#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Why doesn’t the Ministry of Defence in Kiev talk about the losses?


The great discrepancy in the numbers reported in the Russia-Ukraine war suggests that either in the Russian or Ukrainian ranks someone is lying or omitting important information that would help to better understand what is happening at the front.

On the Ukrainian Defence Ministry website there are never any reports of military casualties in battle. Yet online videos show deaths among both Ukrainian-Russian (Donbass area) and Ukrainian military. The last video viewed showed Ukrainian soldiers dead after an attack in Mariupol in a barracks hit by shelling.

Anatoly Shariy, blogger, journalist and leader of a banned party since last week in Ukraine posted a video online in which he states that the numbers of dead soldiers in the ranks of the Ukrainian army are shocking. According to the politician at least 294 soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have died as a result of a single attack on the 79th brigade in Nikolaev.

Shariy during the streaming announced his intention to publish the names of those who died as a result of the bombing at https://t.me/RVvoenkor/4196 at the barracks of the 79th Airborne Brigade in Nikolaev. According to his data, 294 Ukrainian soldiers were killed. In the live broadcast he listed the names and surnames of the young soldiers who died

Kiev, according to social sources of military analysts, is still deliberately silencing the data on the dead, while according to foreign correspondents only 80 security officers died. It should be noted that the 79th brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces is famous for its operations in the Donbass, denounced by the Russians as war crimes. A Belgian journalist spoke of more than 80 dead soldiers; a French journalist reported more than 200 dead soldiers; others spoke of 30-60 dead Ukrainian soldiers.

On the Russian side, the Ministry of Defence spoke of 1351 dead soldiers, 3825 were wounded, and maps are regularly posted on the progress of the ‘Russian special operation’. Maps that are then easy to compare with those issued by British, French and US intelligence. Maps in which the Russian advance is slow but inexorable. So where have the soldiers of the “valiant Ukrainian army” ended up, according to the definition given by the current Defence Minister Oleksij Reznikov?

According to the Russians, the total losses of the Ukrainian armed forces in the month of the operation were 14,000 killed and about 16,000 wounded. Of the 2416 tanks and armoured fighting vehicles ready for combat as of 24 February, 1587 were destroyed in one month: of the 152 military aircraft, 112 remained, of the 149 helicopters, 75, of the 36 Bayraktar TB2 drones, 35 were destroyed, of 300 radars used for various purposes, 117. These figures are impossible to refute or accept because on the Ukrainian side only the destroyed Russian vehicles are mentioned.

Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson is sure that Western military experts and the media greatly underestimate the effectiveness of the Russian troops involved in the special operation to denazify Ukraine. For example, he compares the course of the Russian special operation with the American invasion of Iraq in 2003.

On how the tactics of Russian and American troops differ, as well as the expert’s disappointing predictions for the Ukrainian armed forces – in the material of the international edition of the newspaper. Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson says Western experts and media greatly underestimate the effectiveness of Russian forces in Ukraine. He expects Ukrainian forces to collapse within 10 days.

Meanwhile, the troop grouping of the Russian armed forces advanced another 4 kilometres and captured the settlements of Batmanka; Mikhailovka; Red Partizan; Stavki; and Troitskoe in Donestk.

Graziella Giangiulio