Uzbek deficit for 2013 will be 1% of GDP


UZBEKISTAN – Tashkent. The Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majilis approved the 2012 Uzbekistan State budget with a 1% deficit of the projected GDP (390 mlns of euro) derived from the difference between the planned income for the next year (21.3% of GDP or 8.16 billions of euro) and the expenditure (22.3% of GDP or 8.55 billions of euro ).

The Uzbek government studies has used the planned increase of GDP (8% for 2013), industrial production (8.4%), agricultural production (6%) and capital investment (9.3%) as 2013 deficit calculating parameters. 

From the government figures is clear that the education (7.62% of GDP) and healthcare (3.2%) levels of expenditure are more incisive on the amount of expenditure budget than the economy accounts (2.4% of GDP) and the State budgeted centralized investments (1.1% of GDP).