the all-out war against Hezbollah a “collective suicide.” “If we pay attention to what Hezbollah has been doing in the Galilee in recent months, we find dilapidated settlements, empty of people, on thousands of acres of scorched land,” Brik said, the Palestinian news agency Samaa reported Wednesday.

The scenes that can be seen in Gaza are seen today in the northern part of the occupied territories, Brik said, admitting that the Iron Dome has failed to stop drones, rockets and missiles for months. “We are not preparing for dozens of missiles every day or the thousands we will have in the next war,” he added.

The Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth also confirmed the idea of ​​collective suicide: “Due to the shortage of fighters in the Israeli army, it was decided to significantly reduce the technological units such as 8200 and 81 and to transfer a certain number of soldiers into the ranks of army forces deployed in the Gaza Strip.

The website of Channel 12, Israel: “In the event of a war with Lebanon, the Air Force will not have the ability to provide close air assistance to all forces and in every combat event, and the threat to aircraft, especially drones and helicopters, will be much greater; greater than in Gaza. This will also affect close air support missions.

Meanwhile, in a statement the IDF announces the arrival of Major General Aharon Haliva as the new commander of the special operations unit at the Intelligence Directorate (J2), replacing BG O. The IDF statement does not specify the name of the outgoing commander, indicated only with the acronym BG O. (Brigadier General O). It could be Brigadier General Shlomi Binder, appointed on May 2, 2024.

After Turkish Foreign Minister Fidan supported Hezbollah Secretary General Nasrallah’s threats regarding a possible attack on Cyprus, Turkish President Erdogan supported Lebanon and called on other countries to do the same. Erdogan said that “Netanyahu intends to extend the war in the Gaza Strip to the entire region and lead to disaster” and called Western support for Israel “pathetic”.

Condolences for Ismail Haniyeh arrive from the Political Bureau of Ansar Allah: “We offer our condolences to the head of the Political Bureau of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, for the martyrdom of more than 10 of his relatives in a crime of genocide against the enemy in Gaza”.

New Houthi attack recorded in the Arabian Sea. A representative of the Houthi military wing claims that Ansar Allah struck the Liberian-flagged “Israeli” container ship MSC SARAH V in the Arabian Sea. The report states that the attack was carried out using a new ballistic missile that had just entered service. The statement reads: “The Yemeni Armed Forces announce that this qualitative operation was carried out with a new ballistic missile that entered service following the successful completion of test operations. The missile stands out for its ability to hit targets with precision and at long distances, as this operation demonstrated.”

The British Maritime Authority has confirmed that an accident occurred 52 nautical miles south of Aden, Yemen.

And now a look at the Israel – Hamas – Hezbollah situation updated at 3:00 pm on June 26th.

The Iraqi resistance has claimed drone attack on a vital Israeli target in the port of Eilat. The attack was confirmed by the Israeli army spokesperson: “During the night a drone exploded in the maritime area in front of the city of Eilat”. The IDF wrote in a statement: “Following the siren that sounded regarding an infiltration of hostile aircraft in the Eilat area, in the last few hours a UAV identified approaching Israeli territory from the Red Sea area fell offshore of the coast of Eilat. The UAV was monitored by IDF soldiers during the incident and did not enter Israeli territory. During the incident, an interceptor was launched towards the UAV. The sirens relating to an infiltration by hostile aircraft were activated as per protocol.

On the afternoon of June 26, explosions were heard in Hadashot at the Jewish time in the Golan.

According to the Israeli website Hadashut Bazman: “Numerous missiles fell at “Har Dov” (Lebanese Shebaa farms). The Lebanese Islamic Resistance has claimed responsibility for the attack on the Ramtha site in the Lebanese Kfar area. Shuba Hills with missile weapons.

A fire is recorded in the Western Galilee near the settlement of Shlomi after the launch of drones or rockets. Renewed missile attacks claimed by the Islamic resistance on the Metulla site.

Israel continues to bomb cities in southern Lebanon, the first sign of an imminent attack against Hezbollah: the outskirts of the cities of Al-Adissa and Al-Khiyam and the Marjayoun plain in southern Lebanon were hit. Israeli artillery shelling hits the center of the city of Khiam and the outskirts of the city of Burj al-Muluk, in southern Lebanon.

An IDF statement reads: “Overnight, IAF fighter planes hit Hezbollah infrastructure in the Matmoura and Chebaa areas of Lebanon.” Repeated attacks: “today (Wednesday), fighter jets hit a Hezbollah military facility and observation post, along with other terrorist infrastructure in the areas of Kfarchouba, Ayta ash Shab and Khiam in southern Lebanon.” “Furthermore, IDF artillery struck in the areas of Kfarchouba, Chebaa, Kfarhamam and Matmoura in southern Lebanon.”

Palestinian sources speak of demolitions by Israel of three houses and structures in Masafer Yatta, south of Hebron. Hamas launched an appeal: “We ask our people in the West Bank and Jerusalem to continue to confront the criminal policies of the enemy and to intensify the state of clashes with him.” “The enemy carried out 17 demolition operations during the day, as well as demolishing dozens of houses and structures in recent days.”

Hamas in its statement against the demolition in the West Bank writes: “We call on the United Nations to assume its responsibilities and act immediately with all tools to confront the criminal occupation government and stop its violations and terrorism against our Palestinian people.”

Again according to Palestinian sources: “a certain number of Palestinians have been killed and injured in the enemy’s continuous bombing of various areas of Gaza”. One post reads: “Palestinian citizens were killed and others injured today, Wednesday, and houses and apartments were destroyed in Israel’s bombing of several areas of the Gaza Strip.”

According to Israeli media: a missile was fired from the Gaza Strip towards areas inhabited by Israelis. The IDF reports that sirens sounded in Nirim and Ein HaShlosha, communities near the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian sources report continued Israeli artillery shelling northwest of the Nuseirat camp in the center of the Gaza Strip.

The Al-Quds Brigades in a post write: “We detonated a number of ground bombs in Israeli military vehicles on the traffic and supply line in the Tal Zorob area, southwest of Rafah city, and we simultaneously bombed the Israeli positions with a barrage of heavy mortars.” Clashes and attacks are reported west and south of Rafah near the Egyptian border. We learn of the use of quadcopters by the Israeli army for reconnaissance.

The Shehab Correspondent, a Palestinian newspaper reports: “Israeli soldiers fire smoke bombs east of Khuza’a, east of Khan Yunis.”

Wissam Abu Ashak killed by IAF airstrike directed by IDF intelligence in southern Gaza Strip. Abu Ashak was involved in arms smuggling operations for Hamas. In recent years, Ashak has directed smuggling through the Rafah crossing and underground tunnels. The IDF destroyed weapons depot sites for Hamas and its militias.

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