#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Zelensky orders Liman’s capture at any cost


The escalation of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia now seems inevitable: the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin, in a press conference on September 27, reported that: “We are identifying more and more foreign instructors, NATO instructors, who are not only involved in training of the Ukrainian armed formations, but they become the leader of these units and lead them to attack “.

The Ukrainian Security Council will present an action plan in the event of a tactical nuclear attack in the coming days. Moreover, according to the head of the SNBO, the use of nuclear weapons by the Russian Federation will not prevent Kiev from defending the territories.

Germany, in the field of nuclear attack, is trying to communicate with Putin and former Chancellor Angela Merkel warns to pay close attention to the words of the Russian president because it could be very dangerous to continue on the current path.

The referendums have ended and the official annexation should take place on 3 October. In the meantime, the mobilization process continues, not without logistical problems, also announced in Abkhazia, but the number of volunteers who go to Donbass is growing and they are more numerous than those mobilized, according to Inal Ardzinba, head of the ministry Abkhazian Foreign Affairs, said: “The history of Abkhazia is linked to the fact that we have defended our independence with great suffering. Our kids felt that the people of Donbass are having the same experience, “said Ardzinba. The minister said:” We have no mobilization. … Abkhazian volunteers have taken up arms since 2014 and are defending Donbass freedom. , and their number is growing ”.

On September 28, a black minibus with the inscription “military commissariat” arrived at the Upper Lars checkpoint, on the border with Georgia, which will check who is leaving Russia by stopping those who are mobilized.

We learn from the Russian social sphere that the Russians can go and serve in the PMC Wagner after receiving the recall card. For example, some Perm guards have already gone to fight for SVO under contract with the company. This information was confirmed by Andrey Kozeev, director of the security company Zerber. But it was not confirmed by Wagner’s number one, Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Meanwhile, videos have appeared online of Ukrainian forces building a barge bridge across the Oskol River in the Kharkiv region. It is used to transfer armored vehicles and personnel to the Krasny Liman area. Heavy fighting is taking place in the Liman area. Ukrainians are trying to cut off the Russian group. According to the Ukrainian social sphere, the Ukrainian army has abandoned the frontal assaults on Liman and is now trying to cut off supplies to the Russian group.

Hence, the Ukrainian armed forces are trying to take control of the Svatovo-Liman road. So far, the Russian military has rejected these attempts. However, Ukrainian units are not relieving the pressure, despite the loss of personnel. The high losses in the ranks of the Ukrainian armed forces are offset by the transfer of new reserves. The Russian army and volunteer units continue to hold the city.

Since September 26, the Ukrainian armed forces have set up several pontoon crossings of the Seversky Donets River, near the village of Serebryanka, and are strengthening the established bridgehead on its northern bank. The goal is to expand the front in this direction and stretch the Russian forces as much as possible to make them simply insufficient to cover all directions, in order to capture Krasny Liman. At the same time there are attacks from the “gut” north of the city. The enemy’s reconnaissance force has taken Stepnoye and is trying to advance towards Novoye, so that they can use these positions to launch a joint attack with the Silver Group and surround Liman, or coerce the garrison of the city, which has currently pushed everyone back. his attacks, to retreat to the territory of the LNR near Kremenna. On the morning of September 27, the Ukrainians prepared themselves with artillery all along the front before the offensive to avoid discovering his true intentions. Try to advance in the direction of Kolodesi. Fighters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with blue armbands and vehicles with crosses were found in the vicinity of the Kolodesi poles. They plan to go to Zarechnoye and Torskoye.

On the Oskol front. From the camp they report that 3 tanks, 7 infantry fighting vehicles and about 100 Ukrainian infantry have concentrated in the southwest of Yampol, are firing at Russian positions.

The Russian Defense Ministry in its briefing reported that: “The offensive of the Ukrainian forces and in the direction of Krasnoliman it went bankrupt and the Ukrainians lost more than 70 men; The Russian Armed Forces eliminated over 150 Ukrainians in a massive attack in the Kharkiv region. A Russian air force fighter shot down a Ukrainian Su-24 in the Kharkiv region. The Russian Armed Forces hit an equipment repair facility at the EnergoMekhKomplekt factory, destroying 10 guns, including two US M777 howitzers. A Ukrainian S-300 radar system was destroyed in the Mykolaiv region. Russian air forces hit the production halls of an armored car factory near Kharkiv with over 90 tanks. The Russian Armed Forces hit the temporary deployment site of Ukrainian military and foreign mercenaries near Mykolayiv, killing over 90 militants. The Russian air force killed over 100 soldiers of the Ukrainian tactical group Chaika and the 56th Ukrainian brigade near Zaporizhzhya.

Also in the morning of September 28, it is learned that on September 27 the fighters of the “North” and “South” divisions of the Rosgvardiya in the Chechen Republic repelled a surprise attack by the Ukrainian army. The fighting would last all day. Without advancing a single meter, the Ukrainians would have withdrawn.

Anna Lotti