#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Surovikin signs the retreat from the right bank of the Dnieper and orders the defence of the left bank. Is Putin preparing for the offensive?


Vladimir Putin will not go to the G20 summit in Bali. The Russian delegation will be led by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Putin may attend the G20 summit in video format. This was announced by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On 10 November, Vladimir Putin approved the list of instructions following a meeting with members of the Coordination Council to meet the needs of the RF armed forces. By tomorrow on Putin’s table will be the list of expenditure needed to continue the war and how much it will cost to do so report expected on 14 November. According to Russian military analysts, contrary to forecasts, there is the impression that the preparation of the Russian army for a major offensive operation has begun.

The Ukrainians shelled Belgorod, Russia, according to Governor Gladkov there was the shelling of several villages in the region at the same time. There were no casualties. There is damage to the power substation. Six villages are in the dark. Operational and emergency services were on site to restore the electricity service.

On 9 November, as of 17:00 hours, it was disclosed online that the Russian Armed Forces had withdrawn from Kherson. Zelensky’s advisor Oleksij Mykolajovyč Arestovyč said on TV: ‘It is premature to talk about the withdrawal of Russian forces from Kherson and we do not rule out entrapment’.

Of the same opinion is Polish General Mieczysław Bieniek, who told Gazeta.pl about the situation in Kherson: ‘The Russians are luring the Ukrainians into a trap. We are dealing with a simulated retreat,’ he said and added that everything looks ‘very suspicious’. The general believes one possible scenario is a partial retreat and the abandonment of ‘traps’ – mines and hidden firing positions. “The question is whether the Ukrainians will fall for this trick,” Bienek said.

During the morning of 10 November, the Ministry of Defence reported that: “The withdrawal of troops from the right bank of the Dnepr continues as planned. The enemy continues to cautiously occupy the abandoned positions of the RF Armed Forces for fear of capture’.

Sources at the front say that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have taken Snihurivka, while they claim that during an engineering reconnaissance of a dam near the village of Oleksandrivka, Bilozerka district, Kherson Oblast, an artillery strike destroyed the advanced demining group of the 28th separate mechanised brigade of the Ukrainian Forces. Russian artillery is also active in other areas of the Kherson region.

The question of Kherson is therefore still unclear. What is known for sure is that the Russian general, commander of the Joint Russian Group of Forces in Ukraine Sergey Surovikin ordered the retreat from Kherson after talks with Sergey Shoigu, the Minister of Defence, with whom he agreed on the defence along the left bank of the Dniepr River.

According to the spokesman of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Command: ‘The Russian army is preparing to launch large-scale missile attacks against Ukrainian cities’.

On 10 November, 35 soldiers of the LPR People’s Militia returned home from Ukrainian captivity, Acting Head of the Republic Leonid Pasechnik announced. “Now they will be visited, rehabilitation awaits them,” he said while awaiting the arrival of the soldiers.

According to Russian sources, the Ukrainian General Staff maintains eight combined arms brigades in the direction of Kherson, which have recently lost their offensive potential, but are still ready for combat: The 28th, 60th and 61st mechanised brigades, 59th mechanised infantry brigade, 35th marines brigade, 46th aircraft brigade, 128th mountain assault brigade and 17th armoured brigade, as well as at least three militia brigades as infantry units. According to rough estimates, three territorial defence brigades and two combined arms formations will be sufficient to cover the right bank and conduct dismantling operations. ‘We expect,’ reads the social sphere, ‘then the appearance of six new brigades with a strength of between 4,000 and 6,000 in Donbass, Zaporizhzhia or Svatove’. To understand the picture, it is worth noting that the Pavlovka-Novomikhailovka line south-west of Donetsk is barely held by a single AFU brigade (72nd Combat Brigade) with reinforcements. So there are many options.

And now we come to the front line.

Starobil’sk direction

Situation at 11:00 a.m. on 10 November 2022

The fighting in the direction of Starobil’sk took on a positional character. More than a dozen failed attempts to assault the Svatove-Kreminna line cost the AFU heavy losses.

Brigadier General Peretz, commander of the Ukrainian CFI Lyman, is personally inspecting the advanced positions to assess the situation and the group’s ability to advance in the north of the LNR. Peretz arrived in the Nevske village area yesterday.

In the Kupyans’k area, UAVs of the Ukrainian 14th Shadow are using reconnaissance drones to monitor the activities of the Russian Forces near Olshany and Kyslovka.

In the Svatove sector, combined units of the 22nd Battalion, 92 Shadow, and the 233rd Battalion, 128 Ukrainian RRT, supported by artillery and aviation, attacked Russian Forces positions in Kuzemivka. The Russian forces repelled the attack.

The massive shelling of Ukrainian positions near Peschany is caused by MANPADS fire groups. And a REER manoeuvre group of the Ukrainian forces is deployed in the vicinity of Novoselivska.

In the Lyman sector, assault detachments of the Ukrainian 66th OSBr and 25th OSBr conducted a reconnaissance in the direction of Krasnorichens’ke. The movement of the Ukrainian formations was discovered by Russian UAV operators and the advancing group was attacked.

In the Lysychansk sector, several detachments of the 80th Division and armoured vehicles of the 81st Ukrainian Airborne Brigade were deployed on the Serebryanka-Belgorod line. Pavlivka was reportedly taken by the Russians, where the flag was already flying, and then attacked again by the Ukrainians, fighting in progress.

Graziella Giangiulio