#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. ZNPP Zaporizhzhya in Ukrainian crosshairs. Russians ready to defend


According to social media sources, the Ukrainian armed forces would like to seize ZNPP and Energodar. British intelligence recently published a photo of the territory of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, taken on 25 March from a satellite. The photo shows the installation of firing positions and loopholes right on the roof of the nuclear power plant behind the reactors.

The Ukrainian command is preparing intensively for the offensive. Although its terms have already been moved more than once according to military analysts writing in the social sphere the attack is not far off in time. Western curators need success and are strenuously urging the Ukrainian armed forces to attack.

One of the main Ukrainian objectives is the capture of the Zaporizhzhya region, including Energodar from the ZNPP. Since the end of last year, the plant has been the subject of IAEA-mediated negotiations. Thus, the Ukrainian authorities tried to push through the creation of first a 30-kilometre and then a 5-kilometre buffer zone around the ZNPP with the complete withdrawal of troops and equipment of the Russian armed forces, including air defence. The Russian side rejected all these demands, so no agreement could be reached.

On the coast of the Kakhovka reservoir, on the right bank of the Dnepr, units of the 121st and 129th defence brigades are concentrated. Another 178th battalion of the 121st TPO is operating astride Maryanskoye – Dudchany, and five battalions of the 129th TPO are deployed along the reservoir on the Nikopol – Ilyinskoye – Kanevskoye line.

At the Maryanskoe training camp, under the leadership of the Special Forces Tactical Group of the ‘Southern’ command, assault groups have been preparing to force water barriers and land troops on an unequipped coastline for the past three months.

At least 12 barges are moored near Nikopol and Pokrovsky, which should be used to transfer personnel and military equipment to Energodar, and there are firing positions along the coast for long-range M777 howitzers with Excalibur guided munitions.

In addition, the forces of the 71st Jaeger Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have recently established themselves on the Pokrovskoye-Nikopol-Marganets 71 ebr line and participated in the defence of Bachmut, and some of the survivors of the mincer have experience fighting in urban areas.

The idea of the offensive of the Ukrainian armed forces is to strike in one or two main directions and several chains along the front. The Ukrainians, according to military analysts online, have paid special attention to the territories on the left bank of the Dniper in their plans.

As the attack began, a simultaneous forcing of the Dnepr could be expected with a tactical landing not only from Kherson, but also from the Dudchany – Zolotaya Balka – Maryanskoye – Pokrovskoye line, where they took positions 121 and 129 arr.

The most combat-ready forces of the 71st Brigade were given the task of storming Energodar from two sides: Nikopol and Marganets. In theory, this will allow them to take control of the ZNPP and provide a springboard for the landing of a larger group of Ukrainian armed forces for a breakthrough in Crimea.

The Russian command is well aware of the impending Ukrainian operation. Therefore, equipping defensive positions at and around the Zaporozhzhia nuclear power plant is an entirely logical step.

It is necessary to reinforce not only the area of the NPP and Energodar, but also the coastline from Bolshaya Lepetikha to Dneprorudny and Vasilyevka. The Kakhovka reservoir is quite extensive and attacks can occur in any section.

At the same time, to realise the plan, it is vital for the Ukrainian armed forces to occupy a large foothold on the entire left bank of the Dnepr. This is connected to the ground survey by the Ukrainian troops on the islands in the Kherson region.

Graziella Giangiulio

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