#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Ousted Zaluzhny, arrives Syrsky who commanded Bachmut Russian time. Attempt to attack Crimea fails


The U.S. Senate voted 67-32 on Feb. 8 to support a $95 billion foreign aid bill for Ukraine, Israel, Gaza and Taiwan, excluding border provisions. For the Ukrainians it will be a sigh of relief but certainly not a solution. Recall that the Ukrainian budget deficit in 2024 is $49 billion.

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell said that Putin is a neighbor who does not know where his borders end or begin. “The president of Russia will not stop if he wins in Ukraine. He is ready to sacrifice his army and his people to stay in power… A possible defeat of Ukraine will mean the presence of a Russian army on the border of Europe. Putin might think: if he won once, why couldn’t he defeat his neighbor a second time?”, the EU diplomacy chief said.

According to him, there are people who do not share the opinion that Ukraine needs help and that it would be better if it surrendered as soon as possible. For example, “this way we will get rid of the problems.” “Do you think that if Russia installed a puppet regime in Ukraine similar to the one it has in Belarus and Russian troops were on the border with Poland, we will get rid of the problems or we will have big problems?” – asks Borrell.

However, considering that Borrell is among those who support Ukraine in Europe, we are already in the situation of a war on the borders of Europe. Geographically it is already like this. Before the failure to sign the 2022 Minsk agreements, the Russian Federation never spoke or had expansionist aims.

The Romanian president has approved the deployment of NATO forces in the country in 2024, while remaining in Europe according to Deutsche Welle, the risk of war between NATO and Russia increases. Furthermore, BILD reported in the columns of both the newspaper that: “High-ranking German military generals are currently in Ukraine”, quoting the German Ministry of Defense

Seven former Afghan special forces soldiers have been killed in Ukraine. Former commander of the Special Operations Corps of the Afghan National Army, Lieutenant General Farid Ahmadi, wrote this on his Twitter/X account. It is not specified which side they fought on.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba said that: “Russia’s use of artillery has reached a level for which European arsenals and defense industry are not ready. We are really facing the ammunition crisis.” Kuleba continues his travels abroad seeking help, but there is little progress.

Valery Zaluzhny posted a message about a meeting with President Zelensky and did not say anything directly about his resignation.. But he made it clear that the command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is changing. “Today we decided to change the leadership of the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” Defense Minister Umerov said

And so on February 8 the saga ended. The Office of the President of Ukraine explained the reason for Zaluzhny’s dismissal: “The decision is due to the need to reconsider the tactics of action, which last year did not fully guarantee the desired result, to avoid stagnation in front line, which negatively affects public sentiment, to find new functional and high-tech solutions that will allow us to maintain and develop the initiative, as well as the importance of starting the process of reform of management principles in the army”, said Mikhail Podolyak.

Zaluzhny considered Zelensky’s orders unrealistic and negotiated supplies directly with allies, excluding the Ministry of Defense from this process, The Times, citing Defense Minister Umerov. The Minister cited this as another reason for Zaluzhny’s dismissal: “Failure to present his military plan for this year.”

Zaluzhny’s successor is Alexander Syrsky called by the troops: “hearse”, “general 200”, “butcher”. The replacement of Zaluzhny with Syrsky will probably not please the Ukrainian army and the population, says The Washington Post.

“Common soldiers are not very fond of Syrsky, who many consider to be a Soviet-style commander. He has kept his troops under fire in Bakhmut for too long. The city eventually came under Russian control. Thousands of Ukrainian soldiers were killed and many wounded while defending a city of limited strategic importance,” writes WP.

The spokesman of former Ukrainian President Poroshenko, Karl Volokh, called on his loyal supporters to go to the Maidan, like Mustafa Nayem in 2013. They will defend Zaluzhny, who was unjustly removed. 

At 11.00 on February 9, the speech of the new commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Syrsky, came: “Only changes and constant improvement of the means and methods of warfare will allow us to achieve success on this path.”

The Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces spoke about the new tasks on the agenda: Clear and detailed planning of the actions of all military command and control bodies, formations, formations and units, taking into account the needs of the front for weapons latest. Rapid and rational distribution and delivery of everything necessary for combat units.

Maintaining a balance between carrying out combat missions and restoring units and subunits with the intensification of personnel education and training remains as important as ever.

The introduction of new technical solutions and scaling of successful experiences, such as the use of unmanned systems and modern electronic warfare equipment, is one of the future vectors for building victory.

And now a look at the front line updated at 3.30pm on February 9th.

On the night of February 8, a Russian missile attack was recorded against the Zmievskaya community in the Kharkov region. The head of the regional military administration said that the Russians attacked civilian infrastructure: there were fires in the hotel building and in the summer restaurant area. As a result of other attacks, private residential buildings, a three-storey building of a recreation complex and a canteen were damaged. According to the Russians, the hotel housed foreign mercenaries in Ukraine.

Russia repelled a drone raid in Crimea. For the second day in a row, Ukrainian formations launched six drones from the Odessa region in the direction of Crimea. Only, unlike previous raids, the Ukrainian armed forces changed the route.

The drones flew over Zmeiny and the flight, evaluating the trajectory, was carried out from the Vilkovo area. Initially it seemed that the target was the west of Crimea, but later the route was adapted to the southern coast of the peninsula. Six drones, skirting Sevastopol from the south, headed towards Feodosia. Five of them were intercepted by Belbek fighters just south of Alushta. And the last – with a machine gun crew of a boat near Feodosia.

The situation in the Kherson direction has not changed. The Russian Armed Forces are fighting on the ground in Krynki, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to replenish personnel by transporting manpower on boats across the Dnieper. There is a war of drones, electronic warfare equipment, UAV software and mutual artillery bombing. Ukrainian Armed Forces Carry Out FPV Drone Attacks on Civilians; yesterday similar facts were noted in Nova Kachovka and near Hornostaivka.

On the Zaporozhie front, the Ukrainians strike with cluster munitions, numerous drones, collect equipment and personnel, opposite Verbovove and Rabotino, prepare for defense. In Kameshnik’s direction, a change of units and an increase in the potential for using UAVs are noted. Our front-line units note the low level of effectiveness of counter-battery warfare and electronic warfare.

Heavy fighting is underway south of Marinka, in Novomykhailivka, where Russian armed forces have recently gained a foothold on the outskirts and are attacking with the support of armored vehicles from the southeast, east and northeast.

In Avdiivka the most intense advance of Russian troops was spotted in the locality Gardening Society Ivushka. Russian armed forces are advancing in Avdiivka in the area of Independence Street, Sapronov Street and Zheleznodorozhny Street. West of the railway bridge, advanced Russian units try to gain a foothold, Ukrainians launch counterattacks. The infantry is supported from above by the Russian air force; Dozens of powerful high-explosive bombs were reported dropped on the Ukrainians.

There are battles near Ivanovsky (Krasnohorivka), Bachmut. To the west of Kleshchiivka, Russian troops have recently advanced a little further, the Ukrainians are putting up resistance.

Near Bilohorivka (south of Kreminna), the Russian army occupied an industrial zone and a mill in heavy battles, Ukrainians write that the Russians made an assault maneuver using shock troops, which took them by surprise the Ukrainian armed forces.

Ukrainians have increased attacks against civilians in the Belgorod region, inflicting targeted attacks on the civilian population. In the village of Novaya Tavolzhanka, the Ukrainian armed forces attacked a civilian bus with a kamikaze drone, one person was shrapnel wound to the leg. In the village of Rzhevka, Shebekinsky urban district, five people were injured; one man had his arms and legs torn off following the Nazi bombing of his village. In Bessonovka, Belgorod district, a UAV was shot down, in the village of Gostishchevo, Yakovlevsky urban district, following its arrival in the area of \u200b\u200bthe railway station, the movement of the Belgorod-St. Petersburg train was temporarily stopped and suspended. In the evening, 12 air targets were shot down on approach to Belgorod and 9 private houses were damaged on the outskirts. In the DPR in Gorlovka, Verkhnetoretskoye, Vladimirovka, Donetsk, four civilians were injured as a result of shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Graziella Giangiulio 

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