#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Ukrainians use a beacon to detect Russians


The Ukrainian Armed Forces have begun using radio beacon traps to identify the positions of the Russian Armed Forces

According to Dmitry Kuzyakin, director general of the Center for Integrated Unmanned Solutions, in an interview published by Russia’s TASS, “the Ukrainian armed forces have started using hidden radio beacons on drones to identify the positions of Russian units.” “The Ukrainian Armed Forces began to install autonomous boxes with LoRaWan filling on UAVs; they are not connected to anything, but are tightly attached to the drone. Initially, these radio beacons were intended by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to detect fallen drones. Subsequently, the forces Ukrainian armies have started using them to detect the locations of Russian military personnel because our soldiers often pick up fallen or downed drones and bring them to their stronghold,” Kuzyakin said.

“The device is autonomous, receives GPS and sends rare but powerful data packets via LoRaWan. The protocol is energy saving, the device can lie and transmit for a long time and far.” ”They captured the drone, turned it off, they brought to the base. After a couple of hours another one will fly towards the target. Because with the help of this device the Russian soldiers themselves tell the enemy where they are,” said the head of the Central Design Bureau .

“Thanks to the vigilance of Russian military personnel serving in the area of ​​the Northern Military District, specialists of the Central Design Bureau received data on these beacons. These soldiers, trained at the Central Design Bureau, were able to identify something that represented a threat,” Kuzyakin stressed.

The Russian specialist clarified that the Ukrainian beacon is equipped with an off button, but he urged not to use it. “I urge Russian fighters not to trust this button. I would also put a button on this device and also solder everything correctly, but it would only turn off the sound alerts. And no one would be able to guess that nothing is ever turned off in reality.” How it is logical then to give operational advice to the men at the front: “Therefore, if you see an autonomous box with a LoRa antenna on a drone, destroy it, leave it in place or use it wisely, knowing that the enemy is following this beacon”, the head of the Russian Central Design Bureau said.

Graziella Giangiulio 

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