#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Zelenskyi cancels trip to Portugal and Spain. Moscow presses on Vovčans’k and prepares to attack Sumy


On May 14, Turkish Minister of National Defense Yaşar Güler had a closed-door meeting with Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Enverovyč Umjerov, who came to Ankara as an official guest. After the ceremony, Guler and Umerov went to the ministry building for negotiations.

Secretary of State Blinken, speaking in Kiev with Zelensky, defined the current phase of the war as critical for Ukraine. He said this during a briefing in Kiev, adding that the next few months “will ask a lot of Ukraine”. French President Emmanuel Macron has promised Volodymyr Zelenskyj more military assistance “in the coming days and weeks”.

Sweden currently does not plan to send personnel to Ukraine, but does not rule out this option if NATO allies offer it. This was stated by Defense Minister Paul Johnson. According to him, today there is no concrete proposal on this issue.

According to Politico, in recent days Ukraine has exerted strong pressure on the United States to change its policy and allow attacks against Russian territory with American weapons: “the ban prevented Ukraine from attacking concentrations of Russian armed forces that are they were preparing for the offensive in the Kharkiv region that began on Friday.”

On the morning of May 15, emergency power cuts were implemented across Ukraine. The reason is the increase in consumption due to the cold and in a context of destruction of the energy sector after the Russian bombings.

President Zelenskyj canceled visits to Spain and Portugal. According to CNN Portugal, the president of Ukraine canceled his trip due to the country’s “serious internal situation”.

During the 2022 negotiations, Russia’s demands were so absurd that “there was no peace deal in sight”: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba denied rumors that Ukraine would reject peace. According to the head of the Foreign Ministry, the “destroyed world” story is one of the Russians’ favorite lies. With the help of these stories, Russia wants to shift responsibility from the aggressor to the victim. “This is absurd. If Russia wanted peace, it would not have attacked Ukraine in the first place,” Kuleba said.

On the Russian side regarding the negotiations: “The start of negotiations with Ukraine can take place along the current front line, without the withdrawal of Russian troops” said Vladimir Putin. According to Russian social media sources: “The Russian army occupied more territory in five days than the Ukrainian armed forces did during their three-month counteroffensive.”

And now a look at the front line updated at 2.00pm on May 15th.

According to Ukrainian sources, the Ukrainian Armed Forces from all directions are gathering all available units for redeployment in the direction of Kharkiv. In particular, a large number of heavy armored vehicles, UAV operators and artillery are transferred.

According to what we understand from the social sphere, the situation in Vovčans’k is now extremely difficult. The Russians take up positions in the streets of the city. Russian troops attacked the Kharkiv region from another front at night. The assault took place from Shchetinovka (Russia) in the direction of Udy (Ukraine) – west of the current Lyptsi front. The Ukrainian armed forces say they have stopped the offensive and that Russian troops are withdrawing, but available videos do not confirm this.

The situation in Ukraine is so difficult that the US Air Force used a Lockheed Martin C-130J-30 military transport aircraft for the airlift in order to “push” a large volume of cargo.” On May 15, Russian units continued the assault on Vovchans’k, building on the gains achieved on May 14.

Fierce fighting broke out in the city park area near the church, slightly east of where local authorities recorded the video yesterday. Apparently, in order not to waste energy on the assault on the well-fortified positions of the Ukrainian army in the area of ​​high-rise buildings, Russian troops are trying to cut them off from the river with a side attack. At the same time, also along the river, from the north-western part of the city, Russian paratroopers are trying to isolate the city center from the railway station area, located to the west and across the river.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine wrote that tens of thousands of mines were installed in the Kharkiv region in 2024. The department reports that the installation of fortifications and mines in the Kharkov region is carried out constantly. “Directly, the engineering units of the Support Armed Forces Command are entrusted with the task of equipping the second defensive line and providing assistance to the combined arms units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in equipping the first defensive line in certain sectors of the front ”, notes the General Staff.

Contradicting the words of the General Staff are some videos of abandoned concrete pits of the “Zaluzhny Line” in the Kharkiv region near Liptsy, although the construction of large-scale fortifications has been officially announced.

Russian aviation and artillery operate in the Sumy region, destroying Ukrainian minefields and other fortifications.

According to another account in the Kharkiv direction, Ukrainian units retreated “to more advantageous positions” in the Luk’yantsi and Vovčans’k areas, the Ukrainian General Staff said. In Vovčans’k the Russian armed forces have advanced into the central part of the city and heavy fighting is underway. The Ukrainians are drawing reserves of infantry and armored vehicles, establishing crossings in the rear to restore logistics after attacks by Russian Aerospace Forces on the bridges. The Russian army controls the northern part of the city. The Russians took as prisoners military personnel of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, including members of the detachments. Russian troops are fighting in the area of Starytsya settlement and Izbyts’ke. The Russian army attacks in the direction of Liptsy village from Hlyboke village and Luk’yantsi.

In the direction of Sumy, the Ukrainian Armed Forces expect the start of offensive actions by the Russian Armed Forces from the territory of the Kursk region. The Ukrainian authorities have announced the evacuation of the population from the cities of Bilopillja and Vorožba. The TCC is removing the archives. At night they reported heavy artillery fire of Russian troops on Ukrainian positions near the village. Seredina-Buda (opposite the village of Suzemka, Bryansk region), channels of the Russian social sphere report mines passing through the Ukrainian defensive lines.

In the direction of Pokrovs’k (west of Avdiivka), Russian armed forces occupied the settlement Umans’ke. The assault on Netailove is underway, Russian troops have approached the outskirts of Nevel’s’ke.

In the direction of Vremivka heavy battles take place near Staromaiors’ke.

No changes on the Zaporozhzhie front and in the Kherson direction.

At night, several Ukrainian missiles were shot down near Sevastopol, the governor reported that debris had fallen in the city and near the village of Polyushko.

In the Belgorod region, two residents of the village of Dubovoe were injured following night attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In the evening, on the outskirts of Shebekino, a passenger car moving along the road was attacked by a quadcopter of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and around 7 pm several targets were shot down as they approached Belgorod. During the day Graivoron, the villages of Sovkhozny and Shebekino were attacked by FPV drones of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Shchetinovka, Belgorod district, was under massive enemy fire in the first half of the day.

An enemy UAV attack was reported from the Volgograd region, as a result of which two cars with fuel caught fire and a tank exploded. A total of 9 railway carriages were damaged.

Graziella Giangiulio 

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