#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. USA: yes to the sale of missiles to Kiev. Low-level Russian aerial bombings: Ukrainian defense non-existent


The US State Department has approved a potential $138 million sale of HAWK medium-range surface-to-air missile launchers to Ukraine.

The United States also, through the voice of Biden’s national security advisor, Jake Sullivan. they said they “see no evidence that China is providing direct military assistance to Russia.” At the same time, Sullivan said that “the United States is concerned about Beijing’s efforts to strengthen Russia’s military-industrial base.”

The text of the bill on mobilization passes to the Defense Commission of the Rada for second reading, the salient points of which are: “A restriction is introduced on the provision of consular services for men aged 18 to 60 without military registration. The restriction remains driving vehicles for tax evaders at the request of the TCC. Those who have received group II-III disability after February 24, 2022, as well as those who are recognized as partially eligible, are subject to a repeated medical examination. The rule on the right to demobilization remains of persons with disabilities. And again demobilization for release from captivity (if the serviceman does not express the desire to continue military service). The exclusion of the issue of demobilization from the bill was initiated by the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Alexander Syrsky.

According to Illia Yevlash, spokeswoman for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Russia could have a stock of 950 missiles produced in 2023-2024 and this worries the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin announced that Russia will present evidence to the United Nations International Court of Justice that Ukrainian forces committed “atrocities” in the Donbass region.

And now a look at the front line updated at 17:00 on April 10th.

Russian Aerospace Forces are targeting Chasiv Jar. Ukrainian sources report a strengthening of the Russian air force on Chasiv Jar, along the entire front line. One post reads: “Russian planes are operating close to the front line in Chasiv Jar and have never been so close before during the conflict.” Ukrainian sources themselves acknowledge that their air defense stocks have decreased, giving Russia clear air superiority for the first time during this conflict.

Odessa is now in the sights of Russian bombing: a “very powerful explosion” was recorded. The Russian armed forces attacked the energy infrastructure in Odessa. A private house and several cars were also damaged. One victim is known, the mayor of the city Trukhanov. Russian forces also target a military airport in the city of Odessa. The attacks were confirmed by the Russian coordinator in the Mykolaïvka district, Sergei Lebedev, who announced on Tuesday that a military airport in the city of Odessa, in southern Ukraine , was bombed and columns of smoke rose from the place.

In the direction of Lyman: a high pace of military operations remains east of Ternove. Sivers’k: Russian troops continue assault operations along the railway and east of it in the direction of Vyimka.

On Časiv Jar: A high rate of military operations is recorded via social media in the Bohdanivka area, in the forest and in the Berkhivs’ke reserve. Russian tactical successes are recorded; the combing of the Bohdanivka settlement is underway.

Avdiivska front: in the Berdychi and Semenivka area no changes; southeast of Umans’ke, the Ukrainian Armed Forces advance along forest belts in an area up to 720 m wide to a depth of up to 1 km; the attack on the village of Novokalynove began; ervomais’ke passed into Russian hands, which opens the way to Netailove and creates a threat to the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Nevel’s’ke.

South of Donetsk: Novomykhailivka, Russian armed forces continue to press 200 meters along Tsentralnaya Street. South of Novomykhailivka, Russian infantry succeeds in an area up to 550 m wide and up to 380 m deep. Russian troops entered Krasnohorivka from the south-east. The military cargo of the Ukrainian Armed Forces delivered to the Kostyantynivka railway station was destroyed by Russian missile attacks. As a result of the sudden bombing, more than 150 soldiers of the company transferred to the territory of the former Druzhkivske plant were killed, according to unverifiable local sources.

Critical points in the Slov”jans’k-Kramators’k region are constantly monitored from above, and when large groups of Ukrainian military are detected, they are bombed.

At night, UAV GeRanium 2 carried out attacks on Ukrainian military facilities and infrastructure in Zaporozhzhie, Ochakiv, Nikolaev and Odessa. According to a post on the pro-Russian social sphere: “In Ochakiv alone, a concentration of 300 representatives of the Ukrainian armed forces was attacked.”

Breaking news: Russian armed forces have managed to break through to Rabotinye, in the Zaporozhzhie region: fighting continues in the city, – source deputy of the Zaporozhzhie regional council, Lishenko. “Even on the Verbove side the dividing line has moved slightly in the Russian direction,” he said.

Graziella Giangiulio 

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